Rock Your Look: Expert Tips for Styling Black Leather Shorts

It's winter, the sun is up, and you're feeling super-hot, but skipping lunch with friends ain't an option. Here's the down, have water, and head to your wardrobe to find the perfect winter outfit featuring sleek black leather shorts.

Leather is the leading winter fabric commonly found in every wardrobe, whether men's or women. Regardless of its lush texture and rich look, leather can be overwhelming to wear sometimes, especially when the weather is uncertainly hot. There's no better way to don leather on such a day than in leather shorts. Because they're shorts and you can never go wrong with shorts!

This blog will guide you all about black leather shorts and how you choose the best ones without spending big bucks on mighty brands. We've also listed some common questions that can be helpful, so read till the end.

How to Style Leather Shorts?

Business Casual

A business casual look is partly formal, but it has to be comfortable, and that's where the leather shorts come in. Blazers are a mandatory layering garment in business outfits, so we highly recommend keeping them. You can also wear coats, but blazers are standard and can cut you more room for playing around with other garments. You can opt for a button-up shirt or a plain T-shirt for the inner. Make sure your base garment or inner is neutral as it complements the black leather shorts. Since we're building the look with a blazer here, the shoe choice is your own, and you can even wear sneakers.

Leather Shorts

Casual Chic

Mixing and matching garments to create a casual chic look for women is super easy compared to men. You can pair many elements with leather shorts to give the ultimate casual chic look. Let's start with the basics, a plain white T-shirt. That's all you need, along with a pair of neat white trainers to go around shopping. You can also wear a beige-colored button-down with black shorts and Chelsea boots for the classic old-money aesthetic look. If you want a cozier top, try putting on a denim jacket over the shirt, or pass all that effort with a simple knitted sweater.

Brown Leather shorts

Sports Chic

Pulling a sports chic look with black leather shorts can be hard as they don't have an athletic vibe. However, choosing the right top can nail the look like a pro. Start building the layers with a women's sports top, then add an oversized shirt over the top. Leave the shirt unbuttoned or loosely tie the shirt into a knot. Another single alternative for the top and shirt is a cropped sweater. It ends a few inches below the bust, with a closed round neck and oversized sleeves. Pair the look with matching running shoes; your sports chic look is complete.Bohemian Chic

Black leather shorts are the perfect garment to transform plain bohemian pieces into magnificence. It can be the ideal Coachella outfit, or you can wear it while partying in Miami. Put together a look with either a flowy bohemian silhouette or print. If you want something subtle, you can choose the boho silhouette in neutral or pastel colors. However, if you want only the print, you can opt for a jacket or a shirt. Pair the look according to your preference; always choose boots for shoes. Long boots go well with both leather shorts as well as bohemian-inspired garments.

black leather shorts

Rocker Chic

There's no better way to hit the rocker vibe than with black leather jackets and shorts. The best way to create a mild punk mixed rocker outfit is by keeping the base black. Although black is not mandatory, we recommend it as it makes the job easier. If it were a summer outfit, we'd recommend a sheer top, but a plain black shirt can work fine for a winter look. Add a layer of black leather jacket, most preferably a biker jacket. You can also select a customized leather jacket with studs. For shoes, you can select ankle boots or classic black-heeled boots.

leather shorts

Factors of Consideration While Buying Leather Shorts for Women


Just like leather jackets, leather shorts women come in various material types. There's a wide variety, from sheep leather to deerskin and even faux leather. There's not a common leather type that suits every wearer, so you have to consider your options before buying one. Before selecting leather shorts, ask yourself if you're going to wear them frequently and if yes, then opt for full-grain cowhide. However, if you're only into looks, faux leather can fit that lavish shine and silky texture.


Leather shorts do not flatter all body types, even if you have the slimmest waistline idealized for the runway. There are different lengths of shorts, like short shorts, high-waisted shorts, or midi shorts. You just have to figure out which size suits your body best. If you have a skinny body, short shorts with a loose fit would suit your frame perfectly. Similarly, well-fitted midi shorts suit chubby body frames better than loose ones that make your body look wider.


Leather shorts come in various designs, including classic and flared. You'll be surprised to know that leather skorts are a thing these days, because who doesn't like leather shorts and skirts combined? Before you go buying leather shorts, make sure to set a picture in your mind about what you actually want. Believe it, all the different designs will imitate you and might end up buying the wrong one. Therefore, select one beforehand by imagining your look and the occasion when you want to wear the shorts.


Leather shorts are undoubtedly pretty pricey, which means they are a one-time purchase for many. One common mistake most people make is to opt for big brands while shopping for something as precious as leather shorts. Now brands are reliable and all, but they have big price tags. You can buy leather shorts of close quality from local stores and brands that will charge lower. They might also offer better designs; all you have to do is hunt for the right product with patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are black leather shorts better than brown ones?

There's no evidence that more people prefer black leather jackets to brown, but black is the universal color. It contrasts perfectly with every color, including pastels and dark shades, which makes it better than brown. Though brown leather stands out better than black, matching it with the right color can often be tedious.

Why do people prefer denim shorts over leather shorts?

Most people prefer denim shorts over leather shorts because of their comfort and low maintenance. Although leather shorts are bougie and have a vintage, dark academic vibe, they're not versatile enough to wear on any occasion. Not to mention the fact of how expensive leather shorts are. Denim is rough; even if you splinter the fabric, it won't look bad, and you can carry it as ripped denim.

Is it inappropriate to wear leather shorts at a cocktail party?

Wearing leather shorts is extremely against the dress of cocktail parties. Even though cocktail attire is meant to be more comfortable than formal, you can not show up to a cocktail party wearing leather shorts. Leather jackets are an exception in rare cases, but shorts are too short and tight. Cocktail dresses should be lightweight, flowy, and relaxing.

How can I make my leather shorts last longer?

You can make your leather shorts last longer by storing them properly. Most people consider regular washing a big factor in increasing the durability of leather shorts when it's the opposite. You should not expose your leather shorts to moisture as it can ruin leather most of the time. Even when you have to wash your shorts, make sure to air dry them properly and rub a thin layer of conditioner over them before storing them.