Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are an all-time trending fashion condiment for men. Regardless of its price tag or designer label, a good leather jacket is all you need to slay the look. It's surprising how greatly outerwear can impact your style, and that too so effortlessly.

However, classics are not the only leather jacket style you should rely on for hassle-free OOTD aesthetics. When it comes to leather jackets, there is one for every occasion and taste; from punk-inspired to dad-style, you name it! But there are always a few that rank at the top.

Below is our recommendation for the seven staple men's leather jacket styles everyone should have for a go-to dapper look.

Top 7 Leather Jackets for Men

1.    Leather Biker Jacket

A leather biker jacket is one of the most in-demand men's leather jackets of all time. From vintage to the modern era, the biker's jacket has been a top pick of most men seeking the rock stars' style. Most people mistake the bikers jacket for a motorcycle jacket when they differ in material and build.

You can recognize biker jackets through the thick leather, fitted silhouette, asymmetrical design, dramatic lapels, and lots of pockets with zippers. You can pair up your biker jacket with a plain turtleneck and jeans on a night out with friends.

biker leather jacket

2.    Leather Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are some of the iconic jackets out there which are practical and stylish. This jacket doesn't offer the perfect leather jacket fit like regular ones. The leather jacket style features a front zipper closure with a round neck knitted collar. However, that is the beauty of the bomber jacket. A leather bomber jacket looks elite when paired with the right accessories.

Pair the bomber leather jacket with a crisp white shirt and jeans or chinos, depending on the occasion. Put on some shades or a watch for something extra, and your insta-worthy outfit is ready.

leather bomber jacket

3.    Leather Racer Jacket

Racer jacket are some of the best leather jackets preferred by men because of their sporty-chic vibe. They are pretty similar to leather motorcycle jackets with the same straight silhouette, sturdy zippers, stab buttons, and cuffs.

There are multiple ways to style a racer jacket, but the classic way is with a shirt, ripped jeans, and a muffler on a chilly day. Racer jackets are quite versatile, as you can wear them with an office look. Regardless of your outfit, keep the accessories minimal to zero while wearing a racer jacket because of its design.

brown leather jacket men

4.    Leather Shearling Jacket

If you wish to wear something trendy yet warm, opt for a leather shearling jacket. The shearling leather jacket, also known as an aviator or flight jacket, is a fashion favorite of many. Out of all the leather jackets, this one has been around for centuries.

The soft and supple sheepskin and faux fur combo are beyond perfection. Wear this best leather jacket with androgynous sweatshirts or snug sweaters. For a bold look, pair it up with faux fur pants and accessorize according to your liking.

Leather Shearling Jacket

5.    Leather Field Jacket

This leather jacket might seem to many as a military jacket, and for all right reasons. The wide shoulders, slightly distressed design, and insulated interior of the leather field jacket make it extremely practical. You can differentiate this jacket from others because of its four large pockets and dramatically straight collar.

A field jacket is ideal for when you're doing errands and want to look your best. You can also wear it with a plain button-down or t-shirt. Wide or distressed jeans also pair well with this jacket.

leather jacket men

6.    Leather Blazer Jacket

The popular leather blazer of the seventies has made a comeback from time to time due to its preppy look. Men love swapping their boring plaid blazers for the leather draped over their shoulders, and rightfully so. A leather blazer, be it single-breasted or double-breasted, is a keeper for semi-official events.

It is a must-have for die-hard fashion followers because it goes perfectly with both traditional and bold attires. You can nail it with both a button-down and an open-button shirt; just make sure to wear leather boots to match the look.

Leather Blazer Jacket

7.    Leather Varsity Jacket

A leather varsityis the true definition of academic chic. With bold font imprinted on the front, back, and sleeves, this leather jacket is best suited for casual and sporty looks. A dark-colored varsity jacket is all that you need to solve your everyday outfit problems.

Varsity jackets are usually made of wool, which makes them less puffy than leather. However, leather is a good addition. You can wear a varsity jacket with a hoodie as well as a turtleneck. Both joggers and jeans go perfectly with a leather varsity jacket. Try putting on a beanie cap, and you're all checked with that hipster vibe.

leather jacket australia


A real leather jacket is, without a doubt, the wisest wardrobe decision a guy can make. They might seem over budget at first, but the price of quality leather jackets pays off. The best part of a leather jacket is it's low maintenance since it ages like fine wine and doesn't need a weekly wash. So wear it off until it wears off!