Women Leather Jacket in Australia - A Shopping Guide 2023

The land of Kangaroos is a world in itself with sights seen nowhere else. Australia is not only popular for its tropical beaches and culinary diversity but also for its high-end fashion choices. From slaying mixed aboriginal clothes to donning casual-chic everyday looks, Australian fashion is class apart, particularly women's fashion. Though leather is not a traditional fabric leather jacket in Australia, it plays a significant role in women's apparel. Most women in Australia can be found styling leather jackets not for warmth but for fashion aesthetics.

Since a leather jacket is a timeless piece or style statement, it is the perfect piece to look like a fashionista without even trying. Moreover, a leather jacket takes over other layering fabrics because of its design diversity. While denim and suede jackets women jacket Australia have pros, choosing them over leather would be like restricting yourself to one fabric in a single design.

Leather comes in multiple grades and types and in a wide variety of styles. From plain to glamorous, there is a leather jacket in Australia ideally suited to every vibe, mood, and personal style.

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Styles of Leather Jackets for Women in Australia

1.    Bikers Leather Jackets

A bike leather jacket is mostly the top pick for wild events like concerts or a night out. These womens leather jackets are often associated with a punk outfit because of its bold look with the prominent silver hardware. The biker leather jacket has a lot of detailing but looks flattering on only a few body types. While you can find other leather jacket styles in various colours, the biker jacket mostly comes in black. It is easy to style as it goes well with almost anything, be it a T-shirt with denim pants or a bodycon dress.

Biker Leather Jacket

2.    Bomber Leather Jackets

The bomber women leather jacket in Australia is a wardrobe must-have outerwear because of its functionality. This garment does the perfect job of keeping you warm without making you look like a puffball. The bomber jacket has a puffed silhouette that hides your torso and figure. Though it doesn't offer a regular fit, it is the ideal option to stay warm. You can find the bomber jacket in various colours, from pink to brown and even trendy metallic. This jacket goes well with flared pants and baggy shirts. You can also wear it the Kylie Jenner way with skin-fit denim, a t-shirt, and boots.

Bomber Leather Jacket

3.    Shearling Leather Jackets

The shearling leather jacket is a seasonal choice for Australian women because of the additional warmth it offers. This jacket is made of sturdy, textured leather with a soft wool collar, cuff, and interior. The jacket has multiple pockets as well, which promotes practicality in stylish wear. Shearling jackets have a zipper closure with a belt that accentuates your waist. This winter-season jacket usually comes in grey, brown, and earthy tones other than the classic black colour. The shearling jacket is a go-to outerwear for casual hikes or gathering with friends. It pairs up best with sweaters and skinny denim jeans.

Shearling Leather Jacket

4.    Racer Leather Jackets

The racer leather jacket is adored by Australian women because of the elegant and classy look it gives, suitable for every occasion. Originally the racer jacket had a soft vibe compared to the dark biker leather jacket. Most people confuse the two when the biker jacket has more studs and accessories. Racer jackets are usually made of soft leather but are extremely durable and smooth to the touch. The black or brown racer jacket is worn by women with practical outfits like comfy pants and loose-fitted shirts. The reason is that the fitted silhouette of a racer jacket makes you look good in every outfit.

Racer Leather Jacket

5.    Hooded Leather Jackets

Hooded leather jackets are one of the least-popular leather jacket trends that deserve more hype. These women's jackets are mostly made of genuine or real leather and are worn in the winter season. The hooded jacket comes in multiple hoods made of leather, wool, or cotton. This hood-style jacket mostly comes in black colour with grey contrast. The jacket best suits easy-going or informal looks, but you can style it in a chic way too. Simply pair it with a graphic tee, boyfriend denim pants, and Converse for an effortless look every time you're heading out.

Hooded Leather Jacket

6.    Faux Fur Leather Jackets

Out of all women's leather jackets, the faux fur leather jacket is the most elite jacket, suitable for black tie events. These fancy jackets replace women's leather coats and style flawlessly with gowns as well as regular casual fits. The faux fur leather jacket has the interior of a leather coat with the cropped length of a jacket. It features a luxurious, plush faux fur collar and cuff that compliments the real leather. The teddy fabric is the star of the garment as it can transform your simple turtleneck and skirt into a boujee attire fit for an influencer event.

Faux Fur leather Jacket

7.    Varsity Leather Jackets

The cheerleader style was a huge thing back in the day, and it still has some influence through varsity leather jackets. The jackets are pure casual layering garments that are stylish yet comfortable. These jackets have words printed on the back, front, and sleeves, which gives them an athletic look. Varsity jackets have a similar silhouette as the bomber jacket but are less puffier. Moreover, they have striped collars and cuffs, unlike the bomber jacket. You can style the varsity jacket with shirts, skirts, pants, and tees.

Varsity Leather Jacket

8.    Cropped Leather Jackets

Cropped women's leather jackets are not only loved by teens but by other age groups as well. They come with different details like extra studs or more belts and buttons. You can mostly find cropped jackets for women in the punk or biker style. These jackets have fitted long sleeves with full-notch collars but with a torso cropped near the bust. The jackets pair well with tank tops and flared pants. You can also wear this jacket with flowy boho dresses to add a modern touch to semi-casual outfits.

Cropped Leather Jacket

9.    Oversized Leather Jackets

The oversized leather jackets are the complete opposite of the cropped leather jackets but are loved as much, if not more. These jackets fall under the androgynous category and are suited for all body types. The jackets come in all designs, including racer, motorcycle, and classic designs. You can also find these jackets in various colours, black, brown, and red being the most popular. The best way to slay the oversized jacket is by painting it up with slim overalls like skinny pants, fitted tops, and straight silhouettes. This way, the oversized layer complements the rest.

Oversized Leather Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose leather jackets for women according to body type?

Choosing a leather jacket can be confusing, but you should always search for the right silhouette. Biker, racer, and bomber jacket silhouettes are ideal for slim structures as they have a waist-cinching shape. On the contrary, classic and straight silhouettes compliment chubby bodies as they hide the torso shape.

What is the softest leather for women's leather jackets?

Lambskin is the softest leather suitable for women's leather jackets. The leather features a smooth and luxurious texture that is lightweight as well as delicate. However, with such a thin and delicate texture, this leather skin needs extra care and maintenance to last as long as other types of leather.

How to check the quality of a leather jacket?

You can identify the quality of a leather jacket fits-of-all by checking the leather skin. The smell of leather can also give you an idea if it's original or not, as real leather has a pungent smell. Real leather jackets also have well-tanned edges, so if the edges are differently coloured, it means the jacket is not quality made.

What is the difference between leather coats and leather blazers?

The main difference between leather coats and weather jackets is their length. While coats are longer than the knee length, blazers reach near the thigh. Leather coats are also heavy and super cozy, while blazers are comparatively lightweight and less insulated. The main purpose of coats is to offer protection, while blazers are worn as an official layering item.