Where To Buy High Quality Women's Leather Jacket ?

Leather jackets hold a very strong position in the Australian fashion world. It wouldn't be wrong to say that leather jackets make up half of women's fashion in Australia. Compared to denim, suede, and even velvet, leather jackets have the highest votes for all the valid reasons.

First and foremost, leather is an elite material that can catch anyone's attention. It's also super elegant and practical. Without a doubt, leather can change your entire aura within seconds. It can turn you from a lousy loser with no style sense to a glamorous fashion inspiration. All this is possible only if you have your hands on the right leather jacket.

Hunting for women's leather jackets in Australia can be quite an adventure, but there are better adventures that you should save your time for. This is why we have shortlisted the five best local brands with premium-quality womens leather jackets Melbourne, and such big cities have to offer.


Top 5 Women Leather Jackets Stores


If you want top-quality leather jackets without zero settlements in design, Leatherwear is the place to go. Their headquarters are located on Queen Street, Auburn, where most of their tasks are carried out. Leatherwear promises exceptional women's leather clothing, including jackets, coats, and blazers. Though the company is Australian-based, they export their leather from South East Asia, which is manufactured with extra care. Launched in 2016, Leatherwear has deeply impacted the Melbournians and has made a great name in the leather industry. They deal in original cowhide, sheepskin, lambskin, and goatskin leather which is well-tanned, durable, and super striking. They are also dealing the wholesale business of leather jacket for men & women for other small stores.

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FJackets is a wonderful store to explore and share your passion for leather clothing. The company started as a startup by two people back in 2013 when the leather jacket trend was getting on the Australians. They describe their brand as unique, affordable, durable, and, most importantly, authentic. FJacket is not an Australian company and they are pro American brand strict in selecting its leather and chooses the softest textured leather to pass through the tanning, designing, and tailoring process. All women's jackets undergo a quality check before getting stocked so you get the best and finest product. FJackets is a decent place to buy leather jackets that stand up to the mark.

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Five Lanes

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Five Lanes offer extraordinary women's leather jackets in all of Melbourne. The company started as a small one but has grown up to be a team of 375 specialized leather lovers. At Five Lanes, the mission is to provide the highest quality and greatest value at affordable rates. They also don't compromise on aesthetics; you won't find even a single scrappy design in their women's collection. Five Lanes have been dealing with leather goods for 25 years and claim pride in calling themselves pro-level leather enthusiasts. You can count on them for your first-ever leather jacket purchase.

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Leather Jacket Shop

Manufacturing women's leather jackets is an art, and the Leather Jacket Shop is avant-garde. The Leather Jacket Shop has its base located in suburban Melbourne, Epping, Victoria. It has been crafting leather jackets for women since 2010, which makes the company quite credible. The wow factor of this brand is that they don't rely on machinery for manufacturing, and their products are hand-crafted. Their highly skilled Pakistan craftsmen use the best cowhide and sheep leather for leather jackets. The designs are also extremely pretty, and you won't be able to resist them, so do check them out.

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The Jacket Maker

Are you frazzled after checking the price tags of leather jackets? You're just not checking right because the Jacket Maker makes sure everyone gets a good leather jacket at a reasonable price. The Jacket Maker is not based in Australia however, they claims to use only the finest quality real sheepskin and cowhide leather for manufacturing. Apart from its eight standard sizes, the brand also takes customizable orders. As for the designs, Jacket Maker has it all. From quilted leather to biker and racer, you name it; they have it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify if a leather jacket is made of quality leather?

High-quality leather can be identified by touching it or feeling its texture. Regardless of the type, premium leather feels soft to the touch with a super smooth and fine texture. It's not rough at all, but you can feel the grains. If the leather doesn't have grains, it's not real leather.

Are leather jackets common in Australia?

Yes, leather jackets are super common in Australia. Though Australia does not witness a lot of winters, people adore leather. Australians often wear leather jackets casually, and it plays a great part in the Australian street style. You can also find a lot of tourists wearing leather jackets while exploring the majestic nightscapes of Australia.

Do leather jackets shrink or stretch?

Leather jackets shrink as well as stretch with use. A new leather jacket stretches with every wear as it molds your body. However, after a certain time, say five or six wears, the jacket will stop stretching. Leather jackets shrink on exposure to moisture, especially hot water, so your jacket will shrink with every wash.