Stay Warm in Style: Winter Jackets in Australia for Every Fashionista

Winter Jackets in Australia for Every Fashionista

Winter jackets is probably the most awaited by women because of the distinctive fashion trends that come with the season. Wintertime excitement is because no matter your body shape or size, it can be beautifully layered with stylish garments. If you're a skinny lady, layering can enhance your figure, while chubby women can tuck their figure under the clothes. 

Of all women's winter jackets in Australia covering garments, jackets are the most popular. Unlike winter coats and blazers, jackets are effortlessly chic and do not have a boxy fit. You can find at least one jacket in every woman's winter wardrobe. 

Here are a few in-demand ladies'  winter jacket australia fabrics , winter jackets Australia that beat the trench coats and longer-length layer garments with their warmth and style. 

Top 8 Winter Jackets of All Times

Leather Jackets 

Be it a winter coat or a cropped jacket; leather is the premium fabric choice among women of different age groups. The versatile fabric offers protection against chilly winds while offering a sleek style. Leather jackets are also loved by women because, unlike other jackets, they cinch your waist with a belt or well-designed silhouette. Though they're high-maintenance, quality leather jackets can last a lifetime as they are abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. You can drape a leather jacket with skinny jeans, hoodies, and turtlenecks to stay cosy without compromising on outfit aesthetics. 

Brown jacket


Denim Jackets

Denim is an everyday wear garment that you'll likely come across at least twice daily. These jackets have been making it to fashion mood boards and headlines consecutively every year. Denim is an all-season fabric that keeps you cool in warm weather and warm when it's cold. Though there's nothing flattering about denim jackets, teenagers and young adults prefer them for their casual vibe. The quirky shades of blue and different textures make this jacket stand out among other fabrics. This women's wardrobe must-have pairs perfectly with loose-fit tees, palazzo pants, and even bodycon dresses. 

Denim Jackets

Cashmere Winter Jackets

Cashmere coats are extremely popular winter coats in Scotland, but have you ever heard of a Cashmere coat? This material is quite expensive, considering it takes multiple goats to yield the cashmere for one jacket. Undoubtedly, it is one of the softest fabrics in the world, used by elite favourite brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Besides being extra cosy, the jackets are lightweight and thinner than wool, making these a great layering option for a sunny spring day. Styling a rich fabric like cashmere requires extra thought, which is why we recommend wearing one with your best attire. 

Cashmere Jackets

Hemp Jackets

If the thought of wearing animal skin in winters gives you the creeps, hemp is the right jacket material for you. Although finding hemp jackets displayed on your favourite brands can be a hunt, this material is sustainable and cruelty-free. The hemp material comes from the flax plant and is ten times harder to manufacture than wool and cotton. This is why hemp jackets are available in specific brands that specialise or deal in hemp products. These jackets come in only camel, brown, beige, grey, and green colours, so you have to build your outfit around these shades. Hemp garments are also not padded and have a droopy silhouette, so wearing them on special occasions is not a good idea. 

Hemp Jackets

Wool Winter Jackets

Wool, the fabric we've all grown up wearing! Finding winter coats in woollen fabric is easier compared to jackets which are restricted to leather and denim. Wool fabric is also moderately expensive due to the intense processes the raw wool passes through. A jacket made of wool is not only natural and sustainable but also low-maintenance. Moreover, you can find a wool jacket in almost any colour, from grey and brown to bright pink and blue. This is because wool is easy to dye even with food colourants. The only drawback of wool is that it comes in use during low-temperature seasons because of its intense warmth. 

Wool Jackets

Faux Fur Jackets

Wearing a jacket for a fancy dinner might sound crazy and even offensive to many fashion freaks, and rightfully so. However, faux fur jackets are special because of their versatility. Hunting for a quality faux fur jacket in a local shop can be exhausting as they are high-end garments. These forever in-fashion garments are cheaper compared to real fur and are super low-maintenance. The soft, resilient, and durable faux fur jacket has hems and cuffs covered with plush fabric. Length-wise, they can be short, but they can be smoothly paired with fancy dresses. The material is available in sober as well as funky colors, including vibrant blue, pink, and brown. 

Fur Jacket

Nylon Jackets 

Nylon might not be the most exciting fabric on our list, but it definitely makes a point as a sturdy one. Naturally, nylon is a synthetic fabric, which makes it cheap, highly absorbent, and eco-friendly. One good pair of nylon jackets can last you forever because of their durability. Though a nylon jacket does not pass as a recognizable trend, it is an excellent choice for daily wear. Some nylon jackets even come with a removable hood, making them more practical. The material caters to no waist shape or body feature but sizes only. 

Nylon Jackets

Fleece Jackets

Everyone has a soft, warm, fuzzy jacket that feels almost like a blanket. The material is known as fleece, and no, it is not made of wool. Fleece is a by-product of plastic and cotton and is processed multiple times to get a fuzzy shape. Normally fleece jackets are elongated in length compared to other jackets and can withstand harsh wind. You should only wear this forever-trending garment in the north, face it, you won't be able to handle the heat. Fleece jackets come in various colours, from pink to black and even neutrals. 

Fleece Jackets

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all winter jackets lined with polyester?

No, not all jackets have a polyester lining, even though it is affordable. Some jackets have fleece or sherpa king as they are warm, and polyester is not. A few leather jackets swap polyester for satin or silk quilted lining to enhance the quality of the product. 

Do jackets have zips or buttons for closure? 

Jackets usually have zippers, and blazers have buttons, but you can rarely find some jackets with button closures too. Though buttons are more affordable, they are not user-friendly and take time to undo. Zippers come in handy when you're in a rush or using only one hand. 

What are the different elements of a jacket? 

Jackets are made of a lining, front, back, and sleeves. Then there are zippers, buttons, and padding for extra dimension. Most jackets have inner pockets as well as outer pockets. The collars are the main part of a jacket as they affect the front. 

Can I style a leather jacket or coat at a black tie event? 

Styling a leather jacket or coat at a black tie event is extremely risky because of the fabric choice. You can drape the coat or jacket over your shoulders as it gives a less masculine feel. However, if you have to put it on, make sure your attire is not too bold both in terms of silhouette and colours.  

Is a jacket better than a coat? 

A coat is more suitable for cold weather than a jacket mainly because it offers extra coverage. Moreover, a jacket is less insulated than a coat and doesn't look elegant. If you want a casual look, go with the jacket; otherwise, stick to the coat because it is more feminine.