Ride in Style: Leather Jackets Australia for the Modern Biker

Leather Jackets Australia 

Australians love leather jackets which is odd because they don't welcome the winter season as much as other leather jacket-loving countries. Regardless of the weather, people in Australia don't refrain from incorporating a simple leather jacket in the best possible way in their everyday wear. But how do they fuel this passion for leather layers?

Australia ranks among the world's largest kangaroo leather-producing countries. Kangaroo leather makes the best leather jackets for men in Australia because it's neither too toasty nor flimsy. A fine leather-wear crafted from cowhide is the most durable of all materials. It's also flexible, lightweight, and water-resistant, though not waterproof.

In this article, we've mentioned the top five trending men's real leather jacket styles in Kangaroo leather. We've also recommended possible ways of styling them chicly.

Leather Jackets Australia

Top 5 Trending Men's Leather Jackets Australia

Flight Jackets 

A flight jacket has the same silhouette as bomber jackets suitable for every body shape, but is extra hot due to the additional layer of wool. These jackets are usually made of light material as the wool combined with heavy leather can leave the person wearing it exhausted. If you choose flight men's jackets made of thick leather type like cowhide, then they would be as warm as wool coats, so always go with lambskin or kangaroo skin.

The right color for a flight jacket is always brown because it compliments the wool. You can put on flight leather over your casual checkered shirt though it won't give chic. The best way to make use of a genuine leather jacket is by pairing it up with a black t-shirt or turtleneck so the brown pops out. For bottoms, go with plain denim jeans, and for shoes, boots suit the look best.

Leather Jackets Australia

Racer Jackets

Racer jackets are an all-time constant among all men's leather jackets. This jacket style is considered classic because of its straight silhouette that doesn't cling to the body and padded shoulders that define a manly figure. The jacket style has no studs or epaulets, and its charm lies in its simplicity.

What we love about racer jackets is that you can create a soft or bold look based on your creativity. For a bold look, pair a black jacket with a turtleneck and fitted jeans with boots. However, if you want a toned-down look, go with a brown leather racer jacket and style it up with a t-shirt and straight-fit jeans.

Leather Jackets Australia

Double Rider Jackets

Double-rider leather jackets are by far the most stylish and in-demand jackets of all time, especially for Australian men. This mens leather jacket style is mainly popular because of its partly punk, partly casual look, which is rare in most menswear.

Biker leather garments have a slightly cinched waist for a trapezoid body shape. A biker jacket is available in a range of colors, from brown and black to grey and even navy. These mens leather jackets go best with plain white shirts for a casual look. You can even put it over a back overall attire with black boots for a goth look.

Men's Leather Jackets

Hooded Jackets

Most men's leather jackets often lack comfort and practicality, but that's unlikely with hooded leather jackets. Hooded men's leather jackets are simple garments with a hoodie stitched inside as the first layer. Some hooded men's leather jackets are plain ones with no additional layers but a detachable hood.

High-quality hooded leather jackets for men are quite popular as they fulfill the need for a hoodie. Apart from being cute, they are also super comfortable and come in a wide range of colors. The best part of hooded real leather jackets is that they match perfectly with all outfits. So wear them with shirts, t-shirts, or turtlenecks as you like.

Hooded Leather Jackets

Field Leather Jackets Australia

Leather jackets often have a boyish, carefree look which doesn't sit well with most men. Field jackets are the best choice if you're looking for something rugged. These men's leather jackets are inspired by 90's military outerwear and are loaded with pockets for storage.

Most men purchase these jackets because of the practical approach and warmth they offer. Quality flight men's leather jackets are best when manufactured with a light leather type. You can style a field jacket with a plain blue button-down shirt, dull pants, and sneakers.

Men's Leather Jackets

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs Leather Jackets

How to wear a leather jacket Australia in the summer?

It's not ideal to wear a leather jacket in summer because of the snug leather, but if you have to wear one, go with lambskin. Also, layer as little as you can to prevent sweating and suffocation.

Is it okay to wear a leather jacket  in minus temperature?

Genuine leather jackets like flight and shearling that are super cozy might work as the top-most layer in snowy weather. However, make sure you've worn wool or cashmere clothes underneath to protect yourself from the freezing cold.

Are the best real leather jackets Australia available online or in local markets?

Forget local markets because online stores have a wide collection of quality leatherwear in a range of colors on sale. You can also find online brands with women jackets. The customer service of most stores is also commendable as they surely have a team of passionate people