How to Rock a Red Leather Jacket for Men and Women

Red Leather Jacket for Men and Women

There's no denying that leather is more than a fabric; it expresses your mood and current situation. However, it is mostly associated with punkiness because of the black, while the brown leather jacket removes all the boldness.

If you want a red leather jacket to compliment your lively, courageous, and loving personality with a bit of passion and anger, go for the red colour. A red Jacket leather  might seem intense at first, but it has much more flexibility than other leather jackets. For one, you can style it according to your liking with bright as well as neutral colours. Secondly, the universal colour and fabric combo appeals to many women, increasing your chances of making good first impressions.

This guide will tell you more about styling a red leather jacket women edition. Stick till the end for tips to carry the red leather well.


Red leather jacket

How to Wear a Red Leather Jacket?

With Monochromatic

Monochromatic is generally the safest way to go if you're unsure about your style, but that is not the case. Wearing monochrome might not be a good idea if you're off to somewhere special because red is not a formal colour. It might also look overpowering, so try this look only where you're comfortable about being judged, like while touring a city or around friends. Simply put on a red shirt or T-shirt with matching pants and shoes. Choose the shoes based on the vibe you want to achieve. If your bottoms are skinny, heels might be the perfect fit; otherwise, select ankle boots.


With Contrasts

The best part about red is that it goes with almost every colour, be it blue, pink, or black. The key here to wearing a leather jacket, womens and men can't overlook, is to keep it basic. If it's black, put on a pair of black jeans with a grey T-shirt and throw that leather jacket on. You can also style a women's red leather jacket with a white bow-tie blouse and pink bell bottoms. Don't accessorise other than matching shades or a watch, as you might kill the minimalistic look. You can choose shoes that match your style but don't necessarily have to be red.

red leather jacket women

Over Denim-on-Denim

Leather and denim are entirely opposites in many ways, but if you combine them, the end result is terrific. Denim-on-denim is an all-time trend admired by both men and women because of its casual look. You can never go wrong with a denim-on-denim outfit, be it a shirt with jeans or a skirt. However, pairing it with a chic red weather jacket adds up to the beauty of the simple outfit and makes it a bit edgy. Make sure your look revolves around dark-wash denim, as light-wash doesn't go with red weather. Pair this magnificent outfit with black Chelsea boots, and voila, you're ready to set the town on fire.

With Boho Look

Nothing sits well with a classic red leather jacket better than the bohemian style. A boho look doesn't necessarily have to be over-the-top or wild. You can opt for a semi-boho or boho chic look by choosing bohemian print as your star element. Get a vibrant button-up shirt with a boho print and pair it with chinos or bell bottoms. Distressed jeans could also do the job, but they're not our top recommendation. Women can go with bohemian dresses as they match perfectly with the  leather jackets. There are no restrictions on accessories, as the bohemian look is incomplete without handmade necklaces and bandannas.

With Androgynous Overalls

Though androgynous is not an evergreen trend, it is loved by most people because of its comfort. An androgynous red leather jacket is all you need to stay ahead in the fashion game. The best part about androgynous clothing is that you don't have to invest extra from your pocket. You can buy two sizes larger than your original size and work your way with garments you already have in your closet. A cool androgynous leather jacket look combines a white top and black faux leather bottoms. It also gives a chic leather-on-leather vibe that you can wear to a party or influencer event without any doubts. Top off the look with leather shoes for that billionaire diva look.

With Cowboy Look

The cowboy look screams strength, sportiness, and self-reliance; mix that with a red leather jacket, and you also have a hint of rebelliousness. Achieving the Western look is quite simple if you follow the basics. Well-fitted shirts and pants are a must for cowboy style. Add a chunky waist belt to your pants, preferably denim jeans. You can also add a waistcoat layer under the red leather jacket, but it's completely optional. And lastly, don't forget your knee-length boots.


With Punk Overalls

A black leather jacket leads straight to a punk look compared to red. You'll need to add layers of chunky accessories to get the perfect punky look. First, add the base of the outfit with a black t-shirt and skin-fit jeans. If you want to make your job easier, go with distressed clothes and let the red leather jacket do its magic. Then get some kohl on your eyes and put on black nail paint. Make sure not to skip the silver accents like chains and bracelets. Complete the look with chunky sneakers o black boots with silver studs.

Tips to Slay in a Red Leather Jacket

Below are a few tips that will help your red leather jacket stand out from the rest of the attire,

  • Skip graphic tops with designed elements or logos as they're first to catch the attention.
  • With flowy dresses or baggy bottoms, opt for cropped red leather jackets.
  • Keep your makeover minimal, as red cancels bright eye makeup and lips.
  • Unless you're going with a punk look, keep the look low-profile.
  • Carry the red leather jacket confidently by wearing it correctly; draping it over your shoulders does not help

red leather jacket women

Frequently Asked Questions

Are red leather jackets in style?

Red leather jackets are not very common as compared to black and brown leather jackets. This means they're not in style very often. However, a red leather jacket is adored by fashionistas as it has a wide margin of style. Though you cannot spot it commonly, it does look attractive and can get a lot of good attention.

Is it fashionably okay to wear a red leather jacket in the summer?

Technically red is not a summer colour because it is warm with yellow undertones. The colour will overpower your look and kill the softness. You can wear red in the summer at night time or for a rocker look but not on a sunny day. If you have to wear a red leather jacket, make sure the base colours are soft or pastel.

Is a red leather jacket the same as a maroon leather jacket?

Many people can't distinguish between red and maroon leather jackets because of their similar shades. Red leather jackets are a bit softer than maroon jackets with harsh undertones. A red leather jacket is more versatile to style than maroon because it looks clobbering if you pair the maroon with dark colours. You can only pair maroon with whites and greys so that the soft colours cancel out the harsh ones.