Leather jackets have been ruling the mainstream and runway fashion for decades and have now become universal. But which women biker leather jacket is it that dominates the rest? Definitely the biker leather jacket! Even though the traditional designs are somewhat different, most people associate traditional leather jackets with biker leather jackets.

The hype of biker jackets is still going strong more than a century after its creation. Is this hype ever going to end? We don’t think so, which gives you all the more reason to invest in a biker leather jacket and learn ways to style it. So here’s our take on styling a black leather jacket in five spectacular ways for every season.


Top 5 Seasonal Looks Featuring a Women Biker Leather Jackets


The season of flowers, butterflies, and all things good calls for color, which you can’t find in leather jackets. However, the dark aura of leather jackets will blend perfectly with a casual flower girl look. In fact, this combo has a natural harmony because of the strong contrasting features of an angel and a devil.

To put it together, you need a long, colorful dress. Pick spring-friendly colors rather than beige, white, and almond since they represent fall. Prints like florals, plants, and birds would also work. Wear the long dress with a shining black leather jacket, boots, and a matching crossover bag.

spring season jacket


Summers and leather don’t go well together’ - this is the biggest fashion myth many people believe in. Leather jackets, though insulating up to a certain point, are still not warm enough for summer. You can wear a  leather jacket on a sunny summer day without sweating like a pig. The key is to put the right outfit on.

Now, since you’re wearing a leather jacket in the summer, make sure it has a little pop of color to it. Next, put on either a short dress or shorts and a T-shirt. Jeans, pants, skirts, and long dresses are a big no because they would make you look hot (not in a good way). Wear Roman-style Gladiator ribbon flat sandals for a summery look.



Fall is the perfect season to flaunt your old, tired women biker leather jacket in a preppy way. This look is particularly beneficial for that minority who wants to stay away from the fifty shades of pumpkin worn every fall. Instead, go for a much sober, balanced, and non-chaotic gray that goes with the black in your leather jacket.

The look features a crisp white office collar button-down shirt as the base. Wear that fitted light gray sweatshirt on top. Make sure not to tuck the collar and hem of the white shirt inside. Wear this look with fitted dark-wash denim pants and boots or loafers.




The word ‘winter’ is synonymous with white, warm, and cozy; hence, we have to make sure your winter outfit has all three features. White and black might sound like a restrictive or boring combo, but wait till you know exactly how many shades of white there are. You have 15000 color hues of white to choose from, so pick your shades without any worries.

Next is the silhouette, which, in this case, has to be big but not baggy. Try going for a sweater or hoodie one size larger than your original size. Pair it with black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots. You can also wear the sweater with faux pants, though we’d reserve that look for special occasions. Drape the women biker leather jacket on your shoulders as the final touch.



For some people, monsoon is melancholy, while for others, it is freedom.Biker Leather JacketsEmotions aside, monsoon can be a bit overwhelming with suffocation, humidity, and often chilly winds. The best dress code for the monsoon season is something that you’re comfortable in, meaning something light and loose yet protective.

Our version of the perfect rainy day outfit features a wide nautical print loose-fit shirt. Pair it with a baggy black leather biker jacket. Note that there’s a difference between androgynous and baggy. Androgynous is huge, while baggy is your fit but simply boxy silhouette. Pair the look with mom jeans and big boots.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather biker jackets better than bomber leather jackets?

According to overall trends, biker leather jackets for women are more popular than bomber leather jackets. However, biker leather jackets did lose their charm to bomber jackets for some time in the new Instagram influencer era.

Can you dry clean a women biker leather jacket?

Dry cleaning is always a good way to restore your weary leather biker jackets for women. As long as your dry cleaner knows how to treat leather, your jacket will be nice and clean. However, improper handling, usage of harsh chemicals, or frequent dry cleaning sessions can lead to chipping off of the leather.

How to prevent leather biker jackets for women from fading?

If your leather biker jacket has started to fade, maybe it's because you’re leaving it in the sun for too long. Black or dark-colored leather fades quickly with exposure to direct sunlight, so make sure to store your jacket in a dark and dry area after every wear.

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