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Women's leather jackets are an evergreen trend in the fashion industry, and the only other garment to give it tough competition is a leather coat. At the same time, some women prefer a leather jacket, most like wearing leather coats. However, an audience also prefers long leather jackets that are a fusion of the long black leather jacket and coat. The long leather jackets are a must-have in every fashion-forward woman's wardrobe. The long silhouette of these jackets offers an elongated look that flatters short women while adapting to tall women.

Long leather jackets for women are easily available in different styles, but none is as good as the ones at Leatherwear. At our shop, we create the finest long leather jackets with high-quality material in unique designs. We also offer an end-of-season discount on a few articles, so unleash our elegant collection and enjoy the sale.

Long Black Leather Jacket

Material of Our Long Black Leather Jackets

Leather is a magnificent material ideally suited for the cold season. It is a forever fashion trend that keeps renewing itself every year with a bit of a twist. The excellency of a women's leather jacket can easily be spotted by recognizing its leather type, and the same goes for women's leather coats. At Leatherwear, we craft premium-quality leather by hand, including expensive lambskin leather. Our Lakeland, Ellie Vintage, and Jenny Biker coat-style leather jackets are made from pure lambskin leather. This leather type's characteristics contribute to the jackets' soft and plush feel.

We also use sheepskin leather in some of our long leather jackets, like the Susan Black and Shobhan jackets. While sheepskin is much different than lambskin texture-wide, it is naturally resistant to molds, hence low maintenance. It is also extremely breathable and is a deal option for summers due to its low insulation properties.

Long Black Leather Jacket

Elements of Our Long Black Leather Jackets

Women's leather jackets should not only ace in accessories and should also focus on silhouette design or fit. This means that the garment shouldn't be overloaded with studs and buttons; however, a few can enhance the overall look. Leatherwear considers making leather jackets for women as a challenge as we believe in less is more. We design classy women's leather jackets with minimal elements making the leather shine in contrast with the design.

Moreover, the few elements in our leather jackets are top picks after intensive market research. The most common of all elements is the lining which adds an extra layer of soft fabric between the wearer and the slightly rough inner leather. We use viscose, polyester, polyurethane, and polyamide fabrics due to their extreme softness that acts as a cushion against your skin. Most of the long black leather jackets have a front closure with YKK zippers and cuffed sleeves with YKK buttons. You can also find articles with a variety of necklines and collars that suit you, from notch collars to draped and collarless designs.

Long Black Leather Jackets

Styling Our Long Black Leather Jackets

Styling a long black leather jacket is fun when you know the basics. There are multiple ways to style our stellar women's leather jackets with outfits already available in your wardrobe. Start with the classic way, wear a jacket with a white shirt and denim jeans. You can also replace the denim jeans with faux black leather pants, which offer a more elite and sporty-chic look. Wearing a long black leather jacket with an all-black attire can give you a gothic feel which is appropriate for night outs or casual evening walks. Donning the jacket over a black dress with long boots is endgame perfection for lunches and parties. Outfits like the above go well with oxfords and loafers, but nothing beats black leather Chelsea boots. They fit well around the ankle, adding definition to your look compared to other footwear.

Long Black Leather Jacket Women

Why Choose Us?

Leatherwear is the manufacturer of the finest and classiest leather jackets in Australia. Our women's leather jacket range is a treat for fashionistas as we have a wide selection of long black leather jackets. We create each article scrupulously with attention to the tiniest of details, even if it's the hidden lining. The best part about our store is that we connect with our customers to find solutions to their leather jacket problems like size issues and customization. Leatherwear is a place where you can share and double your passion for leather jackets, so buy from us and support leather lovers like yourself.