Shop Stylish Black Bomber Jackets - Perfect for All Occasion

There was a time when leather biker jackets were trending insanely in menswear fashion. Most men admired the macho vibe biker jacket owns as it portrayed them as more masculine.

But today, men want something comfortable to help them move in their everyday hustle. Something that's not all about the show but looks good on them, and that's where the leather bomber jacket makes an entry. The classy outerwear is super practical, warm, and secure. It fits every size perfectly and is ideal for all body shapes.

Though it looks minimal with little detailing, the leather bomber jacket can turn your plain tees and jeans into something beyond exciting. This article will guide you on styling one black leather bomber jacket for men in nine different styles, so head below and read till the end.

How to Wear a Black Bomber Jackets

With Casual Outfit

A bomber leather jacket looks bomb with casual attire because its chic vibe matches the outfit's simplicity. Bomber leather jackets are puffed up, and that puffiness combines with lightweight t-shirts, hoodies, and shorts, creating an effortless look. One black bomber jacket is all you need before heading out for errands. Though inappropriate, you can even wear the bomber jacket with pajamas. This messy look is super easy to achieve and costs nothing. You can make it work with any free-style outfits in your wardrobe.

Black Bomber Jacket

With Business Casual Outfit

Bomber jackets as a business casual element might upset many, but you should have a strong style game to nail it. Start your base outfit with a formal button-down shirt and tie. You can also wear plain dress pants or swap them for trendy chinos. Another option is to layer your button-down and tie it with a cozy sweater. Add a black leather bomber jacket on top as the final layer. You can choose a pair of loafers or Oxford shoes for shoes. Accessorize with a classic watch and black shades.

Black bomber Leather Jacket Men

With Hip-Hop Outfit

Hip-hop is the latest trend in the town, and a black leather bomber jacket can elevate the look to a whole new level. The basics of the hip-hop outfit include hoodies, androgynous tees, graphic prints, and, most importantly, joggers. We recommend choosing pastel shades or white as your base color. Add a black leather bomber jacket over the outfit and a beanie cap to top off the look. We recommend pairing an oversized hoodie with dark-wash loose-fit denim pants if you want a sober yet modern hip-hop look. There is no replacement for chunky sneakers, as they are a mandatory element of hip-hop.

Black Hoodie Jacket

With Goth Outfit

It can often be hard to achieve a pure goth look with a black bomber jacket because of its soft puffy design. However, with the right overalls, you can ace it pretty smoothly. Compose the look with a black turtleneck or t-shirt with bold white graphic prints. You can also choose a plain black T-shirt, but the white graphic would appear more informal. The key to nailing a gothic outfit is playing unsafe and pairing all-black informal together. Nothing fits the look better for bottoms than skinny jeans with distressed knees. End the look with black sneakers or leather boots.

Black bomber jacket

With Oversized Outfit

Most men don't feel comfortable wearing the androgynous style as it often symbolizes laziness. However, if you're out with friends, an oversized leather bomber jacket won't hurt your style. Moreover, it's comfy, cozy, and perfect for hosting a game night. Start with an oversized button-down shirt and pair it up with straight pants. You can even wear jeans, though pants suit the look much better. Wear the bomber leather jacket on top of the shirt with casual sneakers or boots, and there you have a cool, casual dad look.

Black Leather Jacket

With Smart Casual Outfit

Bomber leather jackets usually don't have an important role in smart casual outfits, but you can always cut some slack for trendy garments. Smart casual outfits don't revolve around button-downs every time. Our favorite smart casual bomber combo features a gray or camel-colored nylon sweater. You can choose anything for the bottoms except denim jeans, shirts, or joggers. Chinos work best with smart casual outfits and complement bomber jackets beautifully. You can also add chicness to your look with a pair of Converse sneakers and nerdy glasses as the only accessory.

Leather Bomber Jacket

With Denim Outfit

Choosing between a denim jacket and a leather bomber jacket can be tough, which is why we recommend combining the two. A denim button-up goes perfectly with a black leather bomber jacket; its blue denim and black leather complement each other. You can also wear a plain white T-shirt as the first garment and layer it with an unbuttoned denim shirt and bomber jacket. Wear black or beige pants underneath, whichever suits you best. For shoes, go with plain sneakers or Converses as they are basic. Although this look is not too extravagant, you can wear it casually or even at a party.

Wilson Leather Jacket

With Preppy Chic Outfit

Preppy chic outfits usually don't include leather garments because of their boldness, but we can help you create one that stands out perfectly. The basics of a preppy chic outfit include crisp white shirts and chinos. Most preppy outfits exclude ties and add a sweater on top of the shirt with sleeves folded. Play with these elements, and feel free to subtract one or two according to your liking. You just have to ensure the colors suit men's preppy outfits. The key to choosing colors here is to stick with official hues, earthy tones, and neutral shades.

Black leather Jacket

With Sporty Chic Outfit

If you want to ace a ''that guy'' sporty look with a lot of chicness, we recommend pairing your outfit with a bomber jacket. The authentic men's athletic look is incomplete without a tracksuit. In this case, you'll only need the tracksuit bottoms, as the black leather bomber jacket will replace the tracksuit jacket. You can wear a T-shirt or hoodie under the jacket as it is comfortable compared to turtlenecks. You can swap your regular sneakers for trainers, runners, or any athletic shoes. Accessorizing is a big no for sporty looks, but you can always top off the look with a cap.

Bomber leather jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather bomber jackets appropriate for summer?

Bomber jackets are usually lightweight, which makes them summer appropriate, but that's unlikely with leather bomber jackets. Even if your leather bomber jacket has a breathable lining, the leather fabric will make it impossible to bear the heat. So, wearing a leather bomber jacket on a hot summer day is not a sensible decision. You can, however, wear it if the weather is less hot.

Do leather bomber jackets work as multipurpose rain jackets?

Most leather bomber jackets are water-resistant because of the leather quality used. This doesn't mean that the jackets are water-proof and will protect you from heavy rain. Leather bomber jackets can only withstand light rain or drizzling. Plus, bomber jackets don't have a hood which means they can't help you for long when it's raining.

Should young boys not wear leather bomber jackets?

There's no age restriction for wearing a leather bomber jacket or any kind of leather jacket. Some teenagers opt for more exciting options than a leather bomber jacket, but it can also suit boys. Practicality is why middle-aged men prefer bomber jackets over biker or racer jackets. The baggy fit is another reason chubby men prefer bomber jackets over others.

Are leather bomber jackets outdated?

Leather bomber jackets have been very much in style since the Kardashian era. Though they are trendsetters for women, the men's fashion line was also inspired to bring back leather bomber jackets after Kylie Jenner's Pinterest shots. Since then, leather bomber jackets have been dominating men's fashion, and they don't seem to be leaving anytime soon.