Green - the color of youth and life is a popular choice for women's apparel as it suggests love and luck. However, when it comes to leather, most women tend to avoid it; why? Leather itself is a bold garment to play with, but green leather jackets takes the definition of 'flashy' to a whole new level. The rebellious leather with a green hue can smoothly mask any garment, giving it a peppy, optimistic, and highly bold look.

Green leather jackets for women are something Emily Cooper would pick to roam around in Paris, not only in summer but in all seasons. Styling it could be a hard sport, which is why we created this guide. So hop on as we lead you through four stunning  leather jacket looks for the four seasons.

green leather jacket

Top 4 Green Leather Jackets Looks for All Seasons

Summer Casual Look

The standard summer fit is a shirt with denim shorts or jeans; hence,, fitting a green leather jacket in this look isn't tough. Since stripes are made for the summer season, we highly recommend choosing them as your top print. For bottoms, go with a loose-fit pair of light denim like dad jeans. Don a sea green leather jacket with white sneakers. Classic!

If you're more towards the feminine side, a dress would do the job. But a green leather jacket on top could be hard to pull off, considering summer dresses come in vibrant colors. The best fashion advice we can offer is to choose a cool-tone colored dress, say blue. For the green leather jacket, choose castleton green instead of a shade with yellowish undertone.

Summer Casual Look

Winter Semi-Formal Look

Even though green is a summer color, you can nail a winter look by choosing the right shade of green. Pine and blue-green leather jackets are ideal for women's winter wear as they are darker and deeper than other shades. A blue-green leather jacket isn't hard to find, so once you've got yourself one, focus on the second most important element - dress.

Purple, brown, and blue are a few colors that would complement the blue-green leather jacket. For the silhouette, skip anything in A-line, flowing, and draping pattern. Instead, go with a body-hugging silhouette regardless of the length. You can also pick a dress with a high neck to add more depth to your outfit. For shoes, go with sea-green shoe heels or extravagant pumps.

Winter Semi-Formal Look

Fall Cozy Look

The classic fresh fall look features baggy clothes, wide-legged jeans, and androgynous hoodies. All you have to do is swap the androgynous hoodie for an oversized jacket. The green  jacket would not in any way harm your fall outfit vibe apart from giving it a little edge. Moving on to the color, which for the leather jacket should be emerald green. Emerald leather jackets go well with pastel shades, hence harmonizing the fall palette.

You can start building your look from button to top with dark-wash denim as the solid base. The dark bottoms and emerald leather jacket would clash with a third dark-colored element. For the inner, go with your ever-trusting white, cozy sweatshirt. Lastly, finish off with a pair of plain sneakers.

Fall Cozy Look

Spring Classy Look

Spring might not be the best time to flaunt leather, but green leather jackets for women are an exception. A warm shade of green is what you're looking for in this look since cool undertones don't go well with the contrasts. For the overall outfit, we recommend choosing something with an A-line silhouette, be it a skirt, frock, or a dress. The base color can vary according to your preferred spring color palette.

However, if you're aiming for an elegant look, then go for a neutral color and let the green shine on its own. A white top and a black skirt can be perfect, or you can choose a plain white dress. Drape the leather jacket on your shoulders and put on a pair of elegant sandals for the spring-perfect look.

Spring Classy Look

Frequently Asked Question

Does a green leather jacket go with every outfit?

Green is universally acceptable with any outfit, unlike the ever-compatible black. But the leather material makes it a special case since you can wear leather with anything. Green leather jackets pair perfectly with most color contrasts except for a few, like red, yellow, maroon, and the sort.

Can you wear a green leather jacket to work?

Wearing a  leather jacket to work depends on your office's dress code. If it's flexible, then you do you. Wear it with anything that goes with your vibe. However, if your office has a strict dress code, you should reserve that jacket for another day.

How do you get wrinkles out of a green leather jacket?

Ironing green leather jackets to get rid of wrinkles would lead you to a disaster as heat shrinks leather. Instead, you could simply pull the leather with light force to clear the fine wrinkles. If the wrinkles are tough, you can also use steamers from a distance in mild settings.


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