Perfect Hooded Leather Jackets

Seasonal shopping sprees are the best mainly because they give you criteria for shopping. For example, summer shopping sprees focus on prints, while fall focuses on color palettes. There isn’t a way to wear fall solids during the peak of summer. If you do so, not only will that be a bad impression, but you’ll also start repelling people with your disastrous fashion choice.

So, what is one garment that is ‘in’ in every season? A hoodie.. Or maybe a hooded leather jackets.. Or even better: a hooded leather jackets! That hits the spot best. A leather jacket with hood is all you need to set your fashion game straight. Here’s our guide about the five best leather jacket with hood designs that you must own for multiple killer looks.

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Top 5 Leather Jacket With Hood Styles

Shearling Leather Jacket With Hood

The brown shearling leather jacket, or as we like to put it, the lion’s mane, is a great garment for making a statement. This jacket alone is enough to grab loads of eyeballs, but combined with a hoodie, the jacket is simply a bomb.

This means it spares you from most of the styling, and you’re left with the easy part - slaying. Simply wear a cream or beige shirt or sweater inside. Pair it with either chinos or cream-colored cargo pants. No jeans for this look, as jeans are too casual. Wear the jacket with brown boots, and you’re good to go, soldier.

Shearling Leather Jacket With Hood

Bomber leather Jacket With Hood

Bomber leather jackets are the OG garments that still have that virality factor. A bomber black leather jacket with a hood is two times better than the original. It is cute, classy, and has a sweetheart charm to it that is hard to resist. However, there is a way in which you can transform this boyish jacket into a more manly outfit.

Wear a solid black turtleneck as the base, and over it, wear a striped shirt. Replacing stripes with cheques or any other print might compromise the results. Leave the first few buttons undone and wear straight dress pants for bottoms. Wear a black leather belt with Oxford shoes or Chukka boots.

Bomber leather Jacket With Hood

Racer Leather Jacket With Hood

The racer leather jacket with a hood might be your ticket to becoming the most well-dressed guy in your circle. Racer leather jackets usually have a dominant, tough aura; however, the hood adds an essence of youth to it. It makes the usual angry racer into a sensible, young, yet mature diva.

There’s no specific hack for nailing this look because it doesn’t require much. Just make sure you wear a dapper outfit combo, like high-neck jeans. You can also wear it with a plain T-shirt and skinny pants. There’s no better option for shoes than Chelsea boots or ankle boots.

Racer Leather Jacket With Hood

Classic Leather Jacket With Hood

Nothing beats classics, and even though the classic leather is out of the frame these days, it will make a giant comeback soon. Until then, you can use a classic black leather jacket with hood, as it is a chic element to add to your outfits. If you want to make the jacket more prominent, you can choose an androgynous jacket.

Styling is also pretty easy. All you need is a solid-colored T-shirt. Select neutral colors like black, white, gray, navy, or khaki. Pair the shirt with denim jeans, skinny or straight, whichever suits you best. For shoes, wear sneakers and accessorize with a chain.

Classic Leather Jacket With Hood

Flight Leather Jacket With Hood

Flight leather jackets are the slightly milder than shearling leather jackets because the fur lining isn’t as much. Moreover, the leather material used in most flight jackets is lightweight compared to shearling jackets.

You can ace a flight black leather jacket with hood by wearing it closed up. That’s right! No shirts or sweaters to show, so you can wear anything inside. For bottoms, wear navy pants, and there you have a simple yet graceful outfit. For shoes, wear boots or Chukkas, and don’t forget those shades for the cool guy element.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find a mens leather jacket with hood in Melbourne?

You can easily find leather jackets in Melbourne from online stores and local vendors. However, finding a leather jacket with a hood might not be as easy. Lucky for you, Leatherwear has a wide range of leather garments, including leather jackets with hood, so you know where you’ll find one.

Which is more versatile, a black leather jacket with hood or a brown one?

Black is always more versatile than brown, whether for a leather jacket with hood or without one. Since it is a universal color, black goes well with every other color. Brown leather jackets are restricted to complement certain colors.

Is a shearling hooded leather jacket too warm for fall?

A shearling leather jacket with hood might be too warm for early fall. However, for late fall, it might be justified to carry one around just in case. It is best for the fall-to-winter season transition but not for summer, spring, or even monsoon.


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