Fall is around the corner, and what better time to prep for winter fashion than cozy autumn? Speaking of winter fashion, a leather jacket is the first thing that pops into mind, while a hoodie pops in second. What if you combine the two? It would be a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fashion moment with two winter favorites in one frame.

But how do we do justice to this bombastic duo? We've got you covered! Here's our guide for styling a leather jacket with hood in five fantastic ways. So gear up and read till the end.

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5 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket with Hood

Classic New Yorkian Style

Leather jackets are approved by a majority of the New Yorkians because they take their coffees and their dressing pretty seriously. Another thing New Yorkians don't compromise on is comfort, thus defining their love for hooded leather jackets. The popular New York working diva look features a pastel-colored leather jacket over a solid hoodie.

You might be thinking, why we're not recommending black? Because it's not something an Instagram sensation would opt for anymore. A simple pastel pink classic leather jacket with a white hoodie, light-wash denim, and cozy sneakers is more like it. Top off the look with a shoulder bag, minimum accessories, and shades for the urban weekender look.

classic newyorkian style


Stylish Nerd Style

Who says nerds have to be boring? It's the 20th century, and no one wants to look outdated, so on-trend clothing it is - even for the dorks. Our version of the nerd look features a few tomboyish elements to go with the carefree yet well-put-together outfit. The base of this garment is a hoodie, of course.

You can pick any color you like since the bottoms are cargo pants. Unlike flared jeans, cargo pants give traditional tomboy vibes, like Lily Truscott from Hannah Montana. Don a black biker leather jacket over the hoodie and wear a beanie cap as an accessory. Sneakers are mandatory with this look, so don't skip on that.

Stylish Nerd Style


Chic Diva-Next-Door Style

The traditional girl-next-door look has nothing to do with black or leather, but we can always bend the fashion rules. In this girl-next-door edition, we chose a camel brown leather jacket so that its softness doesn't ruin the good girl vibe. For this look, a hooded leather jacket would be perfect, as pairing a separate hoodie and leather jacket would be a hurdle.

Pair the jacket with a white sleeveless crop top. For bottoms, go with high-waisted, wide-legged, light-wash denim. Don't compromise on skinny jeans, as it will destroy the outfit. Wear either ankle boots or block heels with this look, and don't forget the hooped earrings.

Chic Diva-Next-Door Style

Native Parisian Style

Native Parisians are known and admired for their sense of style, so we couldn't possibly have skipped this look. If you're planning on strolling the Champs Elysees, you better do it in style with a posh leather jacket on. You can do it simply by wearing a cozy hoodie one size bigger than your original fit. Pair the hoodie with charcoal black or dark gray rough-wash skinny jeans.

If you pair the oversized hoodie with anything other than skinny jeans, then this outfit would be an epic fail. For a leather jacket, go with either a black shearling one or something with faux fur to give off luxury. Wear a statement designer bag with chunky sneakers.

Native Parisian Style

Impromptu Date Style

You're asked for an impromptu dinner date, and you don't have something 'new.' Here's what will bring out the best out of your old bodycon - a hooded leather jacket. And not just any hooded leather jacket; we're talking about a dazzling purple bomber leather jacket with hood.

A pink mixed with blood purple is the right shade that would pop out on shiny leather as a funky shade. Pair it up with a basic black bodycon dress, nothing new. For shoes, you can pick either stilettos, Chelsea boots, or even chunky sneakers. Accessorize as you like, but don't go overboard.

Impromptu Date Style

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a hooded leather jacket womens with an overcoat?

Technically, you cannot wear a leather jacket with overcoats. However, there are fashion restrictions when it comes to personal style. You can experiment with it, and maybe, if you are creative enough, you can make this apparently odd combo look cool.

Is a hooded leather jacket more expensive than a regular leather jacket?

The price of a leather jacket is not dependent on its elements but on its quality. Buying a cheap quality hooded leather jacket from a random store can be less expensive compared to a branded, non-hooded leather jacket. It's the quality that you should aim for, as you can find hooded and normal leather jackets with almost the same price tags.

What is the best season to wear a hooded leather jacket?

Every season is for hooded leather jackets, but the best one is at the beginning of winter. The time when it's just cold enough that you can tolerate without layering loads. Late fall to early winter is the perfect time to take out the leather jacket stock.


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