Fashion Guide For Best Types of Leather Jackets Australia

Types of Learther Jackets Australia

Summers pass by quickly, and though they bring joy, summer fashion falls behind winter because of one wildly hyped garment - the leather jackets Australia!

All personality types, including phlegmatics and sanguines love leather jacket. This is because of their adaptability and versatility to complement every single colour on planet Earth. You heard it right, a leather jackets Australia, regardless of its colour can complement any shade, from neutrals to pastels and even jazzy hues.

The garment is also unisex nature-wise; one is enough for you and your partner. So what are the major types and materials of leather jackets to invest in? Head below to learn about it and more.

Types of Leather Jackets

Aviator Jacket

An aviator leather jacket might not appeal to many initially, but this jacket is a casual staple for dads and old souls. Commonly known as flight jackets, these jackets take a few features from the biker and shearling leather jackets to create the perfect warm garment. These jackets pair well with chequered button-downs and dad jeans.

Aviato Jacket

Bomber Jacket

Traditionally bomber leather jackets weren't that popular before the '60s and '70s, after which military fashion became a thing among teens. The elastic cuffs, hems, and zippers tightly enclose you in a leather bubble till the waist. Bomber leather jackets are the definition of casual mixed with chic style when paired with an overall plain outfit.

Bomber Jacket

Biker Jacket

Biker men's leather jackets are in style all year long because of their masculine fit in a careless way. The leather jacket passes as an informal garment that keeps the trend alive in summer and winter. Wearing a well-tailored biker jacket with turtlenecks, jeans, and sneakers can get you quite the attention.

Biker Jacket

Shearling Jacket

A shearling leather jacket is a go-to for most men living in colder regions. The faux fur is the main attraction behind buying these leather jackets. After chore jackets, shearling is the most practical one as it keeps you covered and protected. Pair this leather with turtlenecks and straight pants for a casual street-style look.

Shearling Jacket

Cafe Racer Jacket

If you want to look like the one in charge, a cafe racer leather jacket is the one to purchase. This leather jacket has a strong vibe with its snap collar, straight shape, and padded shoulders. You can smoothly style it as a semi-formal article with a button-down, dress pants, and oxford shoes.

Cafe Racer Jacket

Puffer Jacket

You're not the first one to confuse a puffer jacket with a bomber leather jacket. Both leather jackets have similarities, including their shape and aerated silhouette. A puffer leather jacket is mostly cropped and quilted, while bomber jackets are not. The best way to put such puffy men's leather jackets is with a plain t-shirt, pants, and sneakers.

Puffer Jacket

Chore Jacket

Although a chore leather jacket isn't one with many details and colours, it does work for everyday wear. It is a keeper if you want to do your chores in style or if you're out working with a team. You can wear a brown core jacket with a white or solid shirt and rough ripped jeans. Don't forget to put on some sneakers or boots rather than fancy Oxford shoes.

Chore Jacket

Materials of Leather Jackets Australia


Real leather jackets, also known as genuine leather, are usually made of cowhide. It is a soft, processed leather best known for its durable build and thickness. The leather is ideal for heavy leather jackets as it offers extra warmth and protection.


Jackets made of lambskin leather are usually not as warm as cowhide. The leather type is extremely thin, lightweight, and flexible, which makes the craftsmanship procedure easier. This leather is ideal for jackets for the hotter season because of its smooth texture.


Finding a leather jacket made of goatskin can be challenging as this leather type is mostly used in bags and purses. The reason is its thinness and soft texture, which makes it less warm compared to other types. This leather is extremely breathable as well, making it perfect for accessories.


Of all the leather types mentioned above, sheepskin is the softest and smoothest texture-wise. The natural form of sheepskin gets it smoothly crafted to yield a strong and long-lasting end result. Sheepskin leather jackets are also easy to look after, and you can easily choose them for a luxurious option.


It can be hard to come across leather jackets or coats made from deerskin as it is extremely expensive. The extravagant hide of this animal is rare, with high breathability and longevity. You can mould deerskin leather in different styles without affecting its soft texture and spongy feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when buying a leather jacket online?

If you're buying a men's leather jacket online, make sure to first check the description of the leather jacket for your required features. Also, make sure the brand or shop has labelled the leather jacket as 'genuine leather.' Apart from the leather type and size, look for delivery options, refunds, and exchange options. This can save you from strict policies of brands in case you make a bad purchase.

Do Melbournians wear a lot of leather jackets?

The main season of Melbourne is summer which doesn't offer many occasions for the Melbournians to flaunt their leather jackets. However, it doesn't stop them from carrying a leather jacket at night or on a chilly day. Melbournians also love to slay the current trend, which gives them all the more reason to don a leather jacket casually.

What is the difference between a leather jacket, a leather coat, and a leather blazer?

The main difference between a leather jacket, coat, and blazer is length. While jackets end at waist length, a coat reaches knee length, while blazers measure mid-to-lower crotch. Moreover, jackets usually have a zipper closure and are less warm than coats and blazers, which have a button closure. Lastly, leather jackets are purely informal, while coats are semi-formal, and blazers are formal wear.

Where to buy good leather jackets in Australia?

You'll be surprised to know that the best quality leather jacket Australia has is not available in high-end stores but in local shops. If you want an Australian-manufactured leather jacket, check the online leather jacket shops and local brands. You can also find beautiful leather jackets from Australian leather dealers that date back decades.