Timeless Sophistication: Men's Leather Jackets in Australia for Effortless Style

Leather jackets are trending year-round in Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney. If you've hoarded a bunch of high-quality leather jackets, you can go with even a single shirt and jeans for the rest of the year. Now don't do that. It's gross, but you can start on your leather collection starting now. Since mens leather jackets are astronomically expensive, you would want to get your hands on one at a time. 

But how do you find premium leather jackets for men in Australia? What's the shopping hack that you're missing? And what's the right colour and style to charm women? This guide has it all, simply head below and read it with an open eye. 

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Popular Styles of Men's Leather Jackets

Flight Jackets

The famous flight leather jackets, inspired by old-fashioned military jackets, have been ruling menswear fashion shows for a long time. These jackets are a trend in themselves with their tab collars, outer pockets, and elastic cuffs and hem. A flight leather jacket offers ultimate warmth and protection from harsh winds. Although this jacket style is extremely practical, pairing it with the right outfit can be baffling. This is because the jacket is a super complex article that doesn't go well with skinny garments as well as anything baggy. The only garments the jacket goes well with are shirts, t-shirts, or pants with boots underneath. 

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Bomber Jackets


Bomber men's leather jackets have never been out of style. These jackets have minimal detailing, and that's what makes them unique and classy. The slightly puffed shape of this leather jacket goes well with every outfit, be it loose or skin-fit. Bomber leather jackets are super warm, making them inappropriate for summer. The jacket is ideal for casual wear and pairs well with jeans and T-shirts. You can also wear a bomber leather jacket with turtlenecks and pants. Pair them up with Chelsea boots or sneakers for a chic look. 

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Biker Jackets

men's leather jackets australia, not to confuse it for a racer jacket, is infamous for its punk vibe. Biker leather jackets have way too many details in the form of studs, making them quite prominent. These jackets are made of super tough materials that can keep the bikers safe while riding at the max speed limit. Biker jackets are ideal for winter to keep the body warm. Their versatility allows you to create different looks. Wearing it with all black can make you a goth, while swapping the black with a white shirt and jeans make you chic. You can gorgeously kill every look if you top off the look with a pair of Chelseas or oxford shoes. 

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Classic Jackets 

A classic leather jacket is something you can pair even with a formal suit without hesitating. The leather jacket has a straight silhouette with padded shoulders. This leather jacket offers you a broader frame around the shoulder with long sleeves that give the illusion of elongated arms. Classic leather jackets easily pass as semi-casual, business casual, and casual-chic layering garments. Wear this leather jacket with an elegant button-up shirt and pants. You can even trade the bottoms for chinos, as they look sleek for cocktails. You can choose between loafers, oxford shoes, and boat shoes. 

mens leather biker jackets australia

Varsity Jackets

Varsity leather jackets fall in the range of bomber leather jackets but are appropriate for academic or sportswear. The leather jacket is surely something that attracts most young men compared to middle-aged people. Varsity leather jackets are known for their insulation and casual look. Just like bomber leather jackets, they can suit all body types. A well-crafted varsity jacket can cost pretty much, but it matches most streetwear. For the perfect varsity street style, try wearing it with a T-shirt and joggers. You can also pair up this outfit with sneakers to complete the look. 

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Buying Guide for Men's Leather Jackets


The key to buying the best leather jackets is to opt for the right material. Leather jackets are made of the skin of different animals. You can choose between genuine leather, also known as cowhide, lambskin leather, goatskin, or sheepskin leather.


Nobody would want to invest in an expensive genuine leather jacket that fits too tight. Size matters the most once you've considered a product. Leather jackets mostly measure a few inches below the waist if not cropped. Make sure to double-check the size before you make a purchase. 


It is immensely important that you choose high-quality genuine leather jackets that are durable. This factor depends upon the leather type as well as craftsmanship. The only way to ensure durability is to buy only from a well-known brand, store, or shop. 


Men's leather jackets, be they real leather or faux, come in a variety of colours. Brown and black are the authentic shades chosen by the majority of men. You could also experiment with colours like grey, navy blue, and red. However, the safest colour for semi-formal events is brown and black. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best leather jacket brands in Australia?

Local streets in Melbourne have a wide range of the best leather jacket Australia has. You can also surf online pages that thrift men's leather jackets in good quality. International brands also sell men's leather jacket australia which you can check out at different malls. 

How to get odours out of a real leather jacket? 

Vinegar is the best solution for removing odours from real leather jackets and coats. They're also great for wiping off stains. Just ensure you use a small amount of vinegar and don't apply it directly to the leather. Always mix it with lukewarm water and let it sit on the real leather to do its magic. 

What is the purpose of leather vests?

The purpose of a leather vest is to keep your chest warm from cold while your arms are free to move. Many people also wear leather vests because of their comfort or style. Leather vests are designed with material that allows your body heat to regulate the temperature.