Fashion would fail without creativity because all things good originate from an ingenious mind. When we speak of creativity, especially in terms of fashion, mentioning Australia is a must. The aboriginal culture and indigenous artists in Australia are some of the most demanded in the world, featuring practical and casual wear. 

The indigenous Australian culture stars rich colors like green and gold as their base while maximizing natural elements in their clothing. The once-stolen land is home to remote aboriginal communities with access to indigenous art. 

Paying respect to the nation's art, we have mentioned the top aboriginal-owned and led fashion brands in Australia below in this article.

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Indigenous Australian Fashion Brands 

  1. Kirrikin

Finding a high-end brand that focuses only on resort wear can be a real challenge, but Australians have Kirrikin to save the summers. This Australian fashion label is led by the best nations' artists who bring vibrant peppy prints on a blank canvas. 

The luxury resort wear brand is the brainchild of Amanda Healy, who is a proud indigenous woman with an eye for aesthetics. At Healy's Kirrikin, you can find all kinds of resort wear for men and women, including scarves, jumpsuits, dresses, and work wear, all inspired by their indigenous culture. 

  1. Kamara

Who doesn't love partying at the beach? But summer fun comes at a high cost. Excessive exposure to the UV rays from the sun can cause melanoma. Keeping your protection as their top priority, two indigenous sisters, Kirsty and Naomi, came up with the idea of sustainable UV-blocking swimwear. 

The selling point of Kamara swim, apart from their passion for luxurious, sun-protective swimsuits, is their love for bold prints and rich colors. This indigenous-owned brand is home to indigenous designers who hustle hard for this first nations art clothing line. 

  1. Deadly Denim

Denim is loved worldwide because of its casual-chic vibe; combine it with your aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, and you have a masterpiece. Deadly Denim is a creative clothing line bringing country culture to your wardrobe. From jackets to dresses and even skirts, deadly Denim has it all. 

Deadly Denim was created by a Whadjuk woman named Rebecca Rickard, who is passionate about sustainable fashion. Moreover, Rickard is a woman of political action standing strong against domestic violence. 

  1. Gammin Threads

If you're into graphic tees and merch, you have to try the Gammin Threads. This aboriginal fashion brand emphasizes empowering women with its motto, 'living colourfully' paying respect to aboriginal people. The brand owner, Tahnee Edwards, is a proud descendant of the Yorta Taungurung Boonwurrung.

Edwards is passionate about graphic designing, and her passion led her to create Gammin Threads as a side hustle from her full-time job. Her creative outlet is also a great expression of her blak pride, which is clearly visible in her abstract designs. The social enterprise is also famous for its association with non-indigenous Australians. 

  1. MAARA Collective

You can never go wrong while experimenting with boho fashion, and what better event to wear boho than a resort? Australia is famous for some of the most exotic resorts in the world, so while you've booked your trip, make sure to visit MAARA Collective. The brand is an aboriginal creative agency that transforms high-quality fabric into unique resort wear.

The founder of MAARA Collective, Julie Shaw, is a Yuwaalaraay woman. She chose the name MAARA from the Gamilaraay language groups, which is one of the common Australian aboriginal languages. The word MAARA means hands which refers to the collective efforts of the indigenous artists at the fashion house. 

  1. Ngali

If solids don't excite you anymore, try wearing Ngali. The clothing brand is the perfect balance of colors and prints without overpowering any of the two. Ngali is famous for its dresses, bottoms, silk scarves, and overalls that have a whole different vibe in themselves. 

Unlike other ready-to-wear garments, Ngali doesn't need any extra effort for styling. The sustainable fashion brand is led by Denni Francisco, a Wiradjuri woman enthusiastic about sustainable fashion. Ngali hasn't restricted its brand image to its own designs but has been open to cross-country collaborations with first nation artists as well. 

  1. Ginny's Girl Gang

Custom wear is the best because it promotes freedom and expression of speech with minimum effort through your clothing. Not to mention how cool it looks, specifically the tees designed by Ginny's Girl Gang. The brand features a distinct aboriginal voice that it delivers through its amazing tops, jackets, and accessories. 

This fashion label is the creation of a Gamorai woman named Regina Jones, also known as Ginny. She is a proud blak woman on a mission to preserve her aboriginal culture. The best part of Ginny's fashion label is that it shows respect for the aboriginal side of the country by delivering social messages in a creative way.

  1. Clair Helen

Modern-chic wear is not restricted to over-budget extravagant brands these days; take Clair Helen, for example. Though the brand features limited articles for sale, each of them is worth every penny. From the quality of the fabric to its lavish print and fine stitching, Clair Helen's garments are simply perfection. 

The founder of this unique brand is Clair Helen, a bachelor in Fashion design. Helen is an aboriginal from the Tiwi islands in the Northern Territory. Helen's aim is to deliver one-to-all hand-crafted designs to her consumers. 

  1. Yarn

Many people might not be attracted to psychedelic prints and bold colors, but Australians love them. Psychedelic fashion has ruled the Australian fashion industry in the past. For this reason, Yarn is one of the top picks of most Australians when it comes to trendy casual wear. 

Yarn is a popular aboriginal-owned fashion brand in Australia that encourages indigenous artists to promote first nations' art and native culture. The main goal of Yarn is to make Torres Strait Islander artwork accessible to all. This company's studio is located in Brisbane with 35 indigenous and non-indigenous team members. The brand is a diverse marketplace for men's and women's clothing, accessories, and homeware, with a focus on kidswear as well. 

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Australia has a strong fashion industry backed by the country's aboriginal culture preserved by the nation's people. Whether you find it extremely colorful or lacking in innovation, the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people keep their culture close to their hearts. 

The above-listed aboriginal-owned brands are perfect for a beach picnic, a resort vacation, a day out in the Australian bush, and even casual wear. The one common thing among these brands is their self-determination and hustle for the welfare of the aboriginal people.