Leather jackets are, have been and will be a symbol of many things: the rebellion of more than one generation, an essential element of true rockers, and an institution for motorcycle clubs. And it is that leather has an essence that makes it special, representing a free and young spirit.

They have their roots closely linked to American culture, and their origin is because after the First World War, long coats were uncomfortable for riding a motorcycle, so the first leather jacket was devised, which was called "Perfect". And there cannot be an adjective that describes them better. Leather jackets are perfect if you wear them with jeans, or also if you want to wear them with one of those Kloke dresses. Thanks to the indelible image of handsome men from 1950s cinema such as Marlon Brando, leather jackets have become more than famous and are not lacking in any wardrobe.

In turn, with the passing of time they have changed color. Originally, they were black in color, and it was unthinkable to make variations, now they have been gaining ground in the color palette, to the point that leather jackets are made in bright colors such as orange or red. That coupled with the wide variety of collars and zipper sets to choose from, makes this garment a must-have.

It is one of those pieces that every man and woman should have in their closet. Not only does it give you a unique look, but it is also surprisingly versatile, thanks to a wide range of options, from bikers to bombers, giving it a classic and elegant style to modern and rocker. You can find a wide range of jacket types, from the long leather jacket to the custom leather jackets that you can customize to your liking. Thanks to the participation of more brands in action in the market, you can easily obtain a high-quality jacket without shelling out exuberant amounts of money and thus get a garment that adapts to the frequent changes of weather that are giving much to talk about. From cool and windy days to cold nights in the city. Either way it is possible to look very good at this time; Here are some of the best Australian leather jacket brands:


This brand is one of the best regarding ladies leather jackets. It offers a broad variety of looks. From a leather blazer for women to a biker style jacket. You might be desperate to wear their genuine leather lambskin biker jackets. Soft and light, cut to fit and flatter your curves, with great stitching details and accents on the shoulders and sleeves that will make you look tough and feminine, great for a night out in cities like Melbourne or Sydney.


This Australian designer will elevate your look to another level, giving you a more elegant and refined style with his designs. His classical biker jacket works excellent for a breezy day or for a casual Friday at the office. The zippered pockets and sleeves make it a stylish option that fits over a top and pants or you can rock it with leather shorts and a white t-shirt. On the other hand, his leather trench garment will be an essential part of a night out in the city. Scanlan Theodore stores are one of THE places to visit when it comes to leather jackets in Melbourne.

3. IRO Zayone:

This brand offers a variety of leather jackets lines for women that go for all occasions. Offering styles like the biker jacket for spring and summer days and nights, this model it’s one of IRO's most iconic pieces, this leather “perfecto” is a vital part of any wardrobe. You can wear it with slim jeans and heel boots for a rock and timeless silhouette. Also, other models that you can find are long leather jackets for cool days as well as padded leather jackets that allow you to transition from the classic leather jacket look into the colder months with a shearling lined style garment whose zipper detail adds an edgy touch to a timeless wardrobe addition.


This Brand offers great styles of leather jackets for men and women. You can find this store in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. One of the stars of this season's collection is the long leather jacket, with its curvy lines that flatters the figure of every woman and with a not too extravagant style making it the perfect selection if you think it as a gift for someone. The models of her jackets give a super cool and sporty look that goes great together with some cool ankle boots or sandals. You can also find great leather shorts garments both for men and women. This transitional dressing is a stylish solution. Smarter than denim, there are plenty of ways to wear them, especially with a bomber jacket.


This brand provides excellent options for both men and women. In its latest collection they offer elegant styles such as the black leather type trench where the shape of this jacket is designed to enhance the female figure, being adjustable and elaborated with class. This leather jacket beauty hugs your body above the waist for added definition. If you lean more towards classic colors this brand is your choice. Here is where you can even find a variety of styles such as the useful trucker jacket for a daily basis like for going to classes or going out to the park. This garment will give you a great and exceptional look.


This fashion brand was founded by sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann who really understands women’s bodies. Since 1991, when the brand was founded, these designers show each season an evolutionary and fashionista style oriented to make you look unique on any occasion. It is the details of their lines that will attract the attention of your friends. With outside pockets and an inside pocket, you'll have plenty of places to store your essentials from sunglasses to keys to your smartphone. Their leather jackets are beautiful and lightweight, where the style is meant to fit the shape of each body. The materials used are sublime, breathable natural leather, so you will not feel sticky, as it could be with a synthetic imitation. The leather jacket models offered by Zimmermann fortune are killer look when paired with some cooler colors, skinny jeans, miniskirts or even cocktail dresses, depending on your style.


This Brand may have moved but hasn’t lost its Australian accent. Ryder for you to know is a local fashion store from designer Penny Brown. It started back in 2012 as an off-shoot of the now late Arabella Ramsay label. Brown started as an online store, then a boutique on High St in Armadale. Now the brand has changed to the backstreets of Cremorne. That’s the retail equal of moving from Park Avenue to Brooklyn. This brand gives a retro-throwback vibe to a lot of Brown’s designs but look closer and you’ll spot the nods to traditional Australians. This brand offers great women and men leather jackets at affordable prices to keep you fashionable but not hurting your wallet.


This brand with their style considered of aesthetic choices, gives us an intentional representation of a modern closet, a sonnet to the art of dressing well and a request to deeply consider the concept of who we are when the material world is all but surrendered away. Born from the concept of a society of art lovers, atmosphere makers and leaders that transcend the force of the world through a sense of liberty and joy through dress, Leatherwear with their last collection encourages us to re-examine the concept of our own recognition, free of the physical form. This is one of the women's leather jackets brands in Australia to go to. You can find chic and elegant long leather jackets in a variety of palettes, especially in camel that go with everything. Also, you can build your leather outfit with supreme materials not only in jackets but also shirts and pants. They come in a wide range of styles and colors, depending on your budget and desires you can go crazy with your new style inspired by a modern and ethereal life. So plan your next shopping trip, with Leatherwear which will not disappoint.

9. ZARA:

This is a very versatile brand, that offers many leather garments both for men, women, and even kids. You can find Zara stores in main cities such as Melbourne or Sydney. They offer awesome leather jackets that can protect you from the sun, wind, insects, and unexpected weather. They keep you warm and most importantly, protect your skin. Useful for all occasions; as for long road rides, where the models with ventilation on the back and on the cuffs will suit you.Other jackets come with high collars that protect your neck from the onslaught of the wind. For people looking for Ladies leather jackets, these Zara jackets styles are killer when paired with some boot cut jeans, classical t-shirts and short boots. Zara leather jackets are a trend, no matter what you are wearing and the best news is that they are more accessible than ever. The jackets are presented in beautiful and light models whose styles are designed to adapt to the shape of each body, both men and women. Their prices are very affordable with great quality materials. At Zara you can find many styles; from a men biker leather jacket that exudes a rebel and punk vibe, or a bomber jacket, one of the most fashionable men's leather jacket in Australia or also the trucker style that goes pretty well with shirts and t-shirts.

10. MANGO:

The brand, known in Australia as MNG, first hit Australian shores in 2004, opening stores at Westfield Doncaster in Melbourne, and Westfield Bondi Junction and The Galleries in Sydney's CBD. MNG by Mango is a lower-priced division of Mango, with a slightly different design output. One of the aspects in which MANGO was a pioneer brand was in collaborations with celebrities. The trend was successfully launched by the Cruz sisters, Penélope and Mónica, who designed part of the collection and starred in the campaigns for several seasons. One of the last to create her own collection for MANGO has been the blogger and influencer Leandra Medine. The models of her leather jackets are varied; one that stands out is the biker, classic nappa leather with vertical zipper in black or light or dark brown. Simple and without paraphernalia! She looks good with dark solid colored pants and a plain basic T-shirt with no prints or details. They can also be combined with a short black dress (although it does not have to be black) or a model with stripes or geometric prints that create contrast. For men, MANGO highlights the bomber model with a more classic appearance than edgy, exhibiting in the latest collection a color palette in brown and green tones in suede leather material.


The Real McCoy's is a brand that one could say is the best Americana repro brand in the world, but that does not even begin to do justice to the level of detail that goes into their products. Nearly every single fabric, button, and thread of these garments has been custom made to meet the spec of the original. While the fits have been updated a bit to blend with more modern wardrobes, everything else is exactly as it was. It just doesn't get better than this if you're looking for wearable artifacts of the early and mid-20th century. The heart and soul of a handcrafted item is expressed in their finished products. Constructed by Japan’s hardworking people, products that are ‘Made in Japan’ are praised for their high quality and beautiful design. Although it may appear that the outdated features of vintage clothing have no significant use for us today, this is exactly what inspires them forward as a brand. For a successful reproduction, these garments require the sensitive minds of the detail-oriented Japanese craftsmen on every procedure. Quality may be hard to control when materials are custom produced and gathered from all over the globe. Nevertheless, the Real McCoy’s have managed to reproduce products using the same methods and machinery from the past. All sewing and construction methods have been studied and mimicked for the purpose to achieve true authenticity. They reproduce to celebrate the past but to also create the future. It is Japan’s esteemed craftsmanship which makes such high-quality reproduction possible. This brand is an excellent option if you are looking for custom leather jackets, long leather jackets or a motocross style.

12. REISS:

Since 1971, REISS has established itself as one of the global authorities on design-led womenswear, menswear, and accessories. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative and original products, REISS fuses exceptional design, quality, and value to ensure a layer of timeless style across everything they do, from heritage style to occasion wear, to their newest luxe leisure category. This brand offers great styles for every gender. They include garments for a modern day in the city, giving you a loved, luxe, leather jacket that will make you feel very comfortable. They just so happen to have the very best women's leather jackets around where you can invest in sophisticated buttery-soft leather jackets featuring statement hardware details, tailoring-inspired silhouettes and the always stylish, never-goes-out-of-style, classic biker fit. Their men's leather jackets can be worn no matter summer rain or winter snow, their designer men’s jackets are on-hand to ensure you’ll stay protected in style from day to night. Designed in-house, each men’s jacket is built to be as hardworking as you are without compromising on your look. From parkas to trenches, their latest collection of men’s jackets makes for essential browsing.


This is a great brand for men's leather jackets. For many years this brand has had a reputation of high quality, and this extends right across all their products, from the design and workmanship right to the materials they choose. They only select premium leather which thickness is of 1.1mm, its material is tough yet flexible and possess excellent abrasion resistance and have superb water repelling properties. Their leather jackets are not only available in black, in the 1960’s they were the first company to supply coloured leathers; you can have one customized with vertical or horizontal stripes. This brand is a great option for a night out in the city or for a motorbike ride on the coast. It will be your best friend for every occasion. It’s a symbol of durability, rebellion and manhood.
Now, having all this information, what should you do? Well, plan your shopping trip to the stores, where you can find these excellent brands that will make you look great.