Leather Jackets in Plus Sizes

Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple for all women during winter mainly because they're easy to put together. However, things get rough if you belong to the plus-size category. Women love leather jackets, even the XXL leather jackets, but the main issue is how you style them.

You can put together rugged looks featuring plus-size biker jackets or keep it a minimal girl-next-door by wearing it with skirts. But how to opt for classic combos? Follow our women's style guide starring plus size leather jackets for slaying outfit inspos.

Best Silhouettes to Pair With Plus Size Leather Jackets

1.   Bodycon Silhouette

A bodycon silhouette might do the trick if you're looking for semi-formal party wear paired with leather. The body-hugging silhouette is best for all sizes, mainly plus size, as it enhances the curves and offers a feminine look.

Ideally, the colors for semi-formal or cocktail wear are beige, khaki, or ivory, but for plus-size women, we recommend darker shades like burgundy, navy, or oxblood. Throw on a black faux leather jacket to complete that perfect party attire.

Most curvy women hesitate to wear faux leather jackets considering they are a bit bold, but you can always tone down the look by wearing ankle boots rather than something spiky.

Bodycon Silhouette

2.   A-line Silhouette

Most curvy women feel shy in wearing A-line silhouettes mainly because they make you look bulky, but a leather jacket can save the day. Wear all the twirly skirts you want without any doubt; however, ensure the top is fitted.

This outfit is perfect for after-parties or brunches as it is formal and casual. A mid-length skirt or dress, be it pleated or layered, can flatter your curves as it flatters all body sizes. If you wear a short skirt, it might not complement your plus-size body. Wear this look with platform heels or ballerina flats.

 A-line Silhouette

3.   Fitted Silhouette

Wearing a leather jacket as a plus-size woman can often be intimidating, especially for a casual event. However, highlighting and styling a leather jacket is pretty easy for an everyday casual look. A fitted silhouette is ideal for plus-size women who don't wish to dress modestly but stylishly.

Style a basic button-down shirt with either cigarette pants or straight jeans to give your body a neutral look. Feel free to swap the leather jacket for a coat if you want to create a straight silhouette for your body. Since we're talking about a casual look, you can wear sneakers or casual shoes.

Fitted Silhouette

4.   Loose Silhouette

There's always tough competition between bodycon and loose dresses when talking about plus-size women. While a body-fitted silhouette pairs gorgeously with bodycon, pulling off a leather jacket look with a loose silhouette can be challenging unless you're wearing a jumpsuit.

When styled with a fitted biker jacket, a chiffon cross-body ruffle jumpsuit looks exquisite. The length of the dress elongates plus-size frames and makes you look taller, naturally giving you the illusion of a slimmer body. Pair the look with strappy heels and zip up that leather jacket.

 Loose Silhouette

5.   Side Slit Silhouette

When paired with a leather jacket, a side slit silhouette is every woman's dream combo. This combination is ideal for all body shapes because of its fluidity. While leather is an everyday clothing item in colder months, wearing side slit dresses daily is impossible.

Save this silhouette to rock on special occasions like weddings or receptions. You can go for any fabric, but we recommend choosing silk or satin since they are super luxurious. Faux leather jackets or coats complement the look perfectly.

Pair this look with block heels to add height to your look will make you look slimmer. The heel will also give your walk the illusion of confidence compared to platforms or flats that offer a comfy walk.

Side Slit Silhouette


As soon as the temperature drops, the leather jacket makes a comeback every year as an evergreen fashion trend. So why should plus-size ladies stay out of the trends? Create filter-free outfits with leather jackets that inspire modern women's wear and encourage them to own their body shapes.

Curves are naturally beautiful, but a well-put leather jacket outfit can elevate them and make you more attractive. Shop your favorite XXL size leather jacket and leave the styling to the pros.