With a population of over five million, you can easily call Melbourne the capital of the South. Melbourne ranks among the top-most progressive cities worldwide, but how does it compete in terms of fashion?

Melburnians are well-known for their classy taste in fashion without killing the original essence of a clothing item. They keep the originality of a garment and play with the rest of the attire to portray their creativity. Take leather jackets, for example. Australians love their leather jackets, plus their styling sense takes the single garment to the next level.

Melbourne is the best destination in the country to hunt for high-quality and well-tailored leather jackets. In this article, we have listed the top leather jacket dealers for women in Melbourne.

7 Best Women's 

Cable Melbourne

If you've got an eye for aesthetics and don't wish to compromise on quality, try wearing leather jackets from Cable Melbourne. The founder of Cable Melbourne, Georgina Austin, is passionate about fashion and design including leatherwear which led her to launch a leather jacket category on her site.

As its name hints, this brand has been located in Melbourne since 2007, and though the specialty is knitwear, its leather line is also amazing. At Cable Melbourne, quality is kept above quantity, so they have selective but commendable women's leather jackets.

women leather jacket

Luxe Fashion Studio

If you're a permanent resident in Melbourne, it would be surprising if you didn't know about the Luxe Fashion Studio. Located on Glen Huntly road, the family-led business has been manufacturing leather jackets for more than a decade now. Moreover, they are also retailers and have all styles and various brands of fashion labels in their stores.

They also have all kinds of women's leather jackets to offer in multiple sizes. The best part about Luxe Fashion Studio is the customization facility it offers. You can get in touch with their designers, who come up with a leather jacket that fits you perfectly.

brown leather jacket

Sculpt Leather Jackets

Whether you're seeking a biker jacket or a classic-style leather jacket, Sculpt might be your next best solution for wardrobe stocks. The Melbournian business has been manufacturing women's leather jackets since 1993, which explains their standard and product quality. The Sculpt Leather Jackets aim to make a change in the fashion world by creating thoughtful pieces with extra finesse and love.

They use genuine sheepskin leather for all products because of the unparalleled warmth it offers other than comfort. Prices are also pretty affordable at Sculpt as compared to other high-end brands of its competition. They feature a wide variety of biker and moto jackets in their store. You can also find fancy shearling and hooded fur jackets in a variety of colors.

women leather jacket

Leather Jacket Shop - LJS 

Leatherjacketshop is another best-selling leather jacket brand in Melbourne that provides excellent quality and value. The brand values innovation and design, and this creates unique details without ruining the actual iconic styles of women's leather jackets.

Leatherjacketshop  are undoubtedly one of the city's most passionate leather jacket dealers, aiming to offer the best. With more than a decade in the leather manufacturing industry, this business has left a deep mark on Australia's leather industry. What we love about Leatherjacketshop  is its diverse range of options in size, color, design, or leather type.

biker leather jacket

Halo and Hutch

Who wouldn't want to support a women-led brand that creates trendy styles of women's leather jackets? Halo and Hutch is a Melbourne-based brand known for its aesthetic layout and even more chic jackets. This shop was established in 2016 by Danni Gileno and Darren Newby, two incredible fashionistas and leather jacket enthusiasts.

Though Halo and Hutch don't manufacture leather jackets for women, it deals with most of the well-renowned Australian fashion labels. The best part about this shop is its quality check and diverse range of colors, from trendy beige to traditional black.

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Siricco is a well-accomplished family-owned leather jacket business located on Bourke Street, other than the ten locations in Melbourne. The retail brand has been dealing with leather garments, including leather jackets, for women for 35 years now. Their experience in the leather apparel industry explains their loyal and vast customer base.

A major chunk of credit for Sirocco's success goes to their customer service, as they treat their clientele as king. Not to forget, the amazing quality and in-demand styles of leather jackets and trench coats make the shop a heaven for leather enthusiasts.

maroon biker leather jacket

The Jacket Maker

If you fail to find affordable leather jackets for women, maybe you aren't searching in the right place. The Jacket Maker is the perfect place in Melbourne to buy leather jackets for every body type within a budget. This brand doesn't compromise on quality construction and craftsmanship and uses only genuine leather for its jackets.

It also uses top-quality YKK zippers for even its minor detailing. The inner lining of the leather jackets is made of polyester for added comfort. Bestsellers of the Jacket Maker include biker jackets, bomber jackets, and hooded fur jackets, among many others.

the jacket maker au


Leather jackets play an immense role in Melbourne street style. From classic jackets to spiky moto jackets, Melbourne has a lot of leather jackets to offer. Melbournians create the best designs with great craftsmanship and they also value the material being used. So order from the brands mentioned above for the trendiest addition to your wardrobe.