Bomber Leather Jackets: Timeless Style for Men in 2023

Leather bomber jackets had a huge fandom back in the '50s and '60s when they first hit the vibe check of many teenagers. Then the trend gradually started stooping down as punk style took the fashion world by storm. Leather bomber jackets weren't in demand as much because they had a vibe of maturity and sensibility.

Then came the mid-2010s when Hollywood socialites brought back the leather jacket men trend stronger than before. Ever since, leather bomber jacket mens collections have been selling out of stock faster. So yeah, leather bomber jackets are still very much in style in 2023, and it seems like they're here to stay for a long time.

Below we have listed the five viral leather bomber jacket styles that are a must-have Bomber Leather Jackets in every Gen Z's wardrobe.

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Top 5 Trending Leather Bomber Jacket Mens Styles

Shearling Bomber Jacket

With its deep design and rich textures, a shearling bomber jacket passes the calm-aggressive mood scenario. You can easily mistake a normal guy wearing a shearling leather jacket for someone from the Top G. The reason is that shearling bomber jackets are super majestic of all bomber jackets. You can show your shearling leather jacket even more gratitude by pairing it with the right garments. Hoodies and T-shirts are a big no with shearling jackets. Instead, pair the jacket with a turtleneck or dress shirt with a tie. Wear pants instead of jeans and Oxford shoes instead of sneakers for that look of an accomplished man.

leather bomber jacket mens

Essentials To Remember For Bomber Style

The classic leather bomber jacket is similar to the flight jacket though it has a flip collar that is missing in flight jackets. There are no restrictions in styling the classic bomber jacket because of its casual look. You can style it in any way, though it's only drawback is that it doesn't offer any versatile look. So casual is the only way to go when you're dealing with a classic leather bomber jacket. You can still nail the casual look by pairing the jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans or a checkered shirt with pants. Don't forget to top off the look with either sneakers or a pair of good Oxfords.

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Why Hooded Jackets are Most Loveable ?

If you want something which is mild than shearling but better than classic, our top suggestion is the hooded leather bomber jacket. This jacket is perfect for street-style attire as it is super warm but not too heavy. You can easily carry it without feeling overwhelmed while touring or running errands. Styling a hooded bomber leather jacket is super simple, and you can do it with two to three garments. First, wear a T-shirt with jeans because the base of this street style has to be casual. Next, put on some shades or accessorize with a long-length men's back chain for that chic effect.

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Why Bomber Jackets in Style ?

A varsity leather bomber jacket is perhaps the most popular bomber jacket of all. Its athletic look makes it all the more wanted among teenagers or students. You can easily spot at least a couple of varsity bomber jackets on academic premises in winter. The jacket offers warmth and protection and transforms plain nerdy outfits into ultimate coolness. Slaying a varsity bomber jacket is a piece of cake with or without top-notch garments. Simply pull over your varsity jacket on top of a t-shirt, shirt, turtleneck, and jeans. You can even wear the jacket with chinos if you want an aesthetic version of the academic look.

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Why People Love This Versaty Style ?

A flight bomber jacket is the root of all kinds of bomber leather jackets. They almost resemble the shearling leather jacket in looks, though the sherpa is the different point. Flight leather jackets are less emphasized on the collar than shearling jackets. They also have a lot of outer pockets with better storage, which shearling jackets don't have. Styling a flight bomber jacket chicly can often be hard because no matter what you wear, it always gives off dad vibes. So the basic way of styling a flight jacket gracefully is like your dad. Wear the jacket with a sweater, button-down shorts, pants, and sneakers.

leather bomber jacket mens

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather bomber jackets suitable for formal events?

No, leather bomber jackets are unsuitable for formal events because they are nothing like a dress suit. You can consider leather blazers for formal events, but bomber jackets are out of the league. The reason is their puffy silhouette which drives attention from the overall look, making it inappropriate.

Why are leather bomber jackets underrated compared to biker jackets?

Bomber leather jackets for men are different, but the mains usually have a strict or boring look. On the other hand, Biker jackets are considered cooler by the younger generation because of their dominating and rebellious youngster vibe.

Where to buy the best leather jacket men collection in Australia?

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