A Leather Bomber Jacket is a Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Work Wardrobe

Are you wondering if leather bomber jackets are still a thing in mid-2022 or have they become a thing of the past? When it comes to leather bomber jackets you should know that they are not only eternal.

A leather bomber jacket can be the best and most vital accessory to have in your closet as it helps complete your look like no other outerwear. Leather jackets might usually remind people of men, but leather bomber jacket women are as popular as the men’s collection. Do you want to know what the hype is all about surrounding leather bomber jackets? Well, let us give you an overview!

Why is a Leather Bomber Jacket Called a Bomber Jacket?

A leather bomber jacket is called a bomber jacket because it was initially introduced as a part of the military uniform and, later on, became widely available as fashion wear.

Bomber jackets were also referred to as flight jackets and they became popular among the non-military in the late 1960s to 1980s.

Leather jacket women

Types of Bomber Leather Jacket

1.      Suede Leather Bomber Jacket

One of the most high-quality materials, Suede leather jackets are highly popular these days.

If you want to give a formal look to your work outfits and want to give them an expensive feel.

2.      Sheepskin Leather Bomber Jacket

Sheepskin is one of the most genuine materials and can be one of the most durable materials. Leather bomber jackets are worth the investment and if you take care of them properly, they will last you for decades and the color and material will not fade like other cheap materials.

3.      Colorful Bomber Leather Jacket

While people have the common misconception that leather jackets are only restricted to black. Popular colors for bomber leather jackets include green, white, purple, pink, and brown, as well as rich colors such as maroon, blue, and mustard.

If you are going towards formal or work wear, then you should go towards neutral colors like brown, black, skin, black

Styling Leather Bomber Jacket Women

Leather bomber jacket women

Wondering what could be the best possible way to style a leather bomber jacket being a woman? Do you want to bring together an effortless yet chic work wardrobe look that doesn’t take up a lot of your time? Well, here are a few ideas that could help you out.

1.      Go All Black

While this might be the most common or traditional look that you will come across, it remains classy. All black can be the best work look to pull off as it looks formal and stylish at the same time. If you want to go all black then put on a pair of black formal pants

2.      Mix and Match

If you are not much of a monotone person, then you can try to experiment with your look.For such a look you can settle with two tones that are suitable for the daytime.

Consider styling white leather pants, a plain white tucked-in t-shirt, and a beige or skin-colored  jacket on top. You could finish off the look with some nude heels and a matching handbag.

Tips on Styling a Leather Bomber Jacket

If you are tired of the same old looks,then here are a few foolproof tips on styling leather perfectly.

  • Instead of sticking to black, try playing with some other bold and funky leather jacket colors.
  • Accessorize your jacket look with chains, bracelets, and bags.
  • Don’t hesitate to add something on top of your jacket.
  • Leave your leather jacket unzipped if it is not too windy or cold just for the styling.
  • Add elements of leather with your bomber jacket whether it is leather boots, leather shorts, a leather skirt.

Parting Note

A leather bomber jacket can be a great investment as they are truly timeless and come in a variety of different colors, fabrics, cuts. Bomber leather jackets are popular worldwide and are just as popular as any other fashion outerwear out there. Have fun shopping for some leatherwear and styling your work outfits like a pro.


 Biker leather jacket

A leather biker jacket women can be your most favorable accessory if you know how to style it and when is the most appropriate time to wear it.Leather is a very tough material, it is soft and cool to the touch making it the most-loved and treasured item ever.

Instead of the usual jet-black look, this leather jacket has more of a greyish shade to it.

This leather jacket Australia comes with a matching zipper on the front, a small round neckline,which can be a lifesaver for storing your essentials such as keys, mobile phone, and wallet.

What Leather Can I Wear to Formal Occasions?

 Long Leather Coat

If you already have some high-neck or round jackets in your wardrobe, then we are sure you would like to try out a new or different style.

To make that easier for you, here is a black blazer with a deep neck, silver zippers on the front and pockets.

Furthermore, this blazer will also pass off as a formal wear which can be perfect for your effortless early morning look.

To spice up the look, you can wear this blazer with formal black pants, a high neck inner ribbed shirt.


Over the past few years, leather jackets have gained a lot of fame and love from women as every fashion might come and go, but these leather jackets are here to remain.

Leather jackets can be the go-to clothing everyone wants to have, and their unique design lets you flaunt the inner shirt you are wearing inside.