Best Black Rivet Leather Jackets For Men & Women

Leather is popularly used in manufacturing cowboy-style jackets because of the durability and tough texture of the material. The leather also offers ultimate protection against harsh weather, sun, and dust while you're out. Buckskin jackets are the top pick for people involved in rough toil; however, they are not a suitable option for casual everyday wear. A more comfortable, practical, and classier alternative to the buckskin leather jacket is the black rivet leather jacket

The black rivet leather jacket offers a modern cowboy look with its distressed style. It also gives hints of vintage fashion and pairs up well with modern overalls. The best bit about black rivet coats and jackets is that they're workable, feasible, and stylish at the same time. Moreover, you can wear this outerwear with any look, depending on the venue or occasion. We at Leatherwear consider black rivets as an artistic dare with maximum room for exploration. Our brand has the best offer of black rivet options for our community of leather lovers.


Material of Our Black Rivet Leather Jacket

Black rivet leather jackets are loved by men and women worldwide, considering they provide an edgy impression. We have a few black rivet options in our men's and women's leather jacket collections. For starters, we have the authentic black rivet biker jacket with the signature outerwear waist. This leather jacket made of synthetic material that is ideal for low maintenance.

The leather jacket has a high gloss finish even when cleaned with a damp cloth. We also offer black rivet leather jackets in genuine leather options like the Sibiu men's jacket. Unlike the first one, the Sibiu black rivet is high-maintenance mainly because of its 100% genuine lambskin material. Faux leather and lambskin leather differ a lot in terms of characteristics and price, but both have their pros suited according to the design and styles of this outerwear. In the women's range, you can check our Kelsee distressed black rivet jacket, which gives a sleek cropped coat-like finish near the waist. This women's black rivet made of sheepskin leather with similar properties as lambskin. 

Elements of Our Black Rivet Leather Jacket

Our black rivet leather jackets have a few elements, as the main game is their design, seamless stitching, and fit. Unlike most classic leather jackets, the black rivet jacket features a snap button collar that eliminates the constant disposition of lapels when you're working. Our brand measure for the price is quality which is why we use only premium YKK zippers with a black finish in all three designs. The jackets feature a snuffed and distressed finish, which goes well with the original concept of this outerwear. We have also added patterns on the sleeves and shoulders of our back rivet bikers jacket through seamless stitching for extra finesse and minor detailing. You can also benefit from the buckle option in the jackets to adjust your waist accordingly. 

Styling Our Black Rivet Leather Jacket

Styling a black rivet jacket might be tricky at times due to the limited options when it can pair up with almost anything. The black rivet offers a rugged look and is great to wear with distressed jeans and a t-shirt; however, if you want some effort, try pairing it with contrasting vests or sweaters. It also goes well with turtlenecks and button-downs, though we wouldn't recommend any fancy bottoms. Women can also pair this with a simple dark hue dress with boots or sneakers. 

Why Choose Us? 

Leatherwear has the best offer of black rivet jackets at the best price. We neither compromise on the quality of the fabric nor the accessories or elements. Though the black rivets in our collection are not in abundance, we prioritize quality wear, and the few articles are the best version of this garment. You can continue surfing for more likely content on our website till you reach the perfect leather jacket that fits your body type and personality. And we assure you that you will find one as we have made each piece keeping our potential customers in view.