Smart Casual Dress Code For Women in Australia

The   dress code for women Australia is the perfect blend of casual and business chic attires. Smart casual outfits mostly feature a few trendy casual elements with one dominant garment that acts as the formal element or vice versa. The smart casual look is opted for by most women because it looks classy and elite. Moreover, the look is easy to put together with garments commonly found in every wardrobe, for example, sweaters, jackets, and button-downs. Smart casual clothes are also popular because they offer a relaxed and comfortable feel. They are also ideal for people who have to juggle several informal and professional meetings one after the other. 

A smart casual look is professional, sophisticated, versatile, and suitable for all semi-formal and casual occasions. Dressing smart casually comes with the benefit of styling, as it pairs fun casual garments with traditional office wear. The classic smart casual look is not all about a matching suit and dress pants,dress code for women Australia, as wearing too many formal clothes lessens the margin for the casual side. However, singles like a classic leather jacket, coat, and structured blazer are excellent options and blend perfectly with the rest of the outfit for a stylish smart casual look. 

At Leatherwear, we offer the best leather jackets and coats to pair with your business chic outfit for that semi-formal and smart casual touch. 

Smart Casual Women

Smart Casual Layers for Women

Coats, blazers, and jackets play a significant role in defining a smart casual outfit mainly because of their powerful look. Such garments widen the shoulders with the padding and give away boss lady vibes. Since the theme is smart casual, you can wear a classic formal element like traditional layering over a normal casual outfit. However, wearing a fusion element of formal and casual with casual overalls suits best for women wanting to make a fashion statement. A leather blazer or coat is the perfect star element for a smart casual dress code. 

At Leatherwear, we offer collarless tailored leather jackets with a formal look. The lambskin leather jacket offers a chic look on and off duty. If you’re not wearing it, throw it over your shoulders for a drapey look. We also have a Shobhan black formal leather blazer that greatly differs from wearing a regular blazer. It offers a sleek fit for the perfect outfit, and this blazer also works magnificently with different dress codes. Then we have our Natalie formal coat, which unlike the previous two, talks business only. The garment offers more room for creativity and styling because of its stern look. 

Smart Casual Women Jacket

Elements of Our Winter Smart Casual Layers

Though leather is a luxurious material, certain types rank above all, for example, lambskin. The thin and flexible material keeps the person wearing it relaxed for hours due to its soft feel. Unlike other types of leather,dress code for women Australia, lambskin is extremely breathable and offers a snug fit to the body. Keeping these properties in view, we select lambskin leather as the base of our Natalie coat and collarless tailored jacket, two masterpieces for business casual attires. We’ve also used real sheep grain leather in the Shobhan blazer as it is similar to lambskin, just a little less delicate and more durable. 

All three of our winter smart casual layers feature a polished look with smooth texture. We make a point of using premium quality elements for our leather pieces like the YKK accessories. This is because YKK accessories are extremely dependable and durable. From zippers to buttons, YKK products last a lifetime with maximum efficiency. We have also designed the blazer and coat with notch lapels as they are appropriate for business attires, while the round collarless design of the jacket gives a semi-formal look. Pockets are a must-have in all smart casual outfits, making them mandatory in our designs. Lastly, we have adjustable epaulets for size variation.

Smart Casual


Styling Our Winter Smart Casuals Layers

A smart casual attire is an entire outfit featuring a mix and match of elements suitable for work events and lunch with friends. To dress smart casual, you can start with a pair of dark wash denim pants on a plain white button-up. Wear this outfit with our stylish collarless tailored jacket, and opt for block heels for shoes. The collarless tailored jacket is easy to style with any business casual outfit. You can even recreate a fashion-forward smart casual dress featuring a nautical striped shirt with khakis or tailored pants. Top the look with the jacket and kitten heels. 

Another smart casual dress code for winter includes wearing a turtleneck with a knee-length pencil skirt. Turtle necks offer a formal look, while pencil skirts are the ultimate office wear. Pairing the two with our Shobhan formal blazer and smart ankle boots makes it an endgame. Lastly, our Natalie leather coat has strong formal vibes, so donning it over a sweater makes the strongest smart casual statement. For the first layer, try putting on a shirt with a forward point collar and skinny jeans for bottoms. The shoes you wear vary depending on the occasion, and you can choose between heels, sneakers, and loafers. 

Smart Casual Outfit

Why Choose Us? 

Fabricating a smart formal look with a few garments is hard, but not if you have our smart casual layers in your wardrobe. Leatherwear creates some of the best quality smart layering garments all over Australia. Our premium pieces are the ultimate fashion solution to your many style problems. These basics go perfectly with every outfit, making them a winter staple. Using the finest leather, our skilled craftsmen delicately create every piece to reminisce luxury wear. We also keep our customers at the top of our priority list in all aspects. From free delivery to size customization and flexible return and exchange policies, we are here to make your life a tad bit easier.