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Melbourne is undoubtedly the fashion capital of Australia, with the main focus on street style. If there is one city in the world that keeps street style above haute couture and business casual, it's Melbourne. The fun fact about Melbourne's evolving fashion preferences is that it incorporates leather in almost everything. The best bit is that the leather blends perfectly with all outfits elevating the entire look to the next level of chicness and adornment. This leather clothing doesn't have to be jackets and can be anything from leather coats to blazers and bottoms. However, jackets are the go-to since street style is most popular in Melbourne.

There are multiple ways to style a plain Jane outfit with a leather jacket to transform it into the best dress while out and about. The street style featuring leather clothing can be useful in the winter or even during chilly Melbourne evenings. We at Leatherwear proudly consider ourselves the best manufacturers of leather in Australia. Check out our range of men's and women's leather coats, jackets, and blazers complimenting your street-style taste.

Melbourne Leather Jacket

Types of Leather Jackets We Offer for Men

Our product categories for men's leather clothing have various leather jackets suitable for every occasion. These men's leather jackets fit perfectly with all street-style outfits and casual chic. We stock up on various styles of bikers jackets mainly because of their popularity among the Melbourne audience. The biker jackets are among our best sellers because of their versatile design. Melbournian men also love vintage-style motorcycle jackets as they have a rugged, handsome touch.

Hooded leather jackets are worn over basic tees and jeans to look like streetwear. It is better than wearing a leather jacket over a hoodie which can often get too warm. You can also try mixing and matching your casual wear with our men's bomber leather jackets which are always a win. The above-mentioned leather jackets can be paired with jeans, joggers, and even cargo pants. For the top, you can opt for a t-shirt, turtleneck, button-up, or whatever suits your street-style taste. All of our men's leather jackets are made of 100% genuine leather from cowhide, lambskin, sheepskin, and goatskin. The leather is tanned till it reaches the perfect shade, dried, and polished for a premium look.

Melbourne Leather Jacket Men

Types of Leather Jackets We Offer for Women

Women's street-style fashion is a lot more diverse than men's and has more room for creativity. Our women's leather clothing includes a variety of leather coats, jackets, and blazers. Though coats and blazers rarely help in styling streetwear, they can hit the spot sometimes. In the range of leather jackets, we offer classic leather jackets with snap collars and front closures. These classics leave you with a lot of design margin and promote contrast and creative thinking. Our biker jackets are also quite popular due to their one-in-all chic-casual look. You can also check out our cut-style biker jacket, which is the dominating garment no matter what it is worn with.

Our asymmetrical zipper jackets, moto leather jackets, and quilted jackets are wardrobe staples for fashion divas. All these leather garments are made of real leather of different types, including lambskin, sheepskin, and cowhide, all of which make excellent base materials. You can create mesmerising streetwear leather outfits with these pieces by combining them with jeans, pants, chinos, shorts, and joggers. Swapping these bottoms for leather pants or a leather wrap skirt, or an a-line skirt, and skipping the jacket is another great idea. Since streetwear usually contains a casual element which the leather garment is not, you can experiment with things already available to you.

Melbourne Leather Jacket Women

Elements of Our Leather Jackets

The accessories, elements, or embellishments on a leather jacket make or break its look. At Leatherwear, we focus on using top-quality studs and zippers to offer a luxury experience. This high-end detailing also adds up to the life of the leather clothing and makes it easier to wear. Most of our men's leather jackets feature open closures with durable YKK zippers. We use these zippers specifically because of their easy pull and lock technology that allows smooth closure. These zippers stay in shape for years and don't rust, either. We also use premium polyester and viscose fabric for the lining as they both are breathable, comfortable, and lightweight.

The same goes for women's leather jackets, as they also feature a similar closure. The lining options are also identical in men's and women's leather jackets and make the garment ideal for every season. The studs and silver detailing on most women's biker jackets are also from YKK, as they have the best and most durable accessories. We have attached all elements to the leather using a seamless stitching technique that contributes to the finesse.

Leather Jacket Men

Why Choose Us?

Leatherwear is the best solution for your everyday casual outfit problems. One jacket can keep you sorted for a week's worth of outfit changes. The reason is that our leather jackets represent luxury wear which boosts confidence that keeps you shining bright. Moreover, at Leatherwear, you get value for the money at an affordable price. Every single designer at our shop aims to create unique pieces that complement streetwear that you can carry at any time of the day. We are always willing to give our extra for your satisfaction. Be it size customization, free country-wide delivery, or easy exchange policies, we've got you covered.