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There's this myth about biker leather jackets that they are not appropriate as formal wear. And while it is true because of its ruffian look, you can style a leather biker jacket to look partly formal. Men usually don't have a greater canvas or margin to experiment with their outfits. A biker jacket for men allows you to play with colours, contrasts, and different styles.

You'll be surprised how one leather biker jacket can get you multiple looks that stand up to the various vibe checks. Head below to get your biker jacket outfit inspo for an aesthetic look.

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5 Ways to Style a Biker Leather Jacket

Black Overalls

You can create the classic black leather jacket look by dressing up in black from head to toe. Since the biker jacket is the perfect piece for adding a spunky touch to the outfit, it goes best with jet-black attire. All you have to do is pair a classic black shirt with skinny pants and black shoes. If you want to accessories, feel free to go all out with black because the traditional biker look has it. You can also put on a tiny bit of makeup to give a dark effect, and you're all ready for a Halloween party or a concert.

Black Leather Jacket

Casual Way

The best way to wear a biker leather jacket casually is paired up with a sweatshirt or hoodie. There's no way you can't slay a soft and simple sweatshirt look with the stylish biker jacket. Since sweaters, hoodies, and comfy clothes are considered less masculine for men, the biker leather jacket's harshness fills the gap for boldness. The end result is a subtle yet trendy outfit that projects warmth and love. For the shoes, keep things minimal with a pair of sneakers or loafers.

Biker Leather Jacket

Club Look

Dressing up for club night can often leave you confused, even if you choose a biker jacket as your star garment. There's always an inner voice telling you you're seeking attention or you'll get lost in the crowd. You need to focus on the details rather than the bigger picture, and you're all set with a dashing look. Wear a plain white button-down with jeans and sneakers. You could also wear a plain T-shirt with chinos and chunky white sneakers for a classy club look.

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Family Dinner

A family dinner might not be the best place to wear a biker leather jacket unless you're following the protocol. The first rule is to consider the colours of your attire, which should strictly be not black. The reason is that black is considered dark for a homey event where your rebellious jacket is already the highlight of your outfit. You can wear a brown biker jacket with beige pants and a white shirt. If you want to wear a black shirt, pair it with denim jeans to cancel out the dark colour. 


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Official Lunch

You're chilling at home and an emergency meeting at the cafe; wearing a blazer or formal suit is not the best outfit choice. If you want to be in your comfort zone and not feel under-dressed at lunch, wear a biker leather jacket the formal way. Start with a basic button-down shirt and pair it up with a tie, dress pants or chinos. You could also wear a turtleneck unless it's not in the colour black if your jacket is black. Put on some Oxford shoes instead of sneakers; your business-casual look is complete.


Biker leather jacket men

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a leather motorcycle jacket more durable than a biker jacket?

The durability of leather jackets does not vary according to style because the leather type determines this factor. However, since most leather jackets are designed to thin for less warmth, they require proper care. If they are well-maintained, only then will they last as long as a quality leather motorcycle jacket.

Is a leather biker jacket good for black tie events?

Wearing a black leather biker jacket at a black tie event is a fashion disaster since you're replacing the dinner jacket. Men cannot wear a biker leather jacket even for a fusion look, as it will completely destroy the black tie outfit. However, women can don the black biker jacket over gowns at the time of leaving because it looks chic.

How to maintain a black leather biker jacket?

Biker leather jackets, though stronger than some, are thin in texture because of the lambskin leather used in most. This means they aren't the best option in terms of maintenance, as you need to keep them dry and hung at all times. You should also keep the biker jacket away from heat, and instead of using regular fabric cleaners, clean them with a soft leather cleaner.

Do leather biker jackets fade over time?

Not all leather biker jackets fade with time, which is why it is essential not to compromise on quality. If you wear the biker jacket every day under the scorching sun, it might develop cracks. You can also notice discoloration in jackets that are used regularly in a rough way. The only way to avoid colour fading is to use your leather jackets carefully and not every single day.