Fall - the season that announces the soon arrival of the beloved winter, is awaited for many reasons. Apart from pumpkins, coffee, and Gilmore Girls, fall and winter are major favorites because of their fashion trends. And what better garment to sum up fall and winter fashion than a cozy, chic, and sleek black leather blazer?

From top-notch celebrity divas to nerdy bookaholics, every woman wants a women leather blazer for the crisp and cold seasons. Now, the main problem is how to look different while wearing a leather blazer in the season of black women leather blazer.

No worries because we have your back girlies! Hop along our guide for five awesome looks to ace your fall/winter ootd.

black leather jacket


5 Ways to Style a Black Women Leather Blazer

Lorelai Style

Even though black leather blazers were a trend way before the hit series, Lorelai Gilmore made it the official fall wardrobe must-have. Originally, leather blazers symbolize seriousness, power, and structure, but the Lorelai style completely tones it to energetic, bubbly, and driven. The key is to wear something out of the boring box.

For instance, choose a different color than black as your inner outfit. The black-on-black would not work for this look. Go for gray, brown, or even a crimson turtleneck or sweater under the black blazer. For bottoms, we highly recommend skipping bell-bottom jeans for a non-flared, printed skirt. Finally, wear Chelsea or ankle boots as dessert!

Lorelai Style


Busy Momma Style

Are you a mother trying to look presentable, picking up her child after running a gazillion errands? We feel you, and this look is created especially for you. Its overall vibe is natural, in control, and mature, yet stylish. The best part about this look is that you can wear it as a work outfit after a little swapping of elements.

So set your base with a classic black-and-white mini check button-down shirt because moms love checks. You can opt for a solid color as well, but checks make this look magnifico. Then, put on a pair of dark gray straight or skinny pants. Make sure not to go for cargo, flared, or bell bottoms. Wear this look with either slip-on booties or loafers and deceive those ideal moms at school.

Busy Momma Style

Influencer Style

Winter is the season for influencers and Instagram models, and they sure don't want to miss out on the evergreen women leather blazer trend. This look is highly recommendable if you want to woo your audience with something new by putting together the originals. It's posh, elegant, dominating, and, at the very same time, feminine.

You can choose between colors like khaki, beige, cream, camel, or even a light, dusky shade of brown. Now, get yourself a partly cropped top with an exaggerated high neck and long sleeves. For bottoms, go with a matching plaid mini skirt, and feel free to wear leg warmers. Drape the blazer over your shoulders and slay with just-below-the-knee boots and shades.

Busy Momma Style

Goth Boss Babe Style

Ever wonder what a modern queen wears in winter? For one, her outfit has to have a black leather blazer womens to represent royalty. And for second, the queen's outfit has to be a mix of Kim K and Carrie Anne Moss's iconic leather-on-leather style. Putting together this seemingly easy outfit can be a pain in the head, so follow neatly.

Select black as your base color because it will give you that badass, gothic main character energy. For garments, pick a black shirt and tuck it inside the wide-legged faux leather pants. If you can, go for center-creased pants. Wear the black leather blazer over with shiny stilettos and a tiny designer bag.

Busy Momma Style

Chic Street Style

Wearing a black leather blazer while strolling the streets might sound odd, but trust the process. The leather blazer is on one side, and the rest of the garments are on the other, making this outfit work like magic. If put together perfectly, this outfit will give off sweet, naughty, skater-girl vibes.

Start this outfit with a fitted black high-neck shirt. The material shouldn't be too thick, or else it'll make the outfit go wobbly. Wear high-waisted, light-wash denim jeans, preferably in a straight silhouette. Then, wear the blazer with Converse and minimal accessories or a cap for the aesthetics.

Chic Street Style


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal length of a women leather blazer?

Ideally, a perfectly sized leather blazer should be able to cover your seat or fall just below your hips. However, modern designs have made blazers a bit more sporty, with the hem falling at the middle of your hips with a slight curve near the waist.

Which material should you go for when buying a black leather blazer womens?

Leather blazers are usually not known for their warmth but rather their looks, so you don't have to opt for heavy leather. You can settle well with a quality sheepskin that offers decent insulation and is lightweight.

Can you wear a black leather blazer to a party?

Depends on what type of party it is. If we're talking sophomore or college parties, then a huge no. However, you can always wear a leather blazer to a housewarming party or an after-meeting success party.


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