Black Leather Jacket by LeatherWear

Australians are well known for their effortless fashion. From Melbourne to Brisbane, Australia's fashion is represented in the form of fresh and fun patterns and colors. However, you can only find Australian men dressed dominantly in black during the chilly season. It's a time when most men layer their outfits with a black leather jacket.

Of all the different types of outerwear showcased in the men's fashion industry, a black leather jacket is the most popular one. The tough material of leather jackets is the perfect layering item to keep you warm while offering a macho look. Though leather jackets are mostly costly, men prefer them because of their versatility. It is easy to style one black leather jacket in multiple ways to achieve different results. Pair it with a black overall for a goth look, or add silver accessories for a punk look. Similarly, swap it all for a plain button-down and oxfords, and you've got a semi-business formal vibe. 

In short, a black leather jacket is a must-have for men, and we offer the best leather jackets. Purchase from our men's line to benefit from the best men's leather jackets in all of Australia. 

Types of Leather for Our Men's Black Leather Jacket

The type or quality of leather used in a black leather jacket determines its shine, durability, and texture. We offer our men's black leather jackets in various types of leather. Starting with the best one, cowhide leather. We use genuine cowhide leather in the manufacturing of most of our jackets because of its natural thickness and durability. Unlike low-quality leather skin, cowhide does not rip easily and is prone to cracking as well. Its high flexibility allows it to hold metal studs strongly, making it a perfect base for biker jackets. 

Sheepskin leather is another one of our raw materials that yields excellent results in terms of manufacturing and styling. This leather type is perfect for slightly warmer weather as it is super lightweight and comfortable. Though our sheepskin is not as durable as cowhide, it can still last for decades with care. Among our most popular men's leather jackets are ones made of lambskin, which has a much finer texture than sheepskin. Lambskin leather is softer as well, making it ideal for the chilly nights of Sydney. Our goatskin leather jackets are also incredible for men looking for rigidity without compromising on comfort. The soft and supple texture of the goatskin compliments its stretchy material beautifully for a long-lasting jacket. 

Styles We Offer in Men's Black Leather Jacket

Genuine leather jackets for men are not always available in trendy designs. However, we design and manufacture the best real leather jacket styles in the country. Our genuine leather biker jackets are a wardrobe staple for a rider with a passion for bikes. It goes perfectly with a plain white tee, blue jeans, and sneakers. The same biker jacket can give you a punk look if you pair it up with a black turtleneck and jet-black skinny jeans with ankle boots. The same way you can style our black motorcycle jacket, though the cowhide might be too warm for some.

The classic men's black leather jacket has been a fan favorite for decades, and for a good reason. It goes well with a button-down, a sweater, and even a casual hoodie. Speaking of a hoodie, hooded leather jackets have been in lately because of the carefree look they offer. Regardless of its thick material, the hooded leather jacket hugs your body for that slim-fit look. Our bomber jackets are also nothing less than perfection, with ribbed waistbands and multiple pockets. It is an essential everyday wear one can have in their wardrobe. 

Elements of Our Men's Black Leather Jacket

We ensure that each of our mens black leather jacket passes the quality control for which we use top-quality elements in the production. Unlike other leather jacket makers, we refrain from using wool as the lining of our leather jackets as it gets the jacket too warm. Wool lining restricts the jacket to winter use only. Our jackets are lined with high-quality polyester fabric that is wrinkle-resistant, silky, and lightweight. Some leather jackets, including our popular Jacob Elordi motorcycle jacket, feature quilted lining that offers cushioning on the inside. We also make sure to add pockets to our jackets wherever relevant to provide you with enough storage space. The outer and inner pockets are sewn to the jacket with thick synthetic thread that binds the pockets well.

We also make a point of using premium-quality hardware and studs on our biker jackets. Our article features top-notch YKK zippers that are airtight and waterproof. These zippers are easy to pull and lock without getting stuck or slipping. You can also find sleeves and shoulder padding in relevant articles that add dimension to the leather jacket and gives you a dominant look. Lastly, we've also added shoulder epaulets and adjustable waist belts on our biker jackets for extra detailing and customization. 

How to Restore Our Men's Black Leather Jackets

We aim towards providing durable real leather jackets that last a lifetime, but not all leather types age like fine wine. Our black leather jacket mens need a bit of maintenance every once in a while to retain their original shape and color. We do not recommend washing our articles as they are made of real leather, and water exposure can loosen their natural oils. Washing can also lead to dry, faded, and cracked leather which can barely get restored. To restore the leather jacket to its original shape, you can lightly dust it off using a horsehair brush with soft bristles after every use. 

If the leather jacket is in bad condition, you can wipe it with a damp, lint-free, or microfiber cloth. Always go over again with a dry cloth after moistening the leather jacket to prevent moisture buildup. You can use a neutral-colored wax-based leather moisturizer to moisten up the leather jacket and add shine to it. If you use the leather jacket on a regular basis, make sure to repeat this process after every six months or as required. 

Why Choose Us?

A well-crafted black leather jacket is a treat for any leather lover. We understand the passion for the strong leather scent, its warmth, and the slightly grainy or smooth texture. For this reason, we craft our real leather jackets with extra care and attention to detail. Each and every Leather Wear products jackets undergoes a serious level of quality check to ensure the end product is beyond your expectations. 

Our team of leather enthusiasts works toward the execution of brilliant ideas for black leather jacket mens. From the design of the garment to its final polish, every step is done with the end goal of finesse. Since we prioritize our customers the most, every men's black leather jacket comes in eight sizes ranging from extra small to 4x large. You can also customize your own leather jacket according to your size. Purchase our premium leather jackets, which are some of the finest in all of Australia.