The Barbie fever is still on and as crazy as ever. Not to mention, Barbie has brought a long-term trend of pink leather jackets that will last a few years before 'gradually' fading. So gone are the days of black leather jackets because pink is the new and better black. Pink leather jackets are not so commonly found in the open local markets.

If you do find them, the main problem is choosing the style. Since pink leather jackets were never popular, the designs and cuts to complement the color can be hard to pick. After extensive research, we have finally gathered five trendy designs of womens leather jacket in pink that every girl should invest in.

pink leather jacket

Trendy Pink Leather Jacket Designs

Cropped Moto Pink Leather Jacket

A moto leather jacket is all you need to feel effortlessly gorgeous whenever you wear it. The pink cropped moto jacket is not just any leather jacket in pink color. It has the print of a varsity leather jacket with dual color emphasis featuring two shades of pink, one pastel and the other a lighter shade of pink.

You can dazzle up this cropped Moto womens leather jacket in pink with a pair of light-wash cargo denim pants. For the top, you can go with a bralette or cropped top. For shoes, go with chunky sneakers. As long as you treat the leather jacket as the star, you will slay.

Moto Pink Leather Jacket

Biker Pink Leather Jacket

Pink is pink, hot or pastel, so if you're shy about wearing a pink leather jacket, just go with the pastel shade. The pastel pink masks the leather well, often giving it the illusion of beige or cream when the light hits it from a certain angle. And the safest design to choose is a biker jacket.

Build a dapper winter look with the leather jacket and warm gray sweater. We recommend gray because the color contrast of pastel pink and gray is to die for. For bottoms, wear rough gray skinny pants. Wear light pink stilettos and carry a handbag for the classy diva vibe.

Biker pink leather jacket

Bomber Pink Leather Jacket

Bomber leather jackets have a cozy and calm vibe, while all about cuteness and femininity. The mixture of these two elements creates a bombastic bomber leather jacket. Considering the hype of pink womenswear, finding a pink bomber jacket might not be hard.

And once you do, here's how to style it to look cute, captivating, and innocent. Get yourself a girly top, something that has lace or drapes. Make sure not to opt for anything fitted, as the essence of this look lies in candidness. Wear the fit with chunky white sneakers as the only bold element in your look. There you have your sweet and subtle girl-next-door look.

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Oversized Hot Pink Leather Jacket

If you want something in pink to leave people intimidated before you, a hot  oversized jacket would do the job. Though this leather jacket is enough, it can catch eyeballs when glammed to perfection. The look we're aiming for has a pink punk vibe or, as we like to put it, 'the mean girl' attitude.

To start, wear a knitted cropped black turtleneck because it gives a smart illusion of a long neck. Next, wear dark faux black leather pants or stick to the basic black skinny jeans. Don the hot leather jacket over and accessorize with golden pieces. Put on killer platform heels, and you're good to go.

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Racer Pink Leather Jacket

If you're a safe player but still want to push your limits, a racer leather jacket can be your ultimate resort. Thisr jacket has a maximum inclusion of white, leaving minimum spaces for the pink color. But it's fine as long as the pink pops out on this leather canvas. Styling this jacket is super easy, and you can be as wild as you want with the garment as long as it is white.

You can wear this jacket with white shorts, a miniskirt, or even white pants. Light-wash denim is also a great way to style this leather jacket. For inners, you have limited options restricted to pastel colors or white. Once you've finalized the look, accessorize with silver jewelry and white sneakers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a pink leather jacket the same as magenta?

Magenta is a shade of purple with a reddish undertone, while pink color has a bluish undertone. While magenta  jackets are super warm to the eyes, pink jackets are neutral or cold.

How to clean a womens leather jacket without damaging the dye?

If you're concerned about losing your eather jacket's dye, remove mink oil from your shelves. Mink oil, although it conditions leather well, damages the dye. Instead, use warm water and vinegar to clean off the dirt and bacteria.

Does a leather jacket look like cheap fashion?

Very few people consider leather jackets as cheap fashion, although it is not like that. Pink leather jackets are quite expensive, but they're not always decent apparel. You can, however, style it properly to look good and high-taste.


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