Get the Perfect Leather Bomber Jacket for Women 2023

Imagine freezing during selfies at a girl's night out. Or getting dumped on your first date just because of shivering. You wouldn't want that, and while wrapping yourself up with layers sounds reasonable, no girl wants to compromise on style. Without a doubt, leather jackets are a lifesaver, better than suede and denim. So the only way to stay snazzy yet warm in the cold weather is by slaying a bomber leather jacket.

Whether for movies, a casual dinner, or a bonfire, a women's bomber jacket checkmarks every vibe and style. In this article, we'll show you how to style one women's bomber jacket in seven ways.

7 Ways to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

1.    Casual-Chic

Women's bomber jackets are the perfect garment for a casual-chic winter look. You can pair it with ripped skinny jeans or shorts. Feel free to experiment with your bottoms; the look goes well with flared and mom jeans. The jackets go best with tank tops and T-shirts, but you can wear them with singlets. Since we're doing a casual-chic look, go for Converse or plain sneakers. If you want to upscale the chic element, add a pair of ankle boots to go with the look. 

 Casual Chic

2.    Smart-Casual

The bomber leather jacket for women perfectly fits a smart casual look, ideal for non-official lunches and daytime gatherings. The safest smart-casual look is to go with an all-black attire. Put together a black shirt or T-shirt with black pants. You can also wear chinos instead of pants, which might look formal. Add sleek jewelry pieces like a gold-plated necklace or hoops to top the look. Drape the bomber jacket over your shoulder for style. For shoes, you can wear loafers or classic sandals. 

 Smart-Casual jacket

3.    Street Style

You can't complete a street-style outfit without a baggy clothing item. To slay the street outfit, choose a baggy garment of your choice. Since bomber jackets are already puffy, we recommend women to pair it up with one baggy garment and a second skinny or fitted one. It could either be an androgynous t-shirt or wide-flared pants. However, if your top is androgynous, wear bulky shoes like boots or chunky sneakers. You can also throw on a cap with this look as an accessory.

Street Fashion

4.    Airport Style

Airport fashion stands for something comfortable, light, yet fashionable. You have to be careful while styling a bomber leather jacket for the airport because it's easy to go overboard. We suggest wearing a basic sweater or sweatshirt with skinny jeans. You can also wear straight pants but ensure the sweater isn't voluminous. Don the bomber jacket over the sweater and wear a light muffler or beanie cap to keep yourself warm from the airport chills. For shoes, choose something super comfortable, like Crocs, and relax because no one will judge you at an airport for your fashion choices.

Airport Style

5.    Business Casual

Wearing a bomber leather jacket with business casual attire might not sit with many, but it all comes down to balance. Now business casual attires are partly restrictive, so we recommend choosing a restrictive color palette so you can freely choose the type of garment. For colors, you should choose something neutral or earthy. As for the garment, you can go with a jumpsuit and stilettos. While oxford shoes go best with chinos, you can add a little chic element to this attire with Chelsea boots, as they would complement the jacket more.

Business Casual

6.    Boho Style

If you think leather jackets and bohemian style don't go well together, maybe you're not styling them correctly. You can pair a bohemian-style dress with a bomber leather jacket for women without making it look odd. Go for a basic flowy dress and add a slim belt on the waist to limit the puffy factor. Then add the bomber jacket over the dress with prominent boots. You can also swap the dress for a flowy midi skirt and shirt. A bohemian-print shirt with denim shorts can also work.

Boho Style

7.    Denim-Leather Fusion

Without a doubt, denim is one of the best fabrics to exist. Better than cotton but second-best to leather. If you want to honor that bomber jacket, you have to wear it with a denim piece. Since denim jeans don't highlight the denim well, we recommend wearing either a denim jumpsuit or a denim skirt. You can even style a denim dress with a black bomber jacket. Sandals or sneakers are perfect if you're going with the jumpsuit option. With a denim skirt, you can wear Chelsea boots. If you opt for the denim dress, you should wear thigh-high black boots as they make the outfit stand out. 

black leather jacket women

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather bomber jackets breathable?

Many people think of bomber jackets as super hot and unbreathable and while they are cozy, leather bomber jackets are breathable too. Like other leather jackets, a leather bomber jacket also has inner lining that makes it comfortable, breathable, and flexible.

Can fat people wear bomber leather jackets?

Fat people, including women, can wear bomber leather jackets just like they can wear denim and nylon jackets. However, if you don’t want to look fat in the puffy garment, it is better to pick colours that give the illusion of a slimmer body like black and brown. Women can wear it with a bodycon for a body-hugging look under the torso.