Difference Between Café Racer and Bomber Leather Jacket Men

Leather Jackets have been the cool and classic choice for men since always, and many of them prefer having a Bomber Leather Jacket or a mens leather café racer jacket to appear stylish and elegant while feeling comfortable at the same time. Leather jackets a great wear for men and highly recommended that men should at least have one good leather outer wear in their closet.

A Leather jacket bomber can be the ideal way for spicing up a man’s outfit whether you are heading out for some office work, a quick lunch, or even a night out with friends. Styling  Leather jacket bomber almost effortless which means you won’t have to worry about spending hours getting the right fit.

Are you new to jacket shopping and don’t have much experience when it comes to picking out the best option? Or are you confused between mens leather café racer jacket and Bomber Leather Jacket? Let us wash away all your worries with this detailed and insightful guide.

What is a Café Racer Leather Jacket?

Are you looking for a café racer leather jacket to enhance your look and appear more sophisticated and stylish? Just like the name suggests, a mens leather café racer jacket, is traditionally and commonly worn by bikers and people who roam around on heavy bikes.

Perfect for a stylish fashion statement,  leather jacket introduced back in the 70’s among racing car drivers and motorcyclists. However, thanks to the improvements in fashion today, the café racer leather jacket not only restricted to specific people. Anyone who has a good sense of fashion and styling can easily pull it off.

Moreover, when this jacket introduced back in the day, it had a sturdy zipper, a large wide collar, and at least one pocket that decorated with studs or some kind of metal.

What is a Café Racer Jacket Made Of?

Whether it is a café racer leather jacket or some other jacket, there are a few things that always make outerwear stand out. Usually, a café racer leather jacket has a banded collar, a shiny silver zipper that goes up to the top, and a few pockets and fitted sleeves to suit the people wearing it.

Styling a Café Racer Leather Jacket

mens leather cafe racer jacket

Do you want to make heads turn in this weather and know well enough that a leather jacket can help you do that? Well, there we have the café racer leather to the rescue.

This leather jacket shiny red silk inner, is made of fantastic lambskin leather which add to the elite look.

Furthermore, the detailing on the sleeves includes double stitches, which further enhance the appearance of the jacket as well.

Styling Tip: If you want to look outclass while wearing this jacket, you can pair it with a nice pair of formal pants 

What is a Bomber Leather Jacket?

Also known as a flight jacket, a bomber leather jacket  originally designed for Airforce pilots back in the day. A bomber leather jacket is traditionally a short, waist-length jacket with a fitted waist to go along with it.

It usually has a zip on the front, slightly loose, or even cuffed sleeves. Some characteristics of a bomber leather jacket include a cropped length, looser arms, and shoulders, as well as ribbed collars.

Also, a bomber leather jacket  made in a variety of styles and colors according to your liking and ability to wear it. A bomber leather jacket is widely available in solid colors, including black, brown, navy blue, and other similar dark shades.

Bomber Leather Jackets – Pros

1.      Good Friend in Bad Weather

A bomber leather jacket can be a great friend for you in bad weather, so if there are winds blowing or the cold winter weather,then this jacket can be a great rescue and make sure you don’t end up falling sick. This layering can be great for people who live in countries that are mostly cold throughout the year.

2.      Timeless Wear

No matter where you go, a bomber leather jacket can be great for all events and occasions. A bomber leather jacket is always a clever and calculated choice, even if you want to impress someone or score some points.

3.      Comfortable and Durable

Doesn’t everyone want to wear something that they can wear for long hours without worrying about itching or uncomfortable clothing? Well, good news for you as a leather bomber jacket designed keeping all these requirements in mind. A leather bomber jacket is not only comfortable and durable, but it can also be great for people who prioritize comfort first. Even if you invest in one leather jacket, the chances are that it will last you for quite a number of years.

Styling a Bomber Leather Jacket

Leather jacket bomber

Give this brown leather jacket a shot if you are done with the usual blacks. With intricate detailing, a strong zipper, some pockets, and a fantastic fit, this leather jacket  an excellent fit for you. You can also pair this jacket with khaki-colored pants or a tee-shirt to enhance the fit.


While both café racer and bomber leather jacket  excellent in their ways, it depends on what features you are looking for. We hope this guide gave you a helpful insight into the differences between these jackets.