Fashion Forward in Every Size: Women's Plus Size Leather Jackets for Style and Confidence

Women's Plus Size Leather Jackets

Long gone are the days when bizarre beauty standards of the hourglass figure and flat tummy ruled the fashion forefront. The 21st century is about body positivity and expressing your personality through art and, most importantly, fashion. And no fashion talks are complete without the crucial wardrobe special - a leather jacket.

Hunting for women's plus size leather jackets isn't a challenge. However, finding the right plus-size jacket can be draining. If you're a plus size and considering investing in a leather jacket that fits your measurements, this guide will help you. Just tick the factors mentioned below, and you girlies will have the perfect piece to own and flaunt your curves.

women's plus size leather jackets

Things to Consider Before Buying a Plus Size Leather Jacket


Choosing a brand is the first and probably the most important factor of consideration for buying plus-size leather coats or jackets. Australia is home to amazing designers who design the best leather jackets, but our main concern is plus-size jackets. A regular leather dealer who deals in all goods leather might not be able to provide you with the best designs in plus size. This is why we recommend chubby customers opt for a reputable or dedicated leather jacket shop to buy their size. A well-crafted leather jacket designed by professionals excels in measurement and sizes and feels comfortable.


Leather Type

Though Australia isn't a cold country, it has its fair share of chilly days apart from the short winter season. So you should always consider the leather type before purchasing ladies plus size leather jacket,  plus-size leather coats, blazers, or jackets. If you want to wear the jacket in summer, lambskin or sheepskin leather are the ultimate thin and lightweight options. Lambskin and sheepskin are the most durable and versatile leathers for every occasion, as you can wear them when the temperature drops or in summer as you like. The only drawback of these types of leather is that they don't offer enough warmth in harsh winters. You might want to swap them for cowhide leather which is more temperature-regulating.

Jacket Style

Some leather jacket stores don't offer all of their articles or the latest arrivals in plus sizes, but most do. You have to be mindful of your leather jacket style because not every design complements a curvy figure. Plus-size biker jackets, bomber jackets, and racer jackets are a big yes for chubby women because of their silhouettes. A biker jacket has an accentuated waist, while the bomber jacket has cinched collars and cuffs, which give the slight illusion of a slimmer figure. Racer leather jackets also have a straight silhouette that hides your torso when paired with the right colours. Puffer or flight leather jackets with a loose shape are a big no as they can make you look fat badly.


Sideways deciding on the leather jacket style, you should take into account three to four colours that tone down your curves. The goal here is not to look slim but to avoid shades that make you look broad-framed. First things first, avoid lighter shades, no matter how much you enjoy the thought of wearing them. Colours like white, beige, pastel pink, and khaki, though they look amazing in leather jackets, they make you look bigger. Light colours have a high luminance which counts in shadows and blurs your figure. On the contrary, darker shades like black, brown, burgundy, and green create a thinning illusion.


Normally the price is a secondary factor to consider while buying a leather jacket, but you should be attentive when it comes to the size. Some shopkeepers might charge higher for bigger sizes if you visit local Australian shops. That's totally unfair, as the plus size is included in most measurement charts as the 12W size. Our frank recommendation is to turn your nose up at that article, as paying extra for a non-customized size is near to fraud. You should choose a store with regular prices for all sizes in a particular article.

Return and Exchanges

There's always a chance that you make a wrong choice while shopping or you might also get bad stock items. To ensure you get the actual value for the price, make sure there is a retreat option to change bad purchases. Before you hit the Buy button, check the store's return and exchange policies. If you have defective items or something that doesn't fit your style, you can return or exchange the items smoothly. 

How to Style a Leather Jacket - Plus Size Edition

Bodycon Dress

All styles of leather jackets look good on a bodycon dress. The body-hugging silhouette of these dresses contours your body. Pair a bright bodycon dress with a black, brown, or red leather jacket, and you're set to slay.

ladies plus size leather jacket

Tees and Jeans

Nothing contrasts with a plus-size black leather jacket than a plain t-shirt and light-washed denim. You can also rejuvenate your oldest and most ragged casual outfit with a classy leather jacket. Just make sure your pants are either skinny or straight than anything baggy.

leather jacket plus size women's

Turtleneck and Pants

Styling a leather jacket like a diva can be hard for broad framed women. The best way to jazz up that plain old leather jacket is by pairing it with a fitted top or turtleneck. For the bottoms, go with faux leather pants as they look dope with the jacket.

plus size leather jacket

Sweats and Pants

Dresses, tees, and turtlenecks all sound good, but they're not enough to keep you warm outside. Wear a leather jacket over a sweatshirt or hoodie to stay warm without missing the trend. Also, try on some non-denim pants for a cool semi-casual look.

plus size leather blazer

Stripes and Skirts

Though it's not our number one recommendation, if you have to wear a skirt with a leather jacket, go for the fitted midi-skirt. Puffy skirts are completely off the carts for obvious reasons. Also, go with horizontal stripes for the top, as they make you look thinner.

women's plus size leather motorcycle jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

Do plus-size women look bad in leather jackets?

No, plus-size women don't look bad in leather jackets at all. Leather jackets are the best for chubby girls than other layering items like sweaters, cardigans, and jumpers. Unlike these layering garments, leather jackets don't have a flowy structure and hug your body, giving it a softer look.

Is it hard to find plus-size women's leather jackets in Australia?

It's not hard to find plus-size clothing, specifically leather jackets, in Australia. Though you can't find the plus size in some standard size charts, there's always a customization option in reputable stores. You could get your desired leather jacket tailored to your size and get the same results as an altered jacket from Leatherwear

Why should plus-size women not wear leather coats and blazers?

Donning leather plus-size coats and blazers is not a good idea if you're overweight because they make you look bulky. Most plus-size coats and blazers have padded shoulders, making your frame look more extended. On the other hand, leather jackets usually have no padding and are not that long, ideal for long and broad figures.