Being a woman is hard,' they say; bet they haven't tried wedding day shopping as a man.

Wedding time calls for a party, wine, and much fun. However, you can't skip to the good part without facing all those outfit try-on hurdles. Whether you're a groomsman or the lucky dude, picking out an outfit that compliments the wedding dress code can be tough.

Luckily, there are a few popular wedding dress codes that you can stick to for particular events. Wedding attire is based on a few elements, including color and components. You're only partly correct if you think that a wedding is all crisp black suits.

In this guide, you will unfold the different types of wedding attires suitable for weddings with different scenarios.

Types of Men's Wedding Attire

Black Tie Wedding Attire

Be it a simple summer wedding or a destination wedding reception, one can never go wrong with a black tie. This attire is widely worn at black tie weddings where the theme is formal occasions. The black-tie attire isn't just a dress shirt with a bow tie but features minimal details that make a huge difference compared to a regular suit jacket attire.

Black tie is a formal wedding dress code with a classic black peak lapel tuxedo jacket, matching dress pants, a white dress shirt, and a bow tie. While most people prefer single-breasted tuxedos, you can always pick a double-breasted suit with a shawl collar.

You can style a tuxedo in multiple ways to elevate the look, but don't overdo it. Replace the bowtie with a straight necktie to look unique in the crowd. Add a pocket square, cufflinks, and sleek studs for an elite vibe paired with dark, polished Oxford loafers.

Black Tie Wedding Attire

Semi-formal Men's Wedding Attire

Dressing up in a black tie might be a bit extra for a distant wedding invitation. That's when semi-formal wedding guest attire for men comes in handy. The partly formal attire goes well at formal weddings with its clean look. This attire mainly features a tuxedo in rich colors like midnight blue, tan, and gray.

The partly-formal look is easy to assemble with a contrasting collared shirt, suit, tie, and tie bar. Get a striped jacket and matching pants for a slim-fit look, as they go exceptionally well with wedding guest looks. You can always accessorize accordingly, but the pros keep it casual and simple.

A watch and pocket square would work, but cufflinks might not complement the formal dress code. Since the look is party casual, you can choose shoes of your choice, but we recommend blucher, derby, or any black patent leather shoes for the case.

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

Casual Wedding Attire for Men

Partly-formal and formal dress codes are easier to style than smart casual wedding guest attire for an after-wedding party. The technical part is to keep the casual attire for menbasic without making it too boring for an event. A cocktail wedding attire is a mix of cocktail attire and white tie, so you can't wear jeans or flip flops but a proper dress suit.

The cocktail dress code stars a beige suit, usually paired with a collared dress shirt. Since we're talking about casual weddings, you can swap the pants for chinos. If you don't like wearing a tie, remove it but unbutton the first few buttons.

Though the cocktail attire doesn't fit right with a white bow tie, you can wear it if you're the groomsman. Your footwear should look sharp, polished, and appropriate for a wedding, say Oxfords or chukkas. This wedding outfit works well for summer weddings as well as spring weddings outdoors.

Casual Wedding Attire

Beach Wedding Attire

Nothing describes a beach wedding attire better than chinos and casual button-downs. This casual wedding attire strongly resembles the cocktail attire wedding because of the similar vibe. The casual wedding dress codes omit ties and feature open buttons with light colors than dark earthy hues. Colors like tan, pale blue, light olive, and pastel peach are top preferences for casual outdoor weddings.

Since beach weddings are super casual, you can wear almost anything as a guest, even shorts. Though nautical wear and stripes are staples for yacht events, wearing them at weddings might seem informal. Our first and foremost recommendation while attending beach weddings is to stick to the theme; however, if there isn't one, go for a plain shirt.

Now the key is to style your plain chinos or pants with the button-down in a classy way. Deck shoes are the perfect match for this outfit. Keep your hair messy and put it on a chain if you wish. You can wear studs if you want to achieve that boho-chic element in your look.

Beach Wedding Attire

Winter Wedding Attire

If you're wondering what to wear to a wedding in winter, think no more and go with a midnight blue tuxedo. A dark suit of gray and taupe color is also the top choice of most men as wedding guests. The dress code for winter weddings commonly consists of a wool suit, be it partly formal or a formal suit, dress shoes, and complimentary accessories.

Since wearing a sweater might ruin the wedding photos, don't take any risk and stick to a casual and comfy velvet blazer. Thanks to its plush texture, Velvet is the key fabric to nail casual attire effortlessly. It's also warm, so you can stay carefree even during harsh weather in case of an outdoor session during the event.

For shoes, you can opt for patent leather loafers with either lace-ups or monk straps as they are sleek and go well with all kinds of suits. However, make sure that the color of your cufflinks, if you’re wearing any, matches your monk straps.

Winter Wedding Attire


The most common thing in these wedding attires is the crisp white shirt. All you must do is revolve the rest of your attire around this element, following your style. Pair it with a dinner jacket or suit separates if you're looking for an affordable option. The drill is to mix and match, and you're good to go with a dashing men's wedding guest attire.