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Men's fashion industry heavily relies on leather garments. Though leather is a winter fabric, you can casually spot men wearing it in summer, all for the sake of fashion. And you can't deny that men wearing leather jackets look extremely attractive, no matter what style.

The diverse designs and styles of men's leather jackets make it extremely hard to pick one. Now as a guy, you can either go with your intuition and buy a leather jacket that looks good on the mannequin. The second recommended option is to think clearly and get a real leather jacket that looks good.

This article will guide you through the popular leather jackets for men and their commonly used materials.

Leather Jacket Men

5 Popular Men's Leather Jacket Styles

Bomber Leather Jacket

If you're practical but don't want to compromise on their style, the leather bomber jacket is made for you. This puffy jacket has been making it to the fashion headlines for a few years now. The aerated quilted silhouette makes this jacket perfect for all body types. Wear this versatile piece with skin-fit jeans, joggers, and even chinos. While it won't give you the macho effect, bomber jackets have the reputation of being cute and cosy.

Bomber Leather Jacket

Flight Leather Jacket

Flight jackets are a bit like bomber jackets in shape but rougher in texture. Unlike the smooth bomber jacket, a flight jacket has a prominent grain. These jackets are mostly preferred by middle-aged men who want to check mark their to-do list in style. A leather flight jacket goes best with distressed, grey-wash denim jeans and a simple shirt. Wearing a flight jacket on a special occasion is not a good idea because it is extremely casual. Leather flight jackets denote rugged handsomeness and practicality, so choose them if these are your personality traits.

Flight Leather Jacket

Racer Leather Jacket

Men of all ages love the evergreen racer leather jacket because of its minimalistic, classy look. Most people confuse the racer jacket with the biker jacket because of the contrasting names. A biker jacket screams 'Pick me,' while a racer jacket has a chill, careless, yet authoritative vibe. The beauty of racer leather jackets is that they go well with anything. Just wear a racer jacket, and you can transform your plain shirt and jeans into something elite.

Racer leather Jacket

High-collar Leather Jacket

High collars for men were big in the 70s and 80s and are still a huge preference for most men. This fashion element triggers the male psychology that points towards aggressiveness and strength. The high-collar leather jacket mostly suits men with a gym-freak aura. These leather jackets pair perfectly with jeans and shirts. Wearing these with joggers or chinos would be a big mistake. You can wear the jacket with a turtleneck, though, and a muffler would also do great with the look.

High Collar Leather Jacket

Varsity Leather Jacket

Varsity leather jackets are a mixture of academic and sports looks. Most men prefer these jackets because they are a safe option. The varsity jacket is neither too strong nor cute but is the perfect blend. Young men mostly wear these jackets as they point towards a carefree or playful nature. You can wear a varsity leather jacket with turtlenecks, round-neck tees, and v-neck tees. They also go well with straight jeans and skinny jeans.

Varsity Leather Jacket

Men's Basic Leather Jacket Material


Leather jackets are not only worn for warmth, so cowhide is not the best way to go if you're looking for something light and cool. Cowhide leather is extremely thick and grainy leather, like the one used in flight jackets. The sole purpose of this leather type is to keep you warm. It is also very durable and resistant to heat and sun damage. This strong leather is also not prone to cracking like most leather types. Cowhide leather is the best choice for real leather coats and chore jackets.


Lambskin leather is the type of leather you would want for summer. The thin texture of this leather makes it ideal for racer and biker jackets. This leather is also famous for its soft and smooth finish that adds up to its flexibility. Lambskin leather is also super breathable and lightweight. We wouldn't recommend it for heavy-duty leather jackets as it is high maintenance and wouldn't last long. It is suitable for occasionally worn leather jackets, though.


There is always a debate between sheepskin and lambskin leather when both are quite different. The grain of sheepskin is a bit more prominent than that of lambskin leather. Naturally, sheepskin offers more insulation and has better durability. Though it is not as heavy-duty as cowhide leather, sheepskin can be used for lightweight leather jackets that offer enough warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can old men wear leather jackets?

There is no age restriction in wearing leather jackets for men. You can wear it at any age. However, you can be more particular about your style and colors Black is often considered a punk colour, so if you're 45+, it's safe to go with grey and brown. For styles, you should avoid bikers, bombers, and racer jackets and stick with the classic style.

Why do men prefer leather over denim?

Most men prefer leather over denim in winter because of its warmth. Another reason to get leather jackets over denim is because of the details. Leather jackets are more versatile and come in different designs, while denim jackets come in limited shades. Moreover, leather jackets symbolise dominance and rebellion, which matches most men's style.

Where to buy leather jackets in Australia?

It's pretty easy to find leather jackets in Australia. You can search for them in shopping malls and online stores. Many international brands sell leather jackets in their Australian outlets. However, the best Australian leather jackets are available at dedicated leather jacket dealers.

Does the inner lining make a difference in men's leather jackets?

The inner lining makes a huge difference in the comfort level of a leather jacket. No matter how soft or thin the leather is, it would feel itchy in direct contact with the skin. A lining adds a fabric layer between your skin and the leather, keeping you always comfortable.