How To Clean Men Leather Jacket Effectively

Avoid Using Artificial Leather Polish

There are many people unaware of the fact that leather jacket should not be polished with the artificial polish we used for our shoes. The leather shoe polish is entirely different from the men biker leather jacket polish. Usually there is no such polish we can use on the stitched leather which make the leather looks new. There are leather wipes which can be used to wipe the dirt from the leather jacket and that make the leather looks clean and new. The leather wipes are the essential product to clean the leather jacket. These wipes can be used on any type of leather skin type and would not affect the colour of the leather.

Avoid Chemical To Remove Stains

In order to protect the leather jacket, any hot liquid should be clean as soon as possible until it left the permanent mark on the jackets. There is a believe that you can easily remove the stain on the leather. However, that’s not true as the stain remover chemical usually affect the leather quality and durability. We believe if the hot liquid drop on the leather jacket it should be wiped from the leather wipes only instead of being using any other chemical. The leather wipes are leather friendly and would remove the stain immediately

Use Leather Recommended Cream

There is also a leather cream which is used to make the leather durable and make the life of the jacket longer. However, excessive use of this cream is not recommended as this contain chemicals which could affect the leather quality. The best cream for leather jacket mens is only the one which is recommended by the leather manufacturer. As all leather are different in nature and all creams need to be applied with the instructions advised on the cream. This can also be done by the manufacturer as a sort of service for your leather jacket and they would charge you some amount. While this would increase the life of the leather jacket.

Ashwood Black Leather Jacket

Use Hangers To Hang The Jacket

The most common type of mistake people make when hanging the leather jackets. They did not fastened the front zipper which makes the shape of the jackets unparalleled on both sides. When you used the small size hangers there are chances that jacket would have wrinkles due to the garments not aligned with the actual size of the hanger. We recommend that the jacket should be hanged by fastening the front zipper in an appropriate hanger size. This would reduce the chances of wrinkle in the leather jackets and the jacket would remain as per the actual measurement. Below is the example of how we can hang the leather jackets.

Avoid Folding The Leather Jacket

When we talk about leather care we also need to talk about how we carry mens leather jacket when we travel and how do we fold it. This is the most important thing to note when it comes to the leather care. When we fold the leather jackets we need to take the right and left sleeves on the chest of the jacket and put the far bottom of the jacket to be folded on the chest.  In such a way, you would avoid damaging the jacket from the front. We would not recommend to fold the jackets as we do fold the formal shirts. As this would create wrinkle on the jacket. We only use two folds one for the sleeve and one from bottom to top and put it in a bag pack upside down. The bag pack should have sufficient space to carry a leather jacket in case if the bag is small the jacket would be damaged and would have wrinkles on the leather. The more we fold the leather jacket the more it damaged. Therefore, we recommend to avoid folding of leather jackets as much as we can when travelling.


Leather jacket cleaning is sensitive yet time consuming activity. While the above explain method make this process easier. Once the jacket is clean it gives you a new look. The older the leather jacket would be the better it becomes in giving you the trendy look.

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