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Leather jacket with hood

As the winter season hits Australia, you'll find a tsunami of men rushing to online stores looking for the best men's leather jackets. This is because winters bring great opportunities for men to express their style and clothing sense. Unlike women who go all out when winter shopping, most men prefer celebrating the fashion season with a leather jacket and a hoodie.

The combo might seem simple and even stupid to some people, but it is the only style statement that doesn't require any effort. Yep, that's true. The magnificence of a leather jacket makes it technical to pair different pieces together for one single bombastic look, but with a leather jacket and hoodie, you are all sorted. The question is, how many styles can one men's leather jacket with hood give you? And the answer is at least five!

In this blog, we've listed the four best ways to wear a men's hooded leather jacket to get that rugged sway personality.

leather jacket with hood

4 Ways to Style Leather Jacket with Hood

Casual Chic

The best and most worn mens leather jacket with hood look is casual chic. This men's leather jacket look features a stylish motorcycle jacket because we have to upscale the chic portion. Remember that the goal here is to nail a classic moto jacket look, but we've got to layer the plain t-shirt with a hoodie. The colors aren't very restrictive, and you can choose anything except sharp colors like yellow and blue. Our trick is to play with one monotonous color, so pick one, be it black or denim. Now layer your outfits one by one with the shirt; over it layer the hoodie; underneath, go with jeans. For shoes, go with Converses, no boots, no loafers, simple sneakers, or Converses for the casual vibe.

leather jacket with hood


Street fashion has a lot of inclusion of the leather jacket with hood, or you can also choose a separate hoodie and jacket. For the street style outfit, you need a simple element and a dominating rough feature. The hoodie will do the casual part; as for the roughness, you can wear a decent pair of ripped jeans. Wear a black biker leather jacket on top for the punk charm. Since street style varies from person to person, you can custom-create your own look by trying different color combos. For shoes, opt for trainers, because they are comfortable when you're having fun outside. You can also accessorize the look by wearing a cap or shades for a classic streetwear look.

leather jacket with hood

Hip Hop

Hip-hop has been trending for more than two decades now, and every year there are new variations. The latest one features a men's leather jacket with hood in popping colors. Our favorite hip-hop look includes a brown racer mens leather jacket and a bright orange nylon jacket with a detachable hood. The nylon is not only warm but will also protect you from rain. It is suitable for cold weather or when there is harsh wind. Put the nylon and leather jackets over a black shirt and joggers. Pair the look with chunky sneakers and accessorize with silver chains and bracelets. Refrain from accessorizing with golden pieces because they don't suit it dressed in the black and orange combo.

leather jacket with hood

Dad Style

The dad style look is based on bomber jackets inspired by common preferences of Australian dads. Moreover, the shape, including the puffed arms and torso of bomber jackets with hood make them ideal for dad figures. We all know how much dads love bomber jackets, but they're not hot enough for the cool season; that's when the hoodies come in use. Wear a dark-colored hoodie over a shirt with a no-collar buttoned-neck shirt; over it, wear the jacket with hood. For bottoms, wear jeans and avoid informal dress pants. No other shoes would go best with this look than the famous dad sneakers with chunky soles, so stick to those.

black leather jacket with hood

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a black leather jacket with hood?

You can choose any leather jacket type for your hooded leather jacket as long as you know what you are aiming for. If you want a men's leather jacket with hood for winter, cowhide leather is perfect. But for summers, we recommend opting for kangaroo skin, sheepskin, deerskin, or lambskin leather.

Is a leather hooded jacket better than a leather jacket with hoodie?

A hooded leather jacket is better than a black mens leather jacket worn separately with a hood. This is because the hooded jacket gives the look of a leather hoodie. Since hoodies are popular comfortable clothes, combining them with leather makes them exotic and elite.

Does a leather jacket with hood offer enough warmth to keep you cozy in the snow season?

No matter how thick of a leather you choose, a single layer of leather jacket over a hoodie can't keep you warm in the snow. You'll have to cover yourself with extra layers before you get full protection. However, you can custom-design a leather jacket with thick layers of wool inside to keep yourself protected from the cold.