Guide on Carrying a Long Leather Coat

If you are a fan of leather and someone who loves clothing such as leather jackets and leather pants, you’ll love reading this. A long leather coat can make you look dark and cool. Same as other leather items, this coat is not difficult to style. But to make things simple, here’s the list of the best coat outfits. Let’s know more. 

Long Leather Coat

1- Button belted leather coat with skinny jeans

You will never go wrong with a long buttoned coat. But, for the perfect result, go with the one with a belted design for extra style. You can wear dark blue skinny jeans and a white fitted sweater to complete the outfit. Black leather ankle boots go best with coats.

2- Long leather coat with leather leggings and white top

This is a slim and sleek outfit that you must try. It would help if you kept things simple. A white fitted sweater with a long black coat with a slim fit will work well. Pair it with black leggings and leather ankle boots to look lean, tall, and stylish.

3- Leather coat with black leather pants and grey ribbed sweater

You can throw some knit elements into the mix to look more mature. For instance, wear a grey sweater that is well fitted to show some curves and pair it with a coat and black leggings. Leather ankle boots will match the outfit. 

4- Black Leather Jacket with fur collar - Leather Coat

Firstly,Try this faux leather jacket with fur collar design look to add a ladylike feel. For better styling, pair it with a white sweater and blue denim. You can go with pale pink pointed heels to add a feminine touch.

5- Coat with a tribal printed maxi dress

Add something yellow to the outfit for a more cheerful and feminine look. For instance, pair the oversized coat with a yellow tribal printed maxi dress.Therefore, pair it with black lace-up leather ankle boots to look trendy.

6- White sweater with a quilted leather coat and ripped jeans

However,You can turn a coat into a boyfriend-style outfit. Wear a sweater with light blue ripped boyfriend jeans for a casual look. A black quilted coat will level it up. Pair it with black strappy hills to make the outfit unique. 

These are some fabulous long leather coat outfit ideas, that aren’t difficult to carry. NowSo go ahead and give them a try. If they don’t suit you, create a look on your own.