Local Australian Influencer Gives A Shout Out To Leather Wear!

A local Australian social media influencer Farrah Zaur gives a shoot out to the Leather Wear for providing with the immense quality of female leather jacket to her.
She said in her post
The tall pine trees, smoke coming out of the chimney and the smell of burning wood. Everytime I go out for a walk in winters here in Melbourne, this view and feel literally takes me back to the days I lived in Kashmir. And sometimes I think it is so amazing how our senses and mind can connect us to the best memories from our childhood through little things. Maybe that’s why they say little things matter.
One of the things I am loving this winter is my gorgeous leather jacket by @lwpremierstore. The soothing scent of pure leather, the phenomenal built and the amazing quality of this leather jacket was enough to make me fall in love with leather again. Perfect to keep me warm in this cold Melbourne weather.

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