Long Black Leather Jackets for Women

The debate about jackets and coats is endless, considering how much these two layering items dominate the fashion world. While coats define elegance, jackets highlight somewhat of a casualness. Both layering options are highly popular in their own domains, however, a mix of these two is the ultimate game-changer. A long black leather jacket acts not only as a practical jacket but also flatters different body shapes. It gives your body definition while keeping you fit in a straight silhouette. 

Our love for long leather jackets originates from mixed emotions toward leather coats and jackets. The combination garment is ideally suited for black colour and goes best for all kinds of semi-casual, semi-formal, and formal-chic looks. You can even wear black coloured long leather jackets with business looks if styled properly. The versatility of this garment makes it a favourite of many. 

Our enthusiasm for the colour black and long leather jackets for women has led us to create some exquisite designs with premium quality material. 

Types of Leather in Our Black Long Leather Jackets

Leather jackets and coats come in all types of leather materials, but not every material suits them best. The ideal texture and finish for a long leather jacket are smooth and soft. Using grained leather for a long black leather jacket mixed coat limits the designing capacity and can be a bit hard to pull off with every outfit. On the contrary, a polished and shiny long jacket often gives the illusion of luxurious faux leather. For this reason, we specifically use sheepskin for long leather jackets. For one, the sheep grain is extremely fine, and after getting polished, it becomes velvety to the touch.  

Long Black Leather Jackets for Women

Another reason for using sheepskin is that the pores are evenly spread, unlike other types of leather. Sheepskin leather is very durable and doesn’t tear off easily, making it a reliable option. A similar alternative to sheepskin is lambskin leather, which yields fine results. The gentle grain of lambskin also works perfectly for our women’s leather jackets. However, unlike sheepskin, lambskin leather doesn’t last much and is high-maintenance. 

Elements of Our Black Long Leather Jackets

Women love an imposing power look, and a long black leather jacket gives them just that with a modern touch. Our long leather jackets are designed with the goal of delivering formal chic vibes with an essence of rebellion. While the black colour represents strength and formality, the straight but partly-fitted silhouette symbolises feminism. However, we made sure to craft this masterpiece with leather which represents bravery and power. 

To add more definition and depth to this powerful garment, we have used the best quality products with the best team of craftsmen. The jackets have an open front closure with all-black YKK hardware that camouflages in the back leather. Most women’s leather garments lack pockets, but our articles have hand pockets with YKK zippers for secure storage. The long sleeves of the leather jackets have adjustable epaulettes with fitted ends. We’ve also designed leather jackets with notch lapels for elegance. The entire garment is lined with soft and silky polyester that is lightweight as well. 

Ways to Style Our Black Long Leather Jackets

A semi-coat leather combo is among the favourites list for most women. It is also the best women’s leather trend which is also practical. There are multiple ways to style a black long leather jacket, but nothing can beat the classics. A black turtleneck with dark blue jeans goes magnificently with a black long jacket. While you shop for the look, don’t forget to add a good pair of oxford shoes. Women’s leather oxford shoes not only give boss lady vibes but also complement the jacket. You can also swap the oxford shoes for loafers though they’re less of a style statement. 

One can also follow the evergreen trend of wearing the look with a round-neck sweater with the same pair of jeans and casual sneakers. Chelsea boots also go well with the leather jacket. We also recommend to shop neutral colours to go with the jacket as they complement it. Shop the long leather jacket from us to start with the base, as you can work your way down with the rest of the elements.

Long Black Leather Jackets for Women

Why Choose Us?

Our brand has the best black leather jacket Australia-wide as we get orders from all over the nation. Simply select the filter for the black coloured long leather jacket, and it will lead you to your required product. Our flexible return and exchange policies allow customers to shop freely with no worries. You can also find the right size without struggling to fit in a smaller size. Our size customization service also helps chubby people find their perfect long black leather jacket altered especially for them with love.