Luxury Leather Coats For Men

Leather is not equal to luxury! You read it right. Leather is nothing compared to winter fabrics like cashmere, guanaco, and vicuna wool. The extraordinary popularity of leather garments and the manufacturing of top-quality leather has made it eligible for luxury wear.

Regardless of better luxury garments exceeding the charts, leather coats remain one of men's most in-demand winter garments. Be it the shiny texture, lightweight, or the ultimate matrix craze, leather coat men don't seem to be getting off the trending list. So stocking up on a good leather coats for men is the sensible fashion decision you could make right now. And we are here to help with the process.

Here's our list of the five best leather coat men designs that you should buy this season. Head below to check them out.

leather coats for men

5 Leather Coat Men Designs To Invest In This Season

Classic Leather Coat

Trends come and go - classics live forever. In a world full of flash, it is sometimes better not to jump on the bandwagon. Besides, one classic leather coat men can take you a long way down the road, giving you multiple stylish, amazing, yet subtle looks. The secret lies in styling the garment to create an outfit.

Our hack for the basic, unbothered, yet fashion-forward look features, of course, the classic long black leather coat. Next, opt for a monochrome look, which we strongly suggest to be black. Wear a simple button-down shirt with loose-fit pants. Put on a pair of black espadrilles, and you're good to go.

classic leather coats

Leather Trench Coat

The evergreen leather trench coat men is a complete package for bougie guys. It's chic, looks elite, and screams 'dominating mafia villain.' What else does a man want? If styled appropriately, you can also pull off a 'business only' brunch look, and we can help you achieve just that.

Simply wear a crisp white button-down shirt with black dress pants. Since it's a brunch look, you can also wear a black turtleneck with skinny black jeans. Don the leather trench coat men over the top and wear a pair of black Brogues or Derby. Wear sunglasses and a wristwatch before heading out.

Leather Trench Coat

Double-Breasted Long Leather Coat

Want to wear a long leather coat without looking like Bruce Wayne? You can keep the overall outfit mild, like a sweet, friendly local lad. This long black leather coat men is the delicacy of this outfit as it has a prominent silhouette with draping lapels.

The first thing you have to do is avoid harsh colors and choose colors like beige, white, and camel for your shirt. You can also wear a turtleneck or a sweater underneath. Then wear black straight pants because it goes with a long black leather jacket. For shoes, wear chunky sneakers, and the look is done to perfection.

Double-Breasted Long Leather Coat

Fur-Lined Leather Coat

Many people think that leather coats are unable to offer superior protection against harsh winters. This is not the case with fur-lined leather coats because these are specifically designed for the snow months. The leather coat men is as warm on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Styling this coat for casual events can be a big problem because its overall majestic look always outweighs casual outfits. You can, however, wear it as an old-money casual menswear outfit by pairing it up with a black straight-collar sweater over a navy turtleneck. Wearing dress pants, a leather belt, and Oxford shoes is mandatory with this look.

Fur-Lined Leather Coat

Double-Texture Leather Coat

Even though black is the safest of all colors, some people find it not-so-safe when combined with leather coats. The next best option is double colored, double-textured leather coat in brown and black. This double-texture coat has the outer base made of black suede or velvet, while the inside is shiny brown leather.

You can style this leather coat as a semi-formal or preppy attire with a dark brown sweater. On the inside, you can wear a matching brown shirt with a tie. For bottoms, go with plaid brown dress pants and Brogues to complement it. This look gives off retro elite vibes, or if you have that eye, it might show hints of Kaz Brekker from Shadow and Bone.

Double-Texture Leather Coat

Frequently Asked Question

Are leather coats waterproof?

No, leather coats are usually not waterproof and cannot be used as raincoats. In fact, exposure to water can strip the moisture off the leather coat men, leaving it dry and destroyed. However, most leather coats are water-resistant.

What leather is considered best for leather coats?

Cowhide leather is the best choice for all types of leather coats. Though it is not considered ideal for leather jackets, the warmth makes it perfect for coats. Cowhide leather coats are strong, durable, and extra warm.

Which one is more expensive, a leather coat and a leather jacket?

Leather coats are generally more expensive than leather coats for many reasons. The first reason is the amount of leather used in coats compared to jackets. The second reason is that coats are warmer and use higher-quality leather. Lastly, jackets are casual garments, while leather coats are a symbol of the high class.

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