White Leather Jackets 

Leather is nice.. Black leather is also good.. However, white leather is the supreme definition of a rich European socialite with great taste. White is the color of simplicity, purity, and cleanliness, attributes commonly found in old-money fashion pieces. Combine that with an extravagant material like leather, and you've hit a jackpot!

White leather jackets were quite a big trend in the '60s and '70s. And even though this trend was rumored to make a comeback in Feb 2023, it did not, leaving many disappointed. The good thing is that you'll have a reason to buy a white leather jacket this fall, giving us all the very reasons to show you how to style it. So buckle up and stay till the end.

white leather jacket womens

Latest Fashion Trends with White Leather Jackets

With Basics

The basic rule of wearing white is never to overdo the whole look. The same rule applies to a casual fall outfit. Choose a simple solid top that complements  leather jackets for women. We highly recommend going with white because nothing is more basic than white.

If you're considering wearing white pants as bottoms, skip this thought because a monochrome look isn't simple. It's what you call simply chic but not simple. On the contrary, a medium-to-light wash cool undertone skinny denim jeans would do the job perfectly. Pair the look with white women's sneakers; you're a solid ten on ten.


With A-line Silhouette

A leather jacket over a dress is the best boho chic combo to exist, but that's not what we're dealing with this season. White leather jackets for women don't sit well with the earthy, pumpkin hues and leafy prints. Hence, the latest fashion trend keeps the A-line silhouette, rejecting the prints and colors of fall and bohemian.

Now, you're left with a sober, sophisticated mid-length dress to wear with  leather jacket. Although you're free to experiment with different shades of pastel for the dress, our fashion advice is to wear a white dress and experiment with the print. Top off the look with beige stilettos and a white box bag for a well-defined look.

With A-line Silhouette

With Dark-Wash Denim

Dark-ash, cool-undertone denim jeans have been MIA lately, but not for long. Another fashion trend featuring  leather jackets involves dark-wash denim jeans, skinny or loose. There are many ways to style a leather jacket with dark denim jeans. But to slay, you have to pick elements that complement and contrast each other.

Our style hack for a casual chic look stars a black turtleneck with skinny, slightly ripped jeans. Wear the leather jacket over, and make sure to style well by folding the sleeves to your elbows. Wear silver bangles and a pair of black Chelsea boots, and put on those shades.

With Dark-Wash Denim

With Cozy Fabrics

Leather jackets have the most to do with youth, so women in their 60s feel hesitant to wear this garment. That's unlikely to be the case with white leather jackets, considering they can be graceful depending on how you style them. Cozy fabrics have an apparent softness to them, making them ideal for such laid-back and mature looks.

Lucky enough, the upcoming forecasted white leather jacket trend features cozy garments as the base. So, get your best knitted white sweater out of the wardrobe and pair it up with light-wash gray denim jeans. Wear simple beige boots with the look and accessorize lightly.

With Cozy Fabrics

With Wide Legged Pants

Wide-legged pants are pretty popular nowadays, especially among Parisians. Predictions and the white leather jacket trend point towards its rise in the coming month. If you're wondering how to style it in a not-so-subtle way, follow our hack featuring a cropped leather jacket. Yep, cropped if you want to set a statement with your fashion choices.

Wear a square-neckline white shirt as the base and button up the white leather jacket over it. Wear medium-waisted blue denim wide-legged jeans underneath. Pair this look with white block heels, a statement bag, and generous accessorization for a glamorous look.

With Wide Legged Pants

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a white leather jacket in the summer?

A white leather jacket is ideal for summer as light colors are preferred during summer. They absorb less amount of heat, keeping your body cool for a longer time. It also sits right with the basic summer fashion guidelines, so why not?

What is the biggest disadvantage of white leather jackets?

The biggest disadvantage of white leather jackets is that they turn yellow over time. Just like black leather turns into a deeper shade of charcoal during oxidation, white becomes pale or slightly yellow. Though you can prevent the color from changing, it will still transform to yellow after 7 to 8 years.

Why should you buy a white leather jacket as opposed to a black one?

Even though white leather jackets get dirty fast, they are a much better option than black ones. For starters, black leather jackets are standard; everyone wears them, so white is unique. Secondly, a white leather jacket looks neat regardless of the pet fur, water stains, or fray it has.


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