Why you need Black Leather Bomber Jacket in Australia

The classic bomber jacket is a staple for men worldwide due to its sporty and masculine look. Also known as flight jackets, the bomber jacket Australia has an aerated feel. The jacket achieves this aerated feel through the elastics at the end of the sleeves and the collar. Its thick inner lining also contributes to the inflated look. All in all, the black bomber jacket has a cropped and cuffed silhouette that flatters different body shapes. Men also prefer this jacket style because of its practical design and comfortable feel.

Bomber jackets come in different materials because of their flexible design, but leather is the best. The smooth and rich texture of the leather combined with the puffy jacket not only looks chic but also offers warmth. Though leather bomber jackets are not hard to find, measuring the quality can be hard. Even in the fashion-forward cities of Australia like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, hunting for a good leather bomber jacket can be challenging. Regardless of its popularity compared to different types of leather jackets, the leather bomber jacket can be a tough deal to finalize.

At Leatherwear, we offer the best quality-made leather bomber jackets all over Australia. Our leather bomber jackets are tailored to offer the perfect fit from materials to other elements. We also emphasize the minor details of the outerwear to create the ideal piece for cold weather.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Types of Leather for Our Leather Bomber Jackets

The flexibility, durability, and overall quality of a leather bomber jacket are based on the type of material used in manufacturing. Since there is a wide variety of leather types for creating leather bomber jackets, we have handpicked only those that complement the garment. Our top pick fabric for most of our products is lambskin leather because of its luxurious and premium finish. We mainly use lambskin leather in our Vincent leather bomber jacket Australia for the lightweight and flattering slight drape. Though it is a bit hard to craft, lambskin leather makes abrasion-resistant bomber jackets that last a lifetime. Moreover, we prefer lambskin because it is softer than other types of leather.

Our second most liked leather pick is sheepskin leather which we use to create our popular Highlife, Coffmen, and Hugh bomber jackets. Compared to lambskin, sheepskin leather might not be as smooth in texture with finer grain, but it is more durable. Regardless it is supple to the touch and stretchable making it easier to craft. We use sheepskin in products that require heavy insulation as it has a natural warmth and draws perspiration away. Third up on our list is goatskin leather which, although more expensive, does not yield the exact results as sheepskin. The reason is that goatskin leather lacks the fine grain that gives a smooth and supple texture. However, it offers twice the better insulation and ruggedness in return. At Leatherwear, we use only genuine leather because it offers a better-tailored fit than synthetic leather.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Elements of Our Leather Bomber Jackets

The fabric isn’t everything in a garment, as tiny elements elevate the end look. Leather bomber jackets for men rarely have silvers and studs on, but there are a few important elements like the lining and buttons.Take our Sheriff bomber jacket as an example, with premium-quality polyester lining, a shirt-style thick collar, and a black YKK zipper. Since we aim to create practical outerwear for men, the bomber jacket features two inner and three outer pockets. We’ve also added seams on the front and back of the jackets for extra detailing.

Our Highlife black bomber jacket is pretty much the same in style. However, the two outside pockets have a zipper closure.

Another one of our popular bomber jacket Australia pieces is the Coffmen jacket which comes in shades of black and olive-brown. This jacket features a burnishing leather finish and has a quilted viscose lining which is antistatic, lightweight, and breathable. The bomber jacket features a stiff shirt-style collar with front closure and the same YKK zipper. For the long sleeves, we’ve added cuff-style snap buttons, while the two outside pockets have a zipper closure. Another bestseller in this category is the Hugh classic leather jacket with a sleek, shiny finish and front open closure. It also has two pockets inside, while the front closure features huge YKK black buttons as the minimalistic style statement.

Our Vincent bomber jacket also has a notch lapel with a similar front closure but with the buttons swapped for a zipper. The outer front pockets also have a zipper closure for secure storage. Then we have our Vintage Classic leather bomber jacket that exceeds the rest in terms of style and design. Unlike the rest of the bomber jackets in our shop, this one has a more rugged look with an asymmetrical zip placket, an adjustable snap tab collar, and silver detailing.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Styling Our Leather Bomber Jackets

leather bomber jacket is extremely versatile layering items that can be paired with almost anything. Since men have limited styling options compared to women, they have a high chance of pulling off the bomber jacket look. The first and most classic way to wear a leather bomber jacket is to don it over your everyday casual. Though it is not a comprehensive look, it brings out your individuality for the purpose of staying warm. However, if you want to do something extra, a plain white button-down shirt and dress pants go well with everything. For the shoes, you can choose loafers or oxfords.

You can also nail a semi-casual loom with a bomber leather jacket by styling it with a contrasting turtleneck and skinny jeans. Leave the bomber jacket front open and put on some matching Chelsea boots for adornment. You can also casually wear a bomber leather jacket in Australia with a plain white tee and dark wash denim jeans with a cap and sunglasses. Try selecting sneakers or boots with this look to make it casual and chic. If you wish to keep it smart casual, try layering the leather bomber jacket over a shirt collar and sweater look. You can also experiment with chinos and loafers as they fill in the formal element. Leather bomber jackets are an ideal match for informal men’s wear; wearing one with a pair of joggers with chunky shoes gives the ultimate hip-hop vibe.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Why Choose Us?

At Leatherwear, we combine our passion for leather with our expertise to create excelling bomber leather jacket designs. We create all leather jackets but bomber leather jacket is one of our best sellers.

The various designs are available in multiple colors but mostly black,standard leather shade, and it pairs up nicely with every outfit.We also keep in mind user convenience, for which added adjustable options.You can also find the right size for yourself by browsing through our multiple sizes.

We also offer size customization to our clients with free delivery all over Australia. Simply email us regarding the sizes or opt for the customization option below your required article. Incorporate our chic bomber jacket Australia in your everyday style to effortlessly slay throughout the day.

When it comes to quality leatherwear, especially bomber leather jackets, you can count on Leatherwear as we are experts who enjoy working with leather. So filter through our collection and celebrate the love of leather with us.