The Classic Leather Jacket Styles for Men

Classic Men's Leather Jacket

Choosing a perfect  classic men's leather jacket is a daunting task. One has to try and try different products available in the market to get the best, which fits the personal style and the particular situation to which we must go.

But do you think it's that easy? Certainly not.

Some basic Leather Jacket  that every man should have in his closet at all times (like the trucker or the military-style jacket).

There is nothing wrong with having 365 jackets in your closet (it's your life, nobody judges you), but that can be a waste of space. Fashion experts say there are just a few basic jackets that everyone should have to have a complete wardrobe. Here are a few best  men's leather jacket for you to choose

The bomber Leather jacket:

It is one of those garments with a long history of transformation up to what we know today.

Originally  a garment designed for aviation pilots it became a garment that used by some subcultures such as punk (like military boots), reaching to be part of the wardrobe of all men today.

The bomber has a special place on the list.It is a memory of the James Dean films of the 50s, transforming into a symbol of rebellion

The biker jacket:

Originally, biker jacket men was part of the motorcycle uniform, but now the biker jacket, especially the black leather one, is a basic that you can wear on weekends or at the office, and it really does not matter your age or personal style, There is always a place for a biker in the closet, although you may want to consider its style and design before buying one.

We shown different styles such as Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones,that had the perfect dose of rebellion and seriousness.

This men biker leather jacket was made by the British brand Weston Leather Co and they continue to make it to this day also, another famous jacket style was the black biker used by Marlon Brando when playing the gang member “Johnny Stabler” in the 1953 film “The Wild Ones”; homogeneous, with a clean cut and metallic inserts that gave it a more rebellious look.

The Duster jacket:

This sleek, chic style is highly versatile can be worn a daytime jacket for a windy day.Duster jackets give a fabulous style, without waiting. They renewed their popularity in the late 80’s-90's decade and are now a standard item of Western wear..

In modern times, leather duster jackets  worn on a daily basis, especially when the weather is not accompanying.

The Harrington jacket:

Its traditional look is in beige and it is a simple jacket that has a slightly more formal look than the rest. . Actors like James Dean enhanced it by wearing this model in red that became popular thanks to his movie 'Rebel Without a Cause'. Luckily, today it is timeless model that can be found in any store.

The motocross jacket:

From a functional standpoint, it's a highly versatile jacket, whether you're commuting to the office or planning a cross-country journey. It covers every eventuality, whether that's heat, rain, or windy weather. This jacket will be your second-best friend after a helmet. Some options come with more pockets, manual vents and, when hot weather is a concern, removable arms. 

The military jacket:

This jacket is identifiable by its material.This jacket is classic, also functional as it has several pockets so you can have your hands free.


Some brands where we can find these styles are for men's leather jacket

  • Belstaff: with their signature belted classic jackets that are timeless, refined and unashamedly British.
  • Lewis Leathers: whose Bronx jacket became a hallmark of the Sixties rocker subculture.
  • Tom Ford: winning with their cropped model biker jackets.
  • Schott NYC: with the epitome of the perfect leather motorcycle jacket.