How to Style a Women Leather Blazer and Leather Jacket Women

Women Leather Blazer and Leather Jacket Women

Leather blazers are the elegant symbol of women power, you believe it or not. They're actually better than leather jackets and coats, as leather blazers are casually formal. These garments are perfect for giving you that boss lady vibe with their padded shoulders, straight silhouette, and overall look.

Leather blazers are not only adored by office-going women, but they can style your normal outfits pretty well. One classic or double-breasted leather blazer is enough to make you a Parisian fashionista in all her might.

Though it's not a wardrobe must-have, a leather blazer is unique and practical. It keeps you warm without degrading your style. You can totally count on a women leather blazer for a look with chicness overloaded, but you'll have to show some effort in styling. This article will give you the five best looks to achieve with the classic women leather blazer

women leather blazer

5 Ways to Style a Women Leather Blazer Casually

Old Money Chic

The old-money women's looks have a lot to do with blazers, though leather is a modern addition. If you're a Gossip Girl fan, you must have noticed that almost all of Blair's out-and-about outfits have one thing in common, a coat or a blazer. This is not just because of the preppy vibe but also because they're an essential capsule of the work wardrobe. You can build your non-work outfit with a women leather blazer by ditching official garments like pants and shirts. Start with a suede skirt in dark khaki and a turtleneck that compliments the color. Wear the blazer over it and accessories with minimalistic pieces and matching suede ankle boots.

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Airport Fashion

Airports are not only a station for transportation nowadays but also a hub for fashion inspo. You can find tons of divas dropping airport fashion looks that are absolutely stunning. Airport fashion is the definition of comfort, as the outfits are extremely comfortable and warm. A women leather blazer is the perfect garment for this fashion as it is bold and beautiful. Choose your base outfit, which can be any color though we recommend shades that blend well with black leather. Gray, white, beige, and denim are our top suggestions. Wear them with baggy pants along with a slim belt for added chicness. You can also wear leather shoes with the blazer, though a pair of comfy sneakers would also do the job.

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Winter Street Fashion

Incorporating black leather blazers womens in your street outfits can take your style to the very next level. It would be like getting promoted from New York street fashion to Paris street fashion. Winter street fashion involves baggy-fit, warm, and comfortable clothes. However, we don't recommend pairing baggy with baggy as it would look mostly like an androgynous style with little room for creativity. The best way to style a street look is by mixing a well-fitted garment with a baggy one. You can wear an oversized hoodie or t-shirt with skinny jeans or a denim shirt. Style with the black leather blazer womens, shades, and sneakers. 

black leather blazer womens

Semi-formal Chic

Pairing black leather blazers womens with semi-formal dresses is a dope idea that'll get you loads of attention. Female audiences love a combo outfit; your feminine dress combined with the masculine look of the blazer would make them in awe of your confidence. Create a base with aesthetic colors and fabrics that suit the black blazer. We recommend going with silk in gray, sage green, beige, or ivory colors. Now put on that solid dress and accessorize mildly. Opt for elegant style statements because the leather blazer is already an overpowering element in your attire. Lastly, don the blazer or drape it over your shoulders.

black leather blazer womens

Urban Chic

Everyone wants to dress in a chic urban way because of its contemporary style with a minimalist approach. However, nailing it can often be tough because we all tend to overdo it with leather. Not anymore! Style your outfit around the base, which is the bottoms. We recommend skipping skinny or fitted bottoms for wide-legged bottoms because they look rich and chic. You can opt for wide-legged jeans or Palazzo pants; even leather pants would do the job. Wear a neutral top, t-shirt, or turtleneck because urban chic is all about neutrals. Lastly, pair the look with a black leather blazer and matching shoes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between leather blazers and coats?

The main difference between leather blazers and leather coats is their length and warmth. Leather blazers measure mid-thigh, while coats fall below the knee. Moreover, blazers are not as warm as leather coats.

Are leather blazers unisex garments?

Men's leather blazers can be treated as a unisex garment as women also wear them like oversized articles. Women's leather blazers, though, cannot be worn by men as they have a slight shape near the waist for proper fitting.

Are leather blazers more long-lasting than leather jackets?

There is no difference in durability between a leather blazer and a jacket apart from the quality of the material. If either of the two is made of low-quality leather and is used roughly with no proper care and maintenance, it will lose its durability