How to Measure the Jacket Size for Women | A Complete Guide

Jacket Size for Women

Someone has truly said that fashion and women are made for each other, and the right kind of outfit can help you look elegant and stylish. Leather jackets for women are highly popular wear these days and are available in countless designs, sizes, and styles. It is hands down one of the best outerwear that you will ever find and a timeless wardrobe staple. Womens leather jackets Australia are not only a trending fashion these days, but they are convenient to wear and can look good throughout the day.

Will you be investing in leather jackets for women for the first time and want some ideas on finding the perfect and ideal jacket size for women? If yes, then don’t forget to read till the very end so that we can guide you properly.

Choosing a Jacket Size for Women

With so many different lengths, measurements, and sizes to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the correct jacket size. If you are confused or have no idea to pick a certain size, you must refer to the details and follow the easiest instructions so you can record your size in inches.

What You Need to Do to Take Your Jacket Measurement

First of all, to take proper jacket measurement, you should take off any thick clothing or outerwear you are already wearing. After that, get a measuring tape and start taking your measurements one by one for leather jackets for women.

 For measurements, you will have to measure all the important parts such as the chest, waist, arm length, neck, length of the jacket, hip size, and your front measurements. While these are the basics when it comes to jacket measurement, it can vary according to the type or style of women's leather jackets Australia that you are wearing.

Tips on Measuring a Jacket

  • Ask a friend to help you
  • Take off any thick clothing
  • Measure your chest or bust
  • Find the circumference of your waist
  • Measure from one tip of your shoulder to the other shoulder
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your body, and do not let it loose

How to Take Measurements for a Woman’s Jacket

When you are taking measurements for a woman’s jacket, preferably have someone else take your measurements and ensure that your measurements are snug but not tight.

Chest or Bust:

 Chest Measurements

The chest measurement is one of the most important ones, so make sure that it is accurate. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your chest, and make sure you stand up straight and raise your arms while doing so.


 Sleeve Length

Most leather jackets have long and full sleeves, so take your measurements according to that. For sleeves, measure across the shoulder to the elbow and down the wrist. Make sure that the sleeve length comes to the base of your thumb so that it can be a comfortable length.


 Hip Measurements

The hip size for women usually varies between 37.8 inches to 49.6 inches, so yours should fall somewhere between that. For hip measurement, around the widest point of the hips. Do not tighten the tape but keep it comfortably loose.

Length :


If you want a precise measurement when taking measurements for the height, make sure to take off your shoes or slippers. Stand up straight against the wall and take vertical measurements from the top to the floor. If you are shorter or a little taller, you will need to measure your upper jacket separately. If you are wearing a blazer, then it will be a little longer till your thigh, and if there is a coat, take measurements till your knee.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Women Jacket Size

Q1. What are the important parts to measure in a women’s jacket?

If you are planning to purchase a women’s jacket, then it is important for you to take measurements of different parts. These include the chest, bust, sleeves, hips, and the height as well.

Q2. Can I measure myself for a leather jacket size?

For leather jackets for women, grab a measuring tape and take your measurement yourself. Ideally, you could stand in front of a mirror so you can see yourself and see what you are doing as well.

Q3. How should I hold the measuring tape when taking measurements?

When you are taking measurements, do not hold the measuring tape too tight and instead, let it a little loose. This way, your measurements will have some space, and your jacket will not be too tight on your body.

As jackets are a long-lasting and costlier investment, you will want to ensure that your size turns out to be perfect. Making sure that the right fit  highly important because your jacket shouldn’t end up to be too tight. Make sure that there is enough space for you to breathe easily.