Leather jackets are a treat for fashionistas, but what if you're bored of wearing classic designs? Or worse, the standard sizes between XS and XXL don't fit you. Though it doesn't sound like a major issue, it can be pretty exhausting when you can't find the perfect place that offers quality with customization.

Since leather isn't a material you can work through with a needle, you'll have to conduct deep research. We know that finding a reliable brand or leather dealer can be tough, so this article lists Australia's top-most customizable leather brand options.


Top 7 Custom Leather Jacket Brands in Australia

Raw by Raw

One of Australia's few generational leather jacket dealers includes Raw by Raw. Owned by the famous Balsim family, Raw creates some of the best custom jackets by hand. Be it a custom motorcycle jacket or a simple pocket edition, Raw has got you covered with its talented team of craftsmen and designers.

You'll have to schedule an appointment beforehand due to the heavy demand, and the rest is easy to work. Generally, the design consultant guides you through the creative process and takes your ideas into consideration. You'll be given a two to ten days waiting period or more, depending on the complexity of your requirement or design, before you receive a call for parcel delivery or pickup.

Custom women leather jacket

Luxe Fashion

The Luxe Fashion Studio is another Australian leather jacket brand that creates customized orders. The Melbourne-based business entertains clients from worldwide with its unique leather jackets and coats. They use only top-quality leather that is sourced internationally and crafted to create distinctive and casual designs.

Unlike most leather retailers, Luxe Fashion offers design customization apart from size alteration. Moreover, you can choose the type and grade of leather as well after consultation with the experts. Since they manufacture leather jackets by hand, you can enjoy jackets made according to your will and measurements.

Biker leather jacket

The Jacket Maker

Finding a custom jacket designer who guides you through the creative process properly is rare, unlike the Jacket Maker. This leather jacket brand deals in men's and women leather jackets made with exquisite craftsmanship with extra focus on the details. From the leather to the zipper, every aspect of their leather jackets is commendable.

Its The Jacket Maker is a creative center that takes pride in bringing your vision to life. It not only takes custom-size orders but also fosters your ideas regarding the design, style, and detailing of the leather jacket. You can even personalize the material used in your custom jackets or opt for embroidered designs.

Brown Leather Coat

The Real McCaul

Named after its founder Paul McCaul, The Real McCaul dates back to 1977 when leather jackets were a huge deal. The leather retailer deals in all things leather, from dog leashes to leather vests and even crafting supplies. This shop creates leather jackets in small batches, with each jacket crafted by hand.

They also offer a ten-year warranty on their products which is proof enough of their quality and credibility. At McCaul's, they believe that every human deserves to wear garments that fit their body perfectly to enhance the experience. Over the years, this family-owned business has been customizing leather jackets for men and women according to their sizes.

Green Leather Jacket


Bisonte is an e-commerce store that makes exceptional quality leather jackets, bags, and wallets. This brand creates tiny production batches as they prefer to minimize quantity by maximizing quality. The store is also well-known for its custom-made jackets that are made to offer the perfect fit with customized materials, fabric, and stitching.

The online store doesn't offer custom-made services online, as they take measurements while the client is physically present at their location. Be it a simple biker jacket or multiple fancy custom motorcycle jackets, Bisonte can handle it all well.

Brown Leather Jacket Women


Sinnika is another high-end top-notch leather jacket brand in Australia that creates custom jackets with artwork from scratch. From tailoring the collar to adding extra lining for weather protection, this brand can sort things out for you. You can bring your concept to the professionals at Sinikka, and they will brief you about the different elements of leather jackets.

Be it a leather motorcycle jacket or a luxurious fur-hooded leather coat, Sinnika's team is well-experienced in their fields. You can decide your custom color, style, and even the tiny studs you would like to get the best jacket in the world made especially for you.

Collarless Leather Jacket

Oasis Jackets

The Oasis Jackets is a jacket retail store with worldwide branches and one of them being located in Australia. The brand creates bulk orders for all kinds of leather jackets, including leather jackets custom. Durability, quality, and style are some of the common features of jackets by Oasis.

The brand offers full-on customization services to its clients, from customized fabric to color. So customize your own motorcycle jacket with unique features and make it pop out among crowds.

Oasis Leather Jacket


You know things are about to get serious when you finally find a design consultant who guides you through the entire process. Wearing a customized leather jacket custom is an adventure for a jacket lover. The scent of a fresh leather with the smooth texture and the final result that exceeds your expectations makes it a memory. That's the case with pretty much all the options mentioned above. So get your custom-made leather jacket now, which is totally unique and the perfect fit for you.