Leather Jacket & Leather Shorts Styles For Women - Complete Fashion Guide

Leather jackets and shorts have proven to be one of the most favored wardrobe essentials – for good reason. Available in an array of swoon-worthy colours, leather jackets and shorts can be the perfect staple on your nights out.

These days leather jackets and shorts have become a style statement for many and are adorned by people who have good taste. If you want to experiment with your look, then it is time that you let your hair down. Simply match your leather jacket and shorts with some tops and shoes so you can create the spiciest outfit ever.

Want to style yourself according to certain occasions so you can be at the center of attention in a crowd? Here are 10 leather jacket and shorts ideas that we are sure you will end up loving!

 Black Slim Fit Leather Jacket: 

Have you recently spotted your favorite female celebrity sporting black leather, and now you want one too? When it comes to black leather jacket, women, you will undeniably look like a queen once you style it. If you want to keep it simple and low-key, you know the trick. Throw on a black leather jacket women, if you want to liven up your outfit, whether it is a pair of pants, jeans, or slacks.

Leather jacket women

Red Ladies Leather Jacket:

 Do you feel uncomfortable with striking shades of red and want to settle down with a leather jacket women that is less bright? Or do you already have a black leather jacket women, so you would like to try a new color? Whatever the reason, we are here with a solid option for you. If you are a fashion-conscious woman, this red jacket leather with padded arms and beautiful hues will be ideal.

You’ll be able to make an attention-grabbing appearance and might also be able to pull off a casual look with a pair of white jeans and athletic shoes.

Leather jacket women

Brown Hooded Leather Jacket:

 As many people do not prefer shearling leather brown jacket women prefer to choose between decent options. Did you read brown and leather? Well, both of these together make the deadliest and hottest combination ever. Many say that brown jackets leather is the next big fashion statement as the time has come for you to shine in the limelight. Other than the color, the broad collars, sturdy zip, and fitted sleeves make this jacket one of a kind.

Leather jacket women

Juniper Orange Leather Jacket:


Why is there any need to be dull when you can rock bright colors like a pro? It is said that wearing bright colors makes your look pop out and brings out your hidden confidence. This ladies' leather jacket Australia in orange will make you shine when you walk into a room full of people. Featuring fitted sleeves and a padded area on the side, this jacket will make all your parties, adventures, and dinners the most memorable.

Leather Jacket Women

Lillia Blue Leather Jacket:

Denim-colored blues are the safest option you can opt for in leath

er jackets as they are classic and have a timeless appeal. If you need to style an everyday ladies leather jacket Australia.

This is the most exquisite shade of blue that you’ll ever find.If you hate a close neck, then you’ll be glad to learn that this jacket with a wide collar can save you from stuffiness.

Leather Jacket Women

Brown Leather Shorts:


You have probably heard the phrase that “shorts are the best accessory that a woman can style.” We would like you to know that the phrase is right on point. Shorts can be a girl’s best friend when you feel like getting some air during the summer season. If you invest in a pair of brown shorts, you can easily style them with an endless number of tops for yourself.

Leather Shorts Women

Baggy Black Leather Shorts:

 Do you already own a shearling leather jackets women, and would love to give a chance to leather shorts as well? Just so you know, leather shorts will always be in style no matter what the season or occasion is. If you want to end the summer season with a fashionable bang, then these black leather shorts will automatically make you look classy. Make sure you style these black leather shorts with a bright top so you can improve your style game with an edgy look.

 Black Leather Shorts

Light Pink Leather Shorts:

 One universal preference – no matter what age or size you are, every woman has fallen in love with pink at some point in their lives. When it comes to pink leather shorts, they scream “casual and easy to style,” which is why every woman must have one such shorts in their wardrobe. With these basic yet stylish shorts, you will appear like a real boss lady. These shorts also come with a belt which enhances their appearance even more.

Leather Shorts Women

Olive Green Leather Shorts:

 If you want to seem no less than a celebrity, you need to try out these unique olive-green leather shorts. These textured leather shorts are available in a pastel color that is perfectly suitable for summer evenings as you wouldn’t like to wear dark colors. You can even pair these shorts with a fun top to complete your look. We recommend to pair these leather shorts with a ribbed white tee.

Leather Shorts Women


Basic Honey Leather Shorts:

 Do you love to experiment with your looks, no matter how crazy the idea might seem to be at first? These basic honey-colored leather shorts can help you create the perfect fall look for a day out. If you want to stay warm during the breezy months, you can pair these shorts with a long-sleeved sweater as this way, you will be able to create a balance. We would recommend selecting a printed sweater in turquoise or blue shades.

Leather Shorts Women

TAKEAWAY TIP: How to Style Leather Jackets and Shorts for an Evening out with Friends in Australia

While a shearling leather jacket womens might not be the first thing that comes to your mind in the Australian winters, it can be the perfect clothing accessory for light winters. Who says that you can’t style colored leather jackets or textured leather shorts? The options are truly endless when you come to think of them. All you need to do is step out of your comfort zone and try on something crazy with a fun side to it.

You can also invest in additional accessories such as pairing your leather shorts with a blazer or even styling the shorts with long fancy boots. The tip is to wear what you feel comfortable in, so just go with the flow, and you will be able to create an aesthetic and amazing look of your own.