Australia is a sunny country in the South of the Equator, but the chilly nights there are a treat. You won't commonly find winter clothing in a regular Australian wardrobe due to its climate - except for a jacket. Yep! You need one jacket to enjoy those breezy nights without catching a cold.

So what kind of jacket should one wear while going on a stroll in Australia? Leather jackets are a go-to considering the amount and caliber of Australian leather jacket brands, specifically for men.

In this article, we have shortlisted the top eight brands that provide top-quality leather jackets in Australia.

8 Best Men's Leather Jackets in Australia

Noble and Smith

Noble and Smith is one of the top high-end leather brands in Australia that has made its name in a short time span. It was founded in 2016 to bring the best leather jackets, wallets, bags and such accessories to its consumers. The brand emphasizes quality over everything and thus uses only full-grain, chemical-free leather as its base for all products.

The distinctive feature of Noble and Smith men's leather jackets is their stylish design that fits around your waist, giving a well-defined shape to your body. Not only are these real leather jackets warm to wear, but they are also low-maintenance.

Brown Leather Jacket

The Iconic

Though it is not a dedicated brand, real leather jackets from The Iconic are popular due to their effortless casual look. This Sydney-based fashion retailer deals in sportswear and apparel, but none of their articles is as in-demand as the men's leather jackets.

True to its label, the Iconic features some of the most iconic leather jacket designs ever. This retailer has everything from the classic Carlo leather jacket to the Indiana Jones-inspired bomber. Moreover, the retailer offers various leather options, including 100% real leather.

Bomber Leather Jacket

L'aurore Leather Jackets

Sheepskin leather is one of the best kinds mainly because it is durable and waterproof. The L'aurore Leather Jackets is one of Australia's high-end sheepskin leather jacket dealers. This Australian brand has been in business since 1990 and offers a wide range of designs.

At L'aurore, you can find genuine leather jackets for men in different colors, from brown to burgundy and even maroon. As for the designs, this brand creates punk, flight jackets, leather coats, and many more. The best part about L'aurore is that they offer customization related to sizes and design, making their jackets accessible to all.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Angel Jackets

Finding women’s leather jackets in various colors and styles can be hard, unless you’re shopping at the Angel Jackets. This ecommerce store specializes in women’s and men’s leather jackets for people of every age and size. The online fashion retailer deals in high-quality jackets made from scratch with lambskin leather.

Angel Jacket supports and promotes sustainability in fashion and therefore manufactures, processes, and prepares their leather in an environmentally-friendly way. At Angel, you can find the perfect asymmetrical, moto, classic and quilter racer leather jacket in your desired color.

Biker Leather Jacket

Sculpt Leather Jackets

Can't find your desired jacket designs in your required leather material? Search no more because Sculpt Leather Jackets are at the end of your click no matter where you are in Australia. Creative designs and superior craftsmanship are the dominating factors of this brand which rank it among the top dealers in Australia.

The fashion label specializes in pure sheepskin or cowhide leather jackets. You can also find vintage lambskin and goatskin leather that are ethically sourced, safely processed and hand-tanned for the best results. The Sculpt has the right color for everyone in different styles that fit according to everyone's taste.

Sculpt Leather Jacket

F Jackets

The F Jackets is another premium leather jacket shop that keeps its price range affordable for all. Unlike regular Australian leather dealers, this brand does not charge high for the same classic designs and has exquisite leather jackets to offer. F Jackets offers diverse leather jacket styles ranging from quilted jackets to trucker and moto jackets.

You can also find removable hooded leather jackets at this shop. Coming to quality, the brand sources its leather from animals raised for food and hence promotes sustainable fashion. It mainly chooses cowhide leather because it naturally retains the original coloring of the animal and requires less chemical tanning.

Black Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Shop - LJS 

The leatherjacketshop is a go-to spot for many leather jacket lovers in Australia. This Melbourne-based business keeps its customers as its number one priority, for which all garments are made with extra attention to detail. If you're a natural critic, this shop can make you fall in love with men's leather jackets.

They have been dealing in leather goods for 25 years, making them a pro in this field. As Leatherjacketshop ethically source premium quality leather from organic leather farms to drive the raw material for their products. Plus, they have the most stylish leather jackets in colors other than brown jacket.

Brown Bomber Leather Jacket

Leather SCIN

Naturally, leather is a tough material, but its durability depends on its quality and type. Leather SCIN uses critically selected real goatskin and sheepskin leather so that your jackets are lightweight, soft, and extremely durable. Despite its lightweight, the genuine leather jacket by SCIN offers full shape and is tanned to perfection.

The USP of these men's leather jackets is their extremely affordable price tags, apart from their trendy designs. You can find every style of a genuine leather jacket in Leather SCIN's men's collection.


A leather jacket is an evergreen style statement that can be a great investment for fashion lovers. Good quality and a skillfully crafted leather jacket can last for a decade, making the garment worth its price. So purchase this essential layering item from the brands mentioned above and slay in this timeless appeal.