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Fashion is a term synonymous with clothing for women. No matter the season or occasion, women love dressing up according to the ongoing fashion trends. However, certain style staples are a constant for most occasions. Like when you want to keep things basic with some chic element, a simple leather jacket can do the job. A leather jacket is a must-have layering garment for most women because it compliments every outfit on every occasion. 

A ladies black leather jacket can be your solution to most outfit problems. Wear it over a button-down and jeans for a casual chic look. Or wear it over a dress on date night; it does the job either way. Searching for women’s leather jackets is not hard, but finding the right deal can be challenging. A women’s leather jacket can cost much, so you might as well look for quality.

As proud leather dealers, we offer premium quality women’s leather jackets suitable for every occasion. 

Types of Leather for Our Women’s Black Leather Jacket

The design of women’s leather coats and jackets matters a lot but still less than the star material, which is leather. The texture, softness, and durability of a leather jacket rely solely on the type of leather used. There are many types of leather suitable for leather jackets, but we specifically chose sheepskin leather due to its flexibility and many other benefits. The soft and supple texture of sheepskin is preferred by most women as it is not too heavy to carry. This thin leather acts as a luxurious, well-refined base for our leather jackets. 


We also use lambskin leather in a lot of our leather jackets due to its striking similarities with sheepskin. Most leather experts consider lambskin a better alternative to sheepskin, withholding common factors with genuine leather. Lambkin leather exceeds the durability bar compared to sheepskin, though it does offer the same texture. Another one of our most used raw materials for the famous black leather jackets is grained leather. Grained leather is pure and classic, with a much more durable fiber than the above-mentioned two. 

Styles We Offer in Women’s Black Leather Jacket

Women’s leather jackets come in a variety of style options, but not all complement every outfit unless we’re talking about black. The various colors often make it hard for a leather jacket to stand out, but black is an exception. While it catches the first impression, a black leather jacket blends out all the different colors of your overall outfit. Not to mention how well it contrasts with all the colors on the color wheel. However, our best-selling leather jackets list consists of those articles that stand out in black. 

Though a leather coat is not a jacket, it falls somewhat in between a coat and a jacket considering its above-thigh length. We also offer motorcycle leather jackets for women with an asymmetrical design, a deep V-neck, and a slim-fitted silhouette. Our black silver jacket has a partly similar design to the motorcycle one but with flaps and added silver tones. The moto jacket is another top-seller with a casual chic vibe. For those who prefer a casual, informal element in their jackets, our distressed leather jacket would be a favorite. The straight sewn pattern on the outside gives it a slightly wrinkled look. Last but not least from the women's black leather line is the racer jacket. This article does not disappoint with its waist-snatched silhouette and fitted sleeves. 

Elements of Our Women’s Black Leather Jacket

We provide all sorts of elegant and bold black leather jackets for women with quality construction. Not only are our products crafted gently with great skill, but they possess top-quality elements as well. All the jackets feature waterproof YKK zippers with auto-lubrication that allows them to slide down smoothly. The zippers are strongly sewn to the leather using a synthetic seamless stitching technique for extra durability. A great characteristic of the YKK zippers is that it always stays in place even when you’re moving. This feature of the zipper gives a more sturdy feel to black leather jackets. 

The same zipper is used in zipper cuffs to add extra depth to the long sleeves. We’ve also added the same YKK hardware detailing to most of our racer jackets, as it is extremely reliable. You can also benefit from side zipper pockets and triple pockets in some of the articles. Dramatic wide lapels are a popular feature of our silver zipped leather jacket as it compliments the thin waist design. Leather Wear have also added adjustable collars and waist belts in relevant articles to allow a comfortable fit. 

Why Choose Us?

Leather is one of the most beautiful, versatile, and rich natural fabrics known to mankind. The process of turning freshly processed and tanned leather into a leather jacket is a joy to witness. We take absolute delight in recognizing ourselves as some of the best leather jacket dealers in Australia. Our knack for aesthetics and passion for leather drive us to produce excelling pieces loved by our customers. Be it a simple black leather jacket for women, or a women’s coat, we have it all sorted. Even if it is not the right fit for you, drop your size details, and we’ll make sure you get your black leather jacket. So avail of the sale to get a discount and fill your cart with our gorgeous articles.