Differences Between Leather Biker Jacket Vs. Protection Jacket On Motorcycle

Leather Motorcycle jackets initially designed to offer protection to speed lovers. As time passed and fashion sense evolved, more people showed interest in the Leather Motorcycle jacket as a fashionable wardrobe choice. Since then, two types of leather motorcycle jacket have been available on the market; most people fail to understand the difference.

For a long time, brands offering biker leather jackets specifically for bikers, while fashionable Leather Motorcycle jackets are to be worn as a stylish upper layer. If you’re one of those who are unable to differentiate between leather biker jackets and protection jackets, you’re at the right place.

This article will take you through the major differences between biker leather jackets and protection jackets every biker should know.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Difference In Leather JacketType

The first and major difference between leather biker jackets and protection jackets is the type of leather. The first thing to be considered when buying leather or protection jackets  material.

A Leather Motorcycle jacket for fashionwear mostly includes lightweight materials such as sheep, goat, or lambskin. These are the ideal material for leather jackets because they are soft, smooth, and easy to carry.

These materials are easy to accommodate due to their easy-to-manage yet durable styling. However, a leather jacket meant to provide protectionusually constructed with a little heavier material such as cow or buffalo skin. Both, biker leather jackets and protection jackets have great resistance and offer good protection against scratches and unwanted road incidents.

Thickness and Softness of Leather

The next major difference between biker leather jackets and protection jackets is thickness and comfort. Generally, the thicker the jacket, the better the projection. Therefore protection jackets are always thicker than fashion leather jackets. A protection jacket must always be tough and thick to bear sudden incidents. Generally, a good protection jacket estimated to have a thickness of 1.1 cm.

Whereas fashion jackets are soft and light. It is because their only job is to make you look good and work as an extra layer. It is better to go for a smooth and soft fashion leather jacket to enjoy your look with comfort. The lighter the material of a fashion Leather Motorcycle jacket, the easier you’ll feel when styled.

Leather Thickness

Difference of Design

Most people don’t know, but leather jackets are quite different in design than protection jackets. Starting from a protection jacket, it mostly includes collars similar to fashion jackets. A stud and strong zip in the center is a must in a protective jacket. A thick and adjustable belt offers ease with protection in leather jackets.

On the other hand, a fashion jacket, like the black spade leather biker jacket, includes flashy accessories to enhance the aesthetics. Zips and buttons integrated to fulfill the needs and give a perfect biker jacket look. In Leather Motorcycle jackets, the cuffs are fastened with studs and a zipper. With various materials, the biker fashion jacket offers a more polished and glossy.

Things To Know About Protection Jackets

Most protection jackets include goat hides, kangaroo hides, and cowhides due to the material quality and high resistance. These materials offer great protection against the road when riding. Additionally, these materials are lightweight, making them comfortable for riders.

The combination of rigid material and perfect overall fit is hard to beat. Protection jackets, unlike leather biker jackets, are breathable. Therefore they make up a good choice for a comfortable ride, due to the overall construction protection jackets.

 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Things To Know About Leather Jackets

Since fashion is more of a concern for most people, leather jackets have become a new trend. Leather biker jackets offer the perfect opportunity to display your own personal style. Biker or non-biker people prefer having at least one versatile and trendy leather jacket to flaunt their style. These Leather Motorcycle jackets are designed for fashion purposes; therefore, they differ from protection jackets.


Although they do offer some protection against the road when riding these are not recommended to true bikers. The best part of these jackets is the variety of styles they offer. These jackets can be styled formally and casually for a wide array of events and are sure to capture everyone’s attention, wherever you go.