What is the History of Black Leather Biker Jacket ?

History of Black Leather  Biker Jacket

By now, many of us have worn black leather jackets. The world-famous black leather-based jacket was crafted by two young brothers, Irwin Schott and Jack Schott.

They had a business in making those jackets around 1928. 

This was the time of war, and the Schott brothers and their families were Russians Immigrants. Irwin and Jack Schott had a raincoat-making business. Irwin was constantly on the lookout for an inspiration-based outfit. They desired something that would match the trend for generations 


This is unquestionably one of the classic pieces every generation could have, and the Company responsible for this creation is Schott Bros! However, you can find a few companies and brands producing such leather jackets (but not the same!). When Mr. Marlon Brando debuted and wore this in his film, "The Wild One", it was a sight to behold.

He wore a black jacket that represented the look of that character. His outfit was exceptional and loved by all. Both he and the jacket rose to fame. The black jacket became a sensation and a staple for people. 


This jacket was introduced initially to protect bikers and motorcyclists from injuries or bruises. It exudes an effortlessly classy look. It did immensely well from the 1950s to the 1980s.

The brothers manufactured it for different labels and named it it "Beck 333 Northeaster".

In the 1940s, they made an original Perfecto called '613' renamed "One Star" because it has one star on either side of the shoulder epaulette.

The Company is still making and producing almost 30000+ pieces annually. keep in mind the modern style sensibilities. It reaches out to consumers from its warehouse and franchises abroad with maximum demand from the USA. It is even distributed to 70+ countries and uses imported raw materials. 

Around the 1970s-1980s, they also saw women favouring this black leather jacket while man leather jacket . To name a few musicians, artists like Joan Jett was the one who wore it and brought the style trend back all around! 


It has been decades, and the fad is still going strong, though not as before!ok.The real you has a complete makeover with a black leather biker jacket. It's great to wear while you drive or travel, giving the wearer a vintage look!